Uniview Face Temperature Detection To Be More Alert Against COVID-19

Uniview Face Temperature Detection

Uniview Face Temperature Detection – Temperature or temperature is the hot or cold condition of an object or environment. Knowing the temperature is really totalitarian so that humans know what to do. Therefore, a temperature measurement tool is needed so that humans are capable of knowing the temperature of something together with the ideal.

This temperature measuring instrument, better known as a thermometer, has several types based on its use and the materials used in it. And there is also a thermometer that is used to detect heat from the camera alone.

However, what many people ask is can thermal cameras be used to detect viruses or infections? The obvious answer to this question is no, but thermal imaging cameras can be used to detect Elevated Body Temperature. FLIR thermal cameras have a long history of use in public spaces – such as airports, train terminals, businesses, factories and concerts – as an effective tool for measuring skin surface temperature and identifying individuals with Elevated Body Temperature (EBT).

Given the global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), which is now legally a pandemic, the public is seriously concerned about the spread of the infection and is looking for tools to help slow and ultimately stop the spread of the virus. Even though there is no thermal camera that can detect or diagnose the coronavirus, Uniview Face Temperature Detection can be used as an adjunct to other body temperature screening tools to detect elevated skin temperature in high-traffic public places via rapid individual screening.

If the skin temperature in the main zone (especially the corner of the eye and forehead) is above the average temperature, then the individual may be selected for additional examination. Identifying individuals with EBT, which then requires further screening with virus-specific diagnostic trials, can help reduce or dramatically slow the spread of the virus and infection.

By implementing a thermal camera or Uniview Face Temperature Detection, officers can be more careful, efficient, and ideal for targets in identifying individuals who need further screening with virus-specific experiments. Various agencies, including transportation agencies, businesses, factories and first responders are implementing thermal filtering as an EBT detection system and as a component of employee health and screening (EH&S).

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