How to Overcome a Slow 4G Network

4G Network

How to overcome a slow 4G network is a keyword that is quite often searched on the internet. The internet using a smartphone is indeed something that most people do more often than using a computer.

Especially if the cost of using the internet is very cheap, which can make it easier for the lower middle class to buy it.

But sometimes there are some obstacles experienced by mobile internet users, especially on the 4G network. there are some people who want to know how to change 3G network to 4G to get a stronger and more stable network.

Therefore, we will discuss more deeply how to overcome a slow 4G network, starting from understanding what an internet network is. Various cellular frequencies to how to overcome the network, how to fix an unstable 4g ​​network.

Understanding Internet Network

The internet network is a computer and communication network that functions to connect computer devices or electronic media quickly and precisely.

This communication network can also transmit information via adjustable frequency signal transmission.

The global standard for using the internet today is TCP/IP. TCP/IP is a form of internet sharing protocol used by various network users in the world.

According to IT expert Onno W. Purbo 2005, he has his own opinion about the internet, which is a medium used for the efficiency of the communication process in using applications such as e-mail, websites, or VoIP.

History of Internet Network

Before discussing further about how to overcome the network, how to overcome a slow 4G network, we also need to know the history of the internet network itself.

The internet was first introduced to the world in 1960 by the US Department of Defense through ARPA or the Advanced Research Project Agency which created a network system called the ARPANET.

This network technology was still limited to use on campus in the 1980s where the ARPANET was the forerunner of network technology.

Then this standard TCP/IP protocol began to be published in 1982. Then in 1986 the National Science Foundation Network (NSFNET) was built to replace the ARPANET which accommodated recent activities and research in America.

In 1990 the ARPANET began to be lowered and the WWW or World Wide Web service was introduced by CERN.

Then at the end of 1993, InterNIC began to be developed into a public domain where the Indonesian state itself was introduced to the internet in 1994 by experts in the IT field at that time.

Benefits of Internet Networks for Daily Life

Every internet technology will certainly be very useful for human life, especially when it comes to education, health, business, information communication, and entertainment.

For the people of Indonesia, of course, using the mobile internet is the most useful means to find information. Therefore we need to know how to overcome a slow 4g network.

  • Benefits in the field of education

The internet can help students to impart their knowledge to their students. This applies from elementary, junior high, high school education levels and is also helped by the internet.

  • Health benefits

As for the health sector, the internet also has many benefits, for example doctors to interact with patients who want to consult online.

Using the internet, you can access various things to maintain health ranging from how to live a healthy life, good food to eat, hospital recommendations.

  • Benefits in the business field

Then in the business sector, the internet will make it easier for business people to achieve financial benefits. Of course, introducing a business website, e-commerce, creative industry, or startup business is very important to give a professional impression to the client.

In addition, content creators such as Youtubers can generate huge income with only the internet and smartphones.

  • Benefits in the field of information communication

In the past, if people wanted to contact their friends over long distances, they would use the wired telephone network to contact them.

But with the internet you can contact your friends easily via internet telephone, chat, or video call.

And also news media can be easily accessed via the internet, be it on websites, blogs, or broadcasts on the Youtube channel.

  • Benefits in the social and entertainment fields

The internet can also make it easier for us to access entertainment media. There are many platforms that provide opportunities for social media as well as for entertainment.

Social media platforms offer services for people to interact with each other and provide access to entertainment. Whether it’s seeing funny photos and interesting videos. For those of you who like to watch movies, you can also stream movies with paid platforms.

Functions of the Internet Network

The internet functions in the article on how to overcome the network, how to overcome a slow 4G network, are quite a lot, including:

As a Source of Information

The function of the internet to find sources of information is indeed very easy and practical, especially now that there are so many news portals that are easily accessed via smartphones.

The internet makes it easy for us to get and distribute information quickly. With a sophisticated search engine like Google we can freely search for various information that you know from various corners of the world.

As a Communication Tool

The internet can also be used as a communication tool that makes it easy for us to interact with individuals or groups easily and quickly.

A real example of the internet acting as a tool that makes it easier for us to communicate with social media or online chat applications.

Expanding Friendship Network

Communication can be established properly and easily is one of the positive impacts of the internet network. With social media, of course, we can interact with people we know and expand our social networks easily.

As a Means to Improve the Quality of Education (Education)

Internet can also fight as a means of education which is very important for the intelligence of mankind. For example, the internet can make it easier for teachers such as teachers to their students using online learning platforms.

As a Business Tool

The internet can be used as a very promising business opportunity. For example, business people contact the buyer using a video conferencing platform.

Or also the internet can make it easier for us to sell online through an e-commerce platform.

Get to know GSM Cellular Internet Network

In discussing how to overcome the network, how to overcome a slow 4G network, we also need to know the GSM cellular internet network.

Definition of GSM

GSP (Global System for Mobiles) is a cellular network technology that was introduced in 1970.

The technology uses a circuit-switched system and divides the 200 kHz signal into 8 25 kHz time slots and operates in the 900 MHz, 800 MHz, and 1.8 GHz bands.

With a narrow band transmission technique based on time division access multiplexing, data transfer rates vary from 64 kbps to 120 kbps.

Kinds of GSM Frequency Network

GSM itself has various frequencies ranging from 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and the most recent is the following 5G.

  • First Network Generation: 1G – AMPS

1G is a generation of network technology that was first introduced, in 1980. 1G networks use simple analog radio waves, meaning that the coverage of 1G networks is narrow and has a wide scale today.

  • Second Network Generation: 2G – GSM and CDMA, Then GPRS and EDGE

2G technology was introduced in 1990 which began to be used for digital waves. The changes are quite significant with a wider range that is changed from the previous generation. 2G is capable of sending SMS text messages and voice at the same time.

  • Third Network Generation: 3G – WCDMA and HSDPA

3G technology was first introduced in the 2000s which has a significant improvement which is able to provide a strong and stable internet signal. This 3G speed can reach 2 Mbps or almost 10x faster than 2G technology.

3G also presents new services such as internet services that can provide features such as live streaming, video streaming, online games, and teleconferences.

  • Fourth Network Generation: 4G – LTE

This 4G network technology is a cellular technology leap that is quite far. Where you can have up to 500x the speed side of 3G.

The 4G functionality side uses LTE or VoLTE frequencies to make the phone have a clearer sound. And with high speed can make it easier for us to access the internet more smoothly.

5. Generasi Jaringan Kelima: 5G

5G is the latest generation of current cellular frequency technology which has been introduced in Indonesia through Telkomsel and XL Axiata. With highly responsive connectivity, it will be very useful to improve the performance of previous technologies.

Overcoming the Slow 4G Network

Well now we will directly discuss about how to overcome a slow 4G network. After we discuss some things from understanding the internet network to understanding 4G frequencies, then we can understand what are the problems with how to make the 4g network full, how to lock the 4g network below.

Understand What Causes Slow 4g Network

In understanding the causes of a slow 4G network, it may be similar to how to deal with a slow Indosat 4G network, how to deal with a slow Telkomsel 4G network, how to deal with a slow 4G network XL, how to deal with a slow 4G network, how to deal with a slow 4G network. , how to overcome a slow 4g network smartfren in general.

Here are some of the causes of a slow 4G network:

  • Smartphone System Problem

The first cause of a slow 4G network is a smartphone system that has problems. Usually a good network, your smartphone has a problem so that internet activities are hampered.

  • Provider Network Not Covering Area

4G network providers do promise a fast and stable 4G network. But sometimes different from the facts on the ground. Therefore you need to know how to overcome a slow 4g network.

Several internet service providers deploy their internet network using different transmitter towers or BTS in each region. The problem is if your home area has a steep or hilly terrain which can be quite an obstacle to block the signal.

  • Too Many Users in a Region

Another cause of slow internet is too many users in one area. So that the internet speed obtained will decrease.

How to Overcome a Slow 4G Network

For how to overcome a slow 4G network, you can see the following steps or steps which are also suitable for how to lock the Vivo 4G network or other brand smartphones with both Android and iOS operating systems.

  • Restart Handphone

Restarting a smartphone is one way to overcome a slow 4G network. Some cases occur when your smartphone recovers after restarting.

  • Check Quota

The way to deal with a slow 4G network is to check your quota. The internet suddenly becomes slow, it could also be because your internet quota is running out.

For some providers such as Telkomsel, you can check your quota through an application that you can download on the Playstore or App store to check how much remaining quota you have.

  • Check Network

Not infrequently the cause of slow network cases is the occurrence of a weakened network signal so that the network connection is lost.

Therefore, the way to overcome a slow 4G network is to contact your internet service provider whether there is a problem with the central network or not.

In addition, you can try using another cellular network to see if the problem is the same or there is only one problem.

  • Check APN

The APN itself is the key to using your mobile network so if the APN on your phone goes wrong. The APN consists of a username and password to activate an activated cellular card.

Changing the APN can usually be used as a way to speed up the network in some cases, which is quite effective for how to overcome a slow 4G network.

The APN of each cell phone is different depending on the respective operating system. For Android OS, you can set the Mobile Network menu. While the iOS operating system manages it through the Cellular Data Network.

  • Restart System Settings

Restarting the operating system settings is one way to overcome a slow 4G network, and it can also be a way to lock a powerful 4G network.

If it doesn’t work you can re-flash your smartphone’s system firmware. The phone system should be able to work like when you first bought your smartphone.

  • Access Safe Mode

Safe mode is the most powerful method in overcoming how to overcome a slow 4G network on a cellphone.

You do this by pressing the power off button for a long time then click OK. If the phone is running well then do this. This is a sign that the 4G network is slowing down due to problems from third-party applications.

  • Check with Service Center

For how to overcome the slow 4G network above, it doesn’t work, then you can take your cellphone to the nearest service center to check if any components are damaged.


Those are some reviews on how to deal with a slow 4G network from Netdata that might be able to help you in overcoming problematic 4G cellular network problems.

The point is that you need to check the provider network in your area if there is a problem with a problematic signal. Or it could also be that there is an obstacle on your cellphone that is damaged or has problems that need to be taken to a service center. Hope it is useful.


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