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The world of information technology in Indonesia is currently busy with various international-class foreign vendors such as Sangfor. Sangfor is a multinational company based in the city of Shenzen, the city of info technology in China. The Sangfor company in China has been established since 2000 and has grown rapidly in China’s domestic market.

Not only that, currently Sangfor controls nearly 60% of the Internet Access Management market share in China and has received lots of awards like Delloite, Fortune and Frost and Sullivan. In the Gartner Magic Quadran itself, the name Sangfor has emerged in the Niche Player area since 2011.

Sangfor offers solutions that cover three areas, namely Internet Access Management, WAN Optimization, and SSL VPN. Internet Access Management is a tool that is used to add settings with a high enough efficiency level for internet access activities. This solution is needed by almost all companies considering that at this time almost all corporations have opened to the internet. With the increasing number of applications or platforms on the internet, arrangements are needed so that the use of internet access matches the company’s needs.

The WAN Optimization solution deals with increasing the performance of an application. Usually WAN Optimization is used when a user in a branch opens an application or server in the data center via a WAN network. Some of the components, including latency and bandwidth, are not large, which usually results in slow access to applications. However, by using the WAN Optimization solution, application access will be faster. Meanwhile, SSL VPN is a solution for remote access.

Along with the growing trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), we can work anytime and from anywhere. For employees or workers who usually work via mobile, they will access the company network using the remote access method. Using SSL VPN allows mobile workers to access company resources through mobile remote access applications and can do it safely. Because SSL VPN is made with access security features such as authentication, host checker and others.

Sangfor Indonesia Partner

Enseval company has many branches which have challenges where it must be able to control and optimize every data owned by the company which is also added to require integrated security protection from the application surface to more technical stages in order to protect company data. With these various problems, the Enseval company, which is engaged in distribution and logistics, is realizing that it is starting to realize the importance of digital transformation that can support the effectiveness of Enseval’s company performance.

In addressing these challenges, a leading cloud and security solution provider company, Sangfor. As a partner, Sangfor Indonesia offers a very precise solution, namely by using NGAF and WAN Optimization. This solution also provides the best acceleration for the company’s wide area network.

A little explanation of Ngaf products that offer data protection or firewall solutions. NGAF or Next Gen Applications Firewall is a product breakthrough that is your first choice for protecting the security of your company data. Good for managing various types of cyber attacks which are of course very dangerous to your business.

And also the costs and time spent are also not small. So that with Sangfor NGAF, this can be resolved in which time and effort is spent in making data security more secure.

By managing various types of risks, NGAF provides various solutions and directions against these cyber attacks and also helps prevent these attacks on certain applications that are targeted from internal and external.

Sangfor Jakarta Partner

NGAF also provides more like the reporting requirements that are included in the NGAF box. So there is no need for additional boxes that have accurate and precise reporting to be able to determine policies to prevent data from leaving even though it is attacked from the internet or external side.

In the NGAF box there is also WAF security so this makes NGAF have very complete features such as WAF, APT, IPS, and a firewall that is very mature ready for use in large industries.

So that simple operation and maintenance (O&M) can save time to focus further on developing even more sophisticated company infrastructure. By minimizing cyber attacks, there will be less downtime and this greatly reduces choked up your business processes.

There are several reasons that reinforce that Sangfor is compared to other firewall products which are quite expensive. Because Sangfor has a built-in WAF already installed that can be used by NGAF users, reporting that has been included is directly in the Sangfor NGAF box without having to buy it separately. So that the security of your company data is guaranteed and is also directly supported by Sangfor directly.

Not only that, NGAF can also provide solutions for the rapid increase of your business. Partners of Sangfor Jakarta Enseval have also experienced firsthand the benefits of WAN Optimiser or WANO after using Sangfor products.

Julius Eka Wimardini, as IT Infrastructure Manager, Enseval, said that the Sangfor WAN Optimization solution provides many improvements to the company’s computing system. “After using Sangfor’s WAN Optimization, I felt a significant difference. Starting from the speed of opening applications compared to before using, to the main application which has become much more stable. “

The company itself previously used WAN Optimization solutions and immediately chose Sangfor because it saw the company’s background and clear experience. “Initially, we were looking for a one optimizer solution and found several brands like the one that exists today. We also don’t know what it’s like to use one optimizer. Then we tried one by one, until finally we got along and decided to use Sangfor products, ”said Julius.

As is well known, currently the condition of Indonesia’s infrastructure is not very good. For example, currently there are many unstable connections and frequent breakdowns which create problems for Enseval company.

The Oracle EBS application in every Enseval company previously ran very slowly and so was the video conferencing which was of such low quality that users complained. Directly, the local Sangfor team from Indonesia has reversed the situation by conducting tests on several branches of the Enseval company. Sangfor WAN Optimization manages to reduce more than 60% of WAN traffic and improve video conferencing quality.

Since 2017, all Enseval Yang branches in Indonesia have used Sangfor’s WAN Optimization solution. Another benefit that Enseval’s company feels is the company’s ROI (Return of Investment) which is better than in previous years.

Sangfor offers a variety of solutions at fairly competitive prices, which are automated, which makes it unnecessary for your company to spend a lot of money just to get these solutions. Therefore, for your company that needs the right solution to IT network problems, you can choose NGAF and WAN Optimization from partner Sangfor Jakarta at NetData.

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