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Fortinet Partner

Fortinet Partner – Starting a business in today’s digital era requires more effort in preparing everything such as online technology and adequate tools. This is prepared in order to provide the best facilities for business marketing and business operations itself.

If you look at many companies today that use a secure network, especially for companies that have more than one branch. Network security is absolutely necessary to protect the company from data leaks and hacking attempts to the company’s internal network systems.

That’s why Fortinet Partner is here to provide secure network solutions and innovations and guarantee security for your company.

Getting to Know Firewall Services For Network Security

In improving network security, of course we need the right firewall security system for that we will discuss what are the advantages of using a firewall and what are the advantages of being a Fortinet Partner.

What is the Function of a Firewall

Firewall is a device or computer network security protocol that is able to overcome threats on the internet network.

Like a barrier or insulator, this firewall can filter various data, information, and any traffic that comes from the internet network that enters the computer network and vice versa.

As previously wished we talked about is fortinet support and fortinet Firewall. Of the two network security products are from Fortinet.

Firewall Fortigate itself is a type of hardware firewall that has its own hardware contained in network systems such as routers.

This firewall has a standalone configuration to be able to work effectively. Hardware firewalls themselves have filter techniques to select the main packet, source, and destination.

Internally the system will be able to know the difference between legal and illegal information according to the stipulated provisions.

Then the following filters will know which information to drop and which to pass on to the destination.

The most important firewall function is absolute or mandatory for use for computer networks at your home or in the company. Following are some of the firewall functions:

Protecting Data from Hackers and Unauthorized Users

The first function of the Firewall is to protect internal data from outside access. Firewall hackers and foreign users cannot access with the data they have.

That way the data stored on your computer will be prone to being stolen if you don’t use a firewall.

Block Unwanted Messages

Getting a mysterious message on your computer will certainly make us wonder if our computer has been infected with a virus.

Well, it’s true that a message like this can be an indication that your computer is infected with a virus that cannot be filtered by your computer’s built-in firewall.

So from that it takes an additional Firewall like Firewall Fortigate to be able to block spam messages that can interfere with your internal data.

Block Unwanted Content

Apart from blocking spam messages and viruses, a firewall can block malicious websites.

You can manually adjust the content that is not allowed to be opened on a computer.

Making Online Games More Safe and Comfortable

Playing online games may be a very fun activity for some people. But did you know that the online game connection itself has a lot of open ports where hackers can insert malware into your computer.

Although usually online game servers have been enhanced with advanced security. It would be better if you use an additional Firewall that is attached to the computer.

Bandwidth Monitor

Firewalls do not only have the capability to provide network security. But it also has benefits as a monitor and inhibits the bandwidth used.

For example, you can choose limits for entertainment content, pictures, music, and prioritize bandwidth for business.

Accessing VPN Service

Firewalls can also be used for VPN facilities or virtual private networks. Then use a VPN to create an internal network with the same means that can open websites that are blocked by the ISP.

VPN increases productivity, data sharing, the need for more secure data transmission.

Firewall Advantages and Disadvantages

Firewalls themselves have advantages and disadvantages of each. Here are the advantages and disadvantages.


      1. Detect the presence of malware or threats from a site

The first advantage is being able to detect dangerous threats on the sites you visit.

      2. Keeping users from being redirected to dangerous sites

In addition, it provides warnings about the possibility of malware on sites that will be visited by users, and the firewall is also able to guard and prevent users from entering sites that are considered dangerous.

      3. Block certain sites

Firewalls can also block malicious websites and the IP addresses of some sites. After that we will not be able to open the site.

      4. Warn users when they want to download anything from unsafe sites

In addition to supporting preventing and including blocking more than one site, another feature of a firewall process is that the firewall process on this computer includes being able to warn users when they are about to download content.

      5. Prevent hijacking of user computers via computer networks

Currently, hacking and piracy of a computer that is run through a computer network is too common to be carried out, both on a small scale, and on a large scale. Mostly, these hacking crimes are carried out because of computers that have weak firewall security.

      6. Very useful when users make network connections in public places

Common places that provide network services are currently booming. This facility, for example, is of course very useful for each user’s internet needs. However, it turns out that the potential for hacking carried out via public computer networks is very high. Therefore, a firewall is needed to maintain security.


       1. It is not an antivirus, so it is not suitable to prevent the entry of viruses

There are many types of firewalls that are equipped with anti-virus. However, the firewall itself is not basically an antivirus tool. But the firewall is able to prevent malware and some harmful internet content.

       2. Firewalls cannot help prevent data theft or internal hacks

Data theft or hacking can be done from within the network which firewalls cannot prevent.

This happens if the hacking and theft of data is carried out by those who are aware of the password and security key originating from the PC. Keep in mind, the firewall will only act when it detects suspicious content that is trying to infiltrate the PC via the internet network.

     3. Not all malware can be detected properly

Malware can indeed be overcome with a firewall alone, but still a firewall cannot work alone. while the development of computer technology, especially in the development of viruses and malware, is increasingly sophisticated and cannot be prevented by firewalls.

Firewall Types

For the types of firewalls are usually distinguished by hardware and software. Here are the differences between the two.

Hardware Based Firewall

Hardware-based firewalls are hardware devices found in network systems. Examples of hardware-based firewalls include routers. This firewall requires advanced settings or configuration to get more effective performance.

Software Based Firewall

Software-based firewalls are in the form of applications that can be installed into a computer operating system or also in the form of features in an antivirus.

This firewall can protect you from external attacks in the form of Trojans and worms. And also can protect inbound and outbound traffic.

Get to know Fortinet

Earlier we discussed general knowledge about firewalls. So now we will get to know and discuss Fortinet partners. What are Fortinet partnert products related to firewalls. And what are the advantages of using Fortinet services.

What is Fortinet

Fortinet partners, securing the largest companies, service providers and government organizations worldwide.

Fortinet partners are also customer satisfaction oriented by empowering customers with intelligent and seamless protection against all types of cyber attacks.

Fortinet Firewall Service

As for the Fortinet firewall product service, namely FortiGate, FortiGate is the latest generation of firewall type created by Fortinet IT Cyber ​​Security, providing protection against major threats from business.

Take advantage of custom-built security processors as well as threat intelligence from fortiguard. This Fortinet firewall provides unmatched performance and protection that simplifies your network.

How FortiGate Firewall Works

For how the FortiGate firewall itself works, we need to understand the capabilities of the following Fortinet partner innovations:

FortiGate has a main feature, namely to prevent DDOS attacks or Distributed Denial of Service Attacks which are often used by hackers to penetrate computer security systems and steal your internal data.

This FortiGate firewall has several prevention techniques from DDOS, there are 2 types of techniques as follows:


UTM or Unified Threat Management is a system created to handle network security issues comprehensively.

FortiGate has complete security features such as a firewall, IPS or intrusion prevention system, antivirus, and web filtering to routing into one complete hardware package.

FortiGate also provides services that can be customized according to user needs such as:

  • Network switching and routing services, either static or dynamic.
  • Network security services, such as Firewalls, secure and calculated VPN connections for endpoint security.
  • Application security services, which can control spam and viruses, filter web content, and also prevent data leaks and full application checks. This feature can be disabled if not needed.

Fortinet Products

Now we turn to Fortinet partner products, including the following:

Fortinet Fortigate 30E

The application-focused, scalable and safe Fortinet Fortigate 30E provides a compact, fanless desktop solution for enterprise branch offices and mid-sized businesses.

Protect against cyber threats with system-on-a-chip acceleration and industry-leading SD-WAN safe in a simple, relatively inexpensive, and easy-to-use solution. Fortinet’s Security-Based Network Approach provides tight network integration into a new generation of security.

Fortinet offers a sale offer Fortinet Fortigate 30E at a price that is too affordable. With this in mind, it is actually too recommended for medium-scale businesses.

Fortinet Fortigate 30F

The Fortinet Fortigate 30F is the most recent upgrade to the Fortinet Fortigate 30E. With a better Wifi process, this one network security is really intended for medium and high-scale businesses.

Selling Fortinet Fortigate 30F from Fortinet you can get at an affordable price. This is why it is a network security solution for medium-sized businesses.

Fortinet Fortigate 2500E

The FortiGate 2500E series delivers next-generation high-performance firewall (NGFW) capabilities for large enterprises and service providers. With multiple interfaces along with high speed, high port density, and high throughput, ideal deployments are at the enterprise edge, data center core hybrids, and across internal segments.

Leverage industry-leading IPS, SSL inspection, and advanced threat protection to optimize your network performance. Fortinet’s Security Driven Networking provides tight network integration into the latest generation of security.

Selling the Fortinet Fortigate 2500E you can actually get at a cost that is not very expensive. Even with a complete variety of features, you can always get it at an affordable cost.

Fortinet Fortigate 6000F Series

The Fortinet Fortigate 6000F is an upgrade from the Fortinet Fortigate 6000F. Indeed, if observed at a glance from the aspect of the features are still the same. But to sell the Fortinet Fortigate 6000F is actually intended for large companies and is really suitable for central companies.

Fortinet’s groundbreaking new SPU NP6 network processor works in tandem with FortiOS benefits providing:

  • Superior firewall performance for IPv4/IPv6, SCTP and
  • Multicast traffic along with really low latency
  • VPN and IP tunnel acceleration
  • Anomaly based intrusion prevention, checksum offload,
  • And package defragmentation
  • Traffic formation and priority queue

Fortinet Fortigate 7000E Series

The FortiGate 7000E series delivers high-performance next-generation firewall (NGFW) capabilities for large enterprises and service providers. NGFW for Fortigate 7000E from 50Gbps to 120 Gbps.

Selling Fortinet Fortigate 7000E can be said to be more affordable than other brands. With a more user-friendly interface and included with guaranteed quality you will not be disappointed.

Fortinet Partners

Fortinet partner is a reliable cyber security innovation from Fortinet. Fortinet partners target the market among businesses, organizations, government institutions, foundations, and so on.

Some of the awards that Fortinet received include:

The first category is “Product Manager Excellence Award 2018” with Winner (winner), Mario Maradona from PT. Tech Data Advance Solutions Indonesia. Both categories “Security Consultant Excellence Award 2018”, Winner: Charles – PT. Tech Data Advance Solutions Indonesia. Third, “Sales Excellence Award 2018”, Winner: Novy Sandjaja – PT. Infokom Solutions Partner. Fourth, “Security Consultant Excellence Award 2018”, Winner : Johan Setiawan – PT. Packet Systems Indonesia.

Why Choose Fortinet Partner

If asked why choose Fortinet partner? Here are some reasons.

Profitability Through Technological Differentiation

Profitability through this technological differentiation is where the business will thrive with the evolving technology and benefit from a more secure network security.

Business Success with Proven Credibility

With a better security network, it will give business credibility to the client or company partner.

Long-Term and Sustainable Growth

Companies will be able to develop with minimal so that there is no interference from cyber threats or hackers.

Fortinet Partner Indonesia Security For All

Fortinet is a reliable and integrated security solution partner for enterprises and service providers around the world.


Fully integrated, secure end-to-end security across the entire enterprise network infrastructure to protect critical data from the network core to the endpoints.

Small business

Providing network security allows small business owners to focus more on growing their business.

Fortinet Partner Indonesia Managed Security Service Provider

Fortinet partner for Indonesia held an award for its partners with the theme Partner Connection Night. This event was held to appreciate the contributions made by partners and distributors who work with Fortinet partner Indonesia.

Fortinet Indonesia is committed to providing innovation and reliable cyber security solutions for companies and business players in the Indonesian market by organizations, institutions, government agencies and other business actors.

In this way, it is hoped that business actors can achieve a significant increase in business. So that this achievement is also apart from the support of partners and distributors who have helped Fortinet’s business growth so that it is able to grow forever.

Trusted Fortinet Partner

One of its flagship solutions is the Fortinet security Fabric which provides security features without having to compromise to address critical security threats be it application, cloud, network, or mobile.

Fortinet License

Fortinet license, yes every product from Fortinet will definitely need a license to be able to use complete features and legal usage rights.

Why Use Fortinet License

The license itself is the granting of permission to use an application or software in using or producing a patented product for the first time.

A license is also often thought of as a key given to a user in order to use a product with full features and usability.

Forms of Support for Developers

By purchasing a paid license to extending your Fortinet application license you are also supporting the developers that have already been created that have already benefited you.

Virus and Malware Free Guarantee

By using a genuine Fortinet license, you can avoid viruses and malware.

Upgrade and Update Guarantee

With guaranteed application updates with better features and more guaranteed security.

More Stable and Agile Performance

With the original license, applications running on the Fortinet system will be able to run stably and also more agilely. Because if you don’t use the original license or even use a crack, usually there will be malware that makes your computer’s performance decrease.

Renewal of Fortinet License

A Fortinet license that can provide quality use of the application as well as a better user experience, therefore if the license has expired, it must be extended to be able to continue to use the Fortinet application more smoothly.

There are several reasons why renew the Fortinet license, including:

Increase Speed

Fortinet license updates can periodically increase system speed. This speed increase is very important if you want a new generation firewall that is of higher quality with a very profitable solution for your company.

Enjoy the Latest Features

With regular updates, there is the possibility of new features with the best security. It is also very suitable for those of you who want to work more smoothly and faster.

Beautify the System Interface

Attractive interface will give you comfort and use. In addition, talking about functions, and applications must not be separated from a more user-friendly interface.


Those are some explanations about Fortinet partners, what are the benefits for your business and company that are applied to your internal network.

If you want to ask further questions about Fortinet partners in Indonesia, you can ask at NetData.

NetData is also an authorized Fortinet partner so that it can assist you in implementing network security solutions for better enterprises.


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