How to Buy an SSL Certificate is Very Easy!

SSL Certificate

How to Buy an SSL Certificate – The Internet world is increasingly being used by its users so that website or domain owners feel they need protection so that their website is safe and stable. Therefore, this discussion will focus more on how to buy a good and correct SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

What is SSL? SSL itself stands for Secure Socket Layer. This SSL aims to protect data exchange that occurs over the internet network.

In short, SSL is a data security protocol that occurs on your domain or website with its accessors. So that your website is safe from hackers and users are also safe from stalkers.

SSL Certificate Function

The functions or reasons why you use an SSL certificate include:

Avoid data theft

SSL is designed to protect data access from data theft. The method used is encryption or randomization of sensitive data. So that your website visitors cannot read the data you send carelessly.

Avoid data transmission errors

SSL can also function as authentication or authentication. What it means is that SSL ensures that you send information to the destination address, not elsewhere or to irresponsible parties.

Increase Website Reputation

By using SSL, your website visitors will see that in the address bar area an icon like a lock appears which indicates that SSL has been activated in your domain. This creates a sense of security for website users.

Increase Website Ranking in Search Engines

Google as a search engine prefers a website that has an SSL certificate. Even Google itself has banned users from accessing websites that are not SSL certified.

Therefore indirectly websites with SSL have a faster ranking increase than websites that do not have SSL

SSL Certificate Prices

Each SSL service provider offers different prices. However, for those of you who are in Indonesia, you can buy an SSL certificate at a trusted place such as NetData.

NetData is an IT and technology company that offers various technology needs to support your business needs, one of which is the best SSL certificate provider.

Free SSL Certificate?

Maybe there are some people who ask if there is a free SSL certificate for your website domain? The answer is that there are several domain and CMS service providers such as WordPress, cPanel, and others by activating the SSL feature on the platform.

But don’t expect you to get the best SSL protection because still free SSL is no better than paid SSL with more complete features and better protection.

How to Buy an SSL Certificate

There are several ways to buy an SSL certificate or more precisely are tips on how to choose the right SSL for your website needs, let’s look at the following explanation:

Make sure to know the capacity and visitors of your website.

Make sure that your capacity and website has enough visitors so that you don’t feel lost by buying an expensive SSL certificate according to your needs.

Buy SSL at a budget-friendly price

The use of SSL is indeed quite important even for websites with very busy visitors. However, make sure you buy an SSL certificate at a price that fits your budget.

Buy SSL in a trusted place

Buying SSL is now quite easy, namely by buying from several domain providers to buying it at an IT company such as NetData. That way the SSL that you buy is guaranteed to be of high quality and has a higher level of security.

Customize Websites With Existing SSL Types

If you want to buy SSL at NetData, then you can choose several types of SSL that suit your needs, namely Domain Validation SSL, Business Validation SSL, and Extended Validation SSL.

The difference between the three SSLs is from the type and type that suits your needs. For example, a business website or an online store, then you can buy Extended Validation SSL which has a Green Bar.

Trusted SSL Certificate Provider

It was discussed above buying from a trusted SSL certificate provider, namely NetData. Then what are the advantages of buying SSL at NetData? :

  • Setiap produk SSL certificate akan mendapatkan bantuan pemasangan atau instalasi yang terperinci.
  • NetData menyediakan hotline support untuk proses konfigurasi via remote.
  • Get the convenience of ordering an SSL certificate by simply attaching your SSL type and domain address.

Thus our discussion about SSL that might be your reference in buying the SSL you need may be useful.


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