aCloud – Enterprise Cloud From the Best Sangfor Indonesia Partner

aCloud – Enterprise Cloud Dari Sangfor Terbaik

Sangfor aCloud is a new generation of cloud IT architecture. This is built on innovative hyper-convergence technology, with a complete IT infrastructure and O&M management and operations capabilities. It can bring key business applications such as core databases, ERP, financial systems, production systems. Being a partner of Sangfor Indonesia  is one of the right things.

Unlike traditional cloud solutions, Sangfor Enterprise Cloud which is built on HCI is more simplified and flexible, allowing users to quickly build business-driven cloud computing data centers; no matter it’s a private, hybrid or industrial cloud. This provides users with a collection of automated IT, IT as a Service, and IT O&M resources, making it easier for key businesses to migrate to the cloud. This is the preferred solution for government users, organizations and companies.

Enterprise Cloud is Built on Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Traditional cloud computing architecture seems complicated. Overall platform performance is limited by physical equipment. Management of each component cannot be unified. Security devices cannot effectively deal with security threats in the cloud data center. At the same time, fragmented operating and maintenance tools make O&M more complicated, and the agility of the entire data center cannot be achieved.

Whereas, Sangfor Enterprise Cloud is based on HCI. It only requires a general x86 server and switches hardware, using software-determined technology to achieve the full collection of resources from computing, storage, networking and security. It can replace traditional complex cloud infrastructure to achieve minimalist cloud architecture. Not interested in becoming a partner of Sangfor Indonesia?

Application Key Migrate to Cloud

Due to the lack of a complete security system and guaranteed reliability for traditional cloud computing architectures, critical applications that migrate to the cloud are quite difficult. With the advantages of converging technology, partner of Sangfor Indonesia have made special optimizations for high network stability, performance and security requirements for critical applications. Users can use database clusters such as Oracle RAC and major applications such as ERP to Sangfor Enterprise Cloud, make all applications nimble and resilient, and let better IT drive business transformation.


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