How to Setting Mikrotik Rb750 Easily

Cara Setting Mikrotik Rb750

Lots of questions about How to Setting Mikrotik Rb750? Is it easy or not the proxy rb 750 setting? So for that, see an easy way to set up proxy settings. Now by setting up the proxy, especially the rb750 proxy, we can optimize the client network. In fact, not only that, you can also manage data traffic in and out properly and clearly with ease.

Why does this need to be regulated? Obviously it is necessary and important, imagine that if the road was not there were no traffic lights or signs it would all be chaotic. Now this rb750 proxy has a default configuration when we first bought it. Which of course can and can be directly used and used as a router. But obviously you buy this proxy not only want to get the usual or default things, that’s why you need to set it up.

For those of you who have already purchased a proxy rb750 and don’t know how to configure the proxy, you should look for a tutorial on how to set it properly. Actually, by default all broadband router mikrotik already have a configuration that is ready for use without having to make the settings first.

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How to Get a Good and Correct Mikrotik Basic Setting

Sometimes the default configuration when we just bought a mikrotik type rb750 in particular is not in accordance with what we had planned from the start. This is what makes us reset the routerOS proxy first or even delete the default proxy settings. But of course How to Setting Mikrotik Rb750 reset method must be correct and in order. This is in order to get a good and correct function from the proxy too.

The first thing you have to do is clearly draw or already know the network topology. Always determine the network topology before performing or starting a proxy configuration. Always make a network topology design in accordance with the conditions and plans that have been planned from the start. Because with this topology itself, it makes it easy for us to set up the proxy and trobleshoting networks that will be built later.

It’s Easy to Setting Mikrotik Rb750

Actually, many things can be done easily and quickly to do or know How to Setting Mikrotik Rb750. One of them is clear by doing a restart or initial settings and also making the settings according to your wishes. Do the settings properly, correctly and of course in order. The sequence referred to here is that the steps one by one must be coherent and must not be skipped or left unchecked.

Performing good and correct settings is very important and is the main key for the success of the proxy settings itself. Later on, when you do the right and correct settings, you will find it easy to make the following settings or improvements.


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