How Secure is Your Cloud Platform Service?

Cloud platform

Who is the Cloud platform? And how do they drive out the intensity of the evil person? The work of the “Gatekeeper” Cloud is indeed not denied and has recently been demoted to a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider. Because more and more individuals, businesses and organizations rely on this service every day.

With cloud protection being increasingly outsourced, we might imagine who protects our data and whether the data we store in the cloud is safe? Does your SaaS service provider use two or more accounts for authentication?

On average each company experiences 23.2 cloud-related threats per month from external sources and 10.9 cloud-related threats per month. Sangfor IAM offers integrated cloud security authentication management and several authentication including username / password, IP / MAC binding, QR code, SMS, Facebook and WeChat. With granular control over permissions granted based on users, applications, locations, and clients, Sangfor IAM becomes a “Gatekeeper,” which allows IT personnel to concentrate on granular management and big picture issues.

Do you have granular control of your Cloud Platform data?

You cannot protect your data that you cannot see, and administrators without granular control of the data on the Cloud platform have problems such as theft or loss of data. Sangfor IAM offers professional internet bandwidth management, application control, URL filters, traffic and information control, illegal hotspot / proxy control, behavior analysis and wireless network management – and there is no reason not to know who has access to your network and data.

How is your data stored or backed up?

SaaS service providers ask customers to back up their own data safely, but despite this warning, many organizations assume SaaS service providers will be able to recover lost data. This is not true. Between accidental deletion, employees who leave, hackers, malicious insiders, malicious applications or prolonged outages of SaaS providers – storage and backup must be taken in the hands of the organization. Sangfor HCI and ASSAN store 2-3 copies of data while data can be written synchronously to ensure data consistency. The patented I / O localization technology enables ASSAN to detect where VM data is stored and make it a priority to run the VM on the physical host, dramatically increasing IOPS in a clustered environment. In addition, daily incremental backups and hourly snapshot backups eliminate the need for backup or host software.

Is there access control and internet access?

Without access control and internet access, organizations can quickly find insufficient internet bandwidth to run important work applications or even risk being infiltrated by hackers. Sangfor IAM services such as URL filtering, APP control, internet traffic reporting, anti-proxy, authentication, and built-in firewall and IPSec VPN module protect data and users on any Cloud platform. IAM also identifies and controls applications that are not work related on the network, allocates bandwidth for applications that are important to business and increases the efficiency of work, productivity, and security of your network.


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