Control the Use of Water Meter Remotely with Smart Home

Water Meter

Water Meter – The need for water supply for household or industrial needs is very vital. Where this water supply can be obtained by making water wells or using water supply services from PAM or drinking water companies.

For those of you whose homes use drinking water supply services, of course, you will use a water meter to calculate daily water usage which will be accumulated every month.

Using this tool will make it easier for us to monitor the use of the water we use, but this tool is usually located in the ground where there are not a few cases of difficulty accessing it, let alone monitoring it every day.

Well, did you know that currently we have technology that can make it easier for us to monitor water use remotely, namely a this tool that has been integrated with a smart home.

What are the advantages of using a smart home water meter? Let’s look at the following reviews.

Get to know the water meter

Water meter or water meter is a tool used to find out the amount of water that has been used and calculate the fees to be paid. Every housing or place of business must have a water meter, especially for those who use PDAM channels as their water source.

Definition of Water Meter

The definition of a water meter is a tool used to measure the volume of water flowing through a pipeline which is also equipped with a counter. This counter consists of a counting unit, a sensor unit, and a measuring indicator unit to support the workings of the tool.

Water Meter Function

The function of the product is not only for the user, it also has an important role for drinking water companies so that they can monitor the water usage of their customers. The following are some of the benefits or functions of a water meter:

Calculating Production Costs

The water meter will ensure the customer regarding the amount of the fee to be paid according to the amount of water used.

Measuring Liquids in the Food Industry

Especially from the food industry, flow meters are used to increase the results of their production. The trick is that companies use a batching system to measure the amount of water in the food manufacturing process.

Treating Waste

Water meters can also be useful for sewage treatment. The tool can measure the chemicals used, such as flocculants and coagulants. Which later waste treatment can be used as a reference.

Checking Engine Performance

For manufacturing companies, the use of digital water meters is also very useful. This tool is able to monitor the mechanism and capacity of pumps, compressors, and cooling systems. So the company can find out the damage to the machine from the start.

Controlling Liquid Volume

Flow meters can play an important role in monitoring water flow, where the results of these measurements can be in the form of recordings, data storage, and PLCs.

Types of Water Meters

The water meter itself has several types that are distinguished according to how they work, including:

      1. Positive Displacement (Volume)

This type of the tool belongs to the class C class which is suitable for small industrial or domestic customers.

The mechanics in this tool are able to move the meter number based on the volume of the room that has been determined by the factory so it is called a volumetric meter.

The advantages of this type of water meter are the following conclusions:

  • Has a very high level of accuracy.
  • Very easy to understand and read without requiring special skills.
  • Can be read in low pressure streams.
  • Can be installed in all positions.

However, this water meter is very sensitive so it is easily damaged if there is dirt or sand that enters with great pressure. There are 2 types of positive displacement meters, namely:

  • Nutating Disc Meter

The hallmark of the water meter is that there is a disc that forms on the inside of the bodyu meter.

The disc is connected to the meter register and rotates as water enters the water meter. The size of this disc can be used as a benchmark for the quantity of incoming water and will be recorded on the meter.

  • Oscillating Piston

Piston type water meters have a kind of dipper that will rotate so that it can rotate and count the water that passes in the channel.

If the movement of the dipper is faster, the volume of water measured will increase. There is a check valve to prevent the water from turning back, but the drawback is that the size of this dipper filter is quite small so that it can cause the meter to get stuck easily with sand.

    2. Non Displacement (Non Volume)

However, a non-displacement water meter is the opposite of a positive displacement meter. If several types of this product which are included in non-volume include:

  • Velocity meter

The meter has a water lane movement mechanism contained in the meter to contact the meter register number.

The results of this water volume measurement can be converted from to water velocity accurately.

  • Meteran air turbin

This turbine water meter has several fan blades or rotors mounted on the rotor axis. The way it works is to use the speed of the water to rotate the propeller and forward it to the register which will later be converted into volume.

The meter created by Reinhard Woltman has several fan blades or rotors mounted on the axle. The way it works is using the speed of water to rotate the propellers and forwarded to the register to then be converted into volume.

Get to know Smarthome

Earlier we discussed about what a this product. Today we will discuss about smart home technology.

Have you seen a film which shows that there is a house that has very sophisticated technology, where the house is automatic and this house adopts a technology called a smart home system.

This smart home system refers to a comfortable home setting where these tools and equipment can be controlled automatically and remotely using an internet connection. This system can be accessed using mobile devices or other network devices.

Therefore, we will link the smart home system to access the monitoring of the water meter.

Understanding of Smarthome

Before related to the use of a water meter with smart home technology. This smart home technology is able to manage and manage devices, furniture, home decorations, electronic goods remotely from anywhere and anytime.

Settings can be done, of course, by relying on a remote internet connection using a smartphone.

The smart home system connects all devices in the house so that it can make it easier for residents to control various functions such as security access to the house, room temperature, lighting, turning on the air conditioner, and turning off the TV and even remote home theater. A house equipped with a smart home is almost no different from a house in general.

Smart Home Benefits

Talking about the benefits of a smart home will certainly make it easier and increase the attractiveness of a house. Let’s look at some of the benefits of the following smart home.

  • High Home Security Level

A home with a smart home will improve a better security system to minimize the risk of being broken into by thieves and robbed.

With a smart home, it will make the house safer with automatic locks, security cameras, even the temperature of the house can be detected with technology.

  • Eco-Friendly and Sophisticated

Smart home is also synonymous with the use of solar electricity which is used for lighting needs, hot water, rainwater storage systems or with groundwater channels.

  • Make Daily Activities Easy

The advantage of using a smart home is to feel the ease and practicality in carrying out daily activities.

Because only by using a smartphone you can control all the devices connected to your one home network.

Using Water Meter Remotely with Smart Home

Earlier we discussed about this product and smart homes. Did you know that the current development of the internet of things also affects water meter technology called smart water meters.

Control the Use of Water Meter Remotely with Smart Home

This smart tool technology makes it easy to read water usage which can be done automatically.

This product is a tool to measure the volume of water used by water users in an automatic way that is recorded in a special server so that it can adjust the amount of use that determines the cost used.

Thus avoiding arrears on customer payments or overpayments.

This product has also been integrated into the mobile application, has a prepaid operating mode using a token generator by filling in the balance and has an automatic valve system if the balance has run out.

Difference between Mechanical Water Meter and Smart Water Meter

Then what is the difference between a mechanical water meter and a smart product, let’s look at the following:

Mechanical water meter:

  • Mechanical water has a high risk of leakage and usage is not recorded from time to time.
  • Frequent errors in calculations due to manual calculations.
  • Payment arrears from consumers.

Smart Water Meter:

  • With automatic monitoring it will minimize leakage in water use, water use so that it can be recorded from time to time, the valve will close automatically when the balance runs out.
  • Calculations can be done automatically and accurately with an integrated system.
  • There are no arrears in payments, because payments already use a prepaid system so it is much more efficient.


From the article above, we can conclude that the internet of things has penetrated into the water sector which can provide convenience and practicality in meeting household and industrial water needs.

NetData provides a product tool that can be integrated into a smart home network called a sophisticated smart product.

With a smart this product, we can easily limit and monitor household water use more efficiently. Meanwhile, from the water channel provider side, it will easily monitor the water usage of its customers.

If you want to replace your product or mechanical water meter with a smart water meter, you can contact NetData to assist you in installing a sophisticated smart water meter in your home.


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