How to Setting ZTE F609 Modem

Cara Setting Modem ZTE F609

How to Setting ZTE F609 Modem so as not to be slow – Many complain that the connection from the ZTE F609 modem feels unstable and feels that it is not the maximum speed that can be produced, it can definitely be more maximal. If so, see how to set the ZTE F909 Modem to be stable and not slow!

This modem is a modem which is usually lent by one of the well-known ISPs in Indonesia. Sometimes many users complain about the modem’s unstable connection when it is used to surf the internet, such as downloading, uploading, streaming, or playing games. Before calling the ISP to complain, why don’t you just try the settings yourself?

How to setting ZTE F609 Modem for strong signal internet

This setting method is according to the experience of many users of the ZTE F609, and they are satisfied with the results because it is proven that the internet is not lagging or slow. You can follow these steps directly:

  • Make sure you are connected to the ZTE F609 router that will be set, either for a wireless connection or using a LAN cable.
    Open a browser application on your connected device, it is recommended to use Chrome or Mozilla.
  • Usually, the ZTE F609 router has been set by default DHCP with IP but if it has been changed, you can check it yourself by “Control panel> Network and internet> Network connections> Double click the Ethernet you are using (LAN / WAN)> Details ”. Later the IP and network gateway that you are using will appear on the ZTE F609 modem.
  • Okay, after all that is done and the browser you are going to use is open, then enter the IP URL of the modem router gateway according to the one you are using, which is, which will appear after you click “Enter” a login screen will appear from your ZTE F609 modem router. .
  • For user and also the default password for ZTE F609 is usually “User = user and Password = user”. But if you have changed it, surely you will understand immediately.
  • The first time you have to do in setting up the F609 modem so that it is not slow is to use a new method, the b / g / n series method. You can find this feature in “Network> WLAN> Basic”.
  • On that page, various columns will appear according to the description. What to do next is to choose your Wifi channel. This channel is very influential on the performance of your Wifi because if in the area around you there are many other Wifi, then there could be network interference or overlapping of your Wifi network along with others. To choose a good channel, is to use an empty channel or by choosing between channels 1, 6, and 11 because the channels are far apart and maybe your Wifi can run optimally.
    If your Wifi is Wifi that may be intended for small scale use, for example family, the suggestion is to Hide SSID so that not many people know and are used by many people. Hide SSID aims for 2-step authentication, namely by entering the SSID first, if it is correct to enter the password correctly, the user can be connected to the internet.
  • You can set Hide SSID in “Network> WLAN> SSID Settings” check “enable hide SSID” and “enable SSID”.
  • If you want maximum internet performance, the final step is to limit the users connected to your Wifi network. You can set it in “Maximum Clients”. Adjust it to your needs only.

That’s how the ZTE F609 modem settings are not slow. Good luck and hope it helps!

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