Fortinet Firewall VS Checkpoint NGFW

Fortinet Firewall vs Checkpoint NGFW

Fortinet Firewall VS Checkpoint NGFW – Firewall technology has emerged nearly 3 decades ago which is the best solution for network users to extend network and monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic.

This network firewall is capable of maintaining network access points to servers, web applications, and end points.

Traditional firewalls have only the most basic capabilities such as packet filtering, VPN, and stateless inspection of incoming and outgoing traffic.

And this is all that a network needs so that the network can be safer from intruders or irresponsible hackers.

Talking about the new generation of Firewalls, currently many vendors are starting to develop it, both Fortigate Firewall from Fortinet and Checkpoint NGFW.

Both are types of Firewall Unified Threat Management (UTM) or also known as NGFW (next generation firewall).

The newest generation of firewalls usually have better security features such as physical, cloud-based, and virtual NGFW which are perfect for small, medium and large businesses.

Fortinet Firewall

Fortinet currently occupies a very high scoring position from user reviews. Fortinet creates a Firewall with a competitive price and embeds a variety of features.

Such as intrusion prevention, intrusion, web filtering, anti-malware, application control, and SSL / TLS inspection capabilities. And despite the abundance of features, this Fortinet firewall tool does not put a strain on network performance.

Understanding Fortinet Firewall

Understanding Fortinet Firewall is a Firewall product from Fortinet called Fortigate.

This network security services company headquartered in the United States has nearly two decades of experience.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many companies use Fortinet’s services as network security in their companies.

Fortinet Firewall Advantages

This firewall from Fortinet combines key features such as an intrusion prevention system (IPS), web filtering, secure socket layer checking (SSL), and automatic threat protection.

A firewall can function when it checks all traffic for new types of attacks or encrypted traffic.

The drawbacks of much talked about encryption technologies such as TLS security or the new industry standard transport and secure socket layer (SSL) cover about 50% of internet attacks.

To overcome this, Fortinet’s Firewall has AI or artificial intelligence capabilities that can detect encrypted traffic including the latest TLS 1.3 encryption.

Fortinet Firewall Price

Fortinet Firewall offers a fairly cheap price with a high solution. That’s about $ 2 per Mbps protected which means maximum performance and management at low cost.

Sell ​​Fortinet Firewall

By selling this Fortinet offers solutions to industries or companies such as manufacturing companies, health, finance, education, government, or other companies that need an administrative system with a high speed network.

Checkpoint NGFW

This NGFW checkpoint can be used as a reminder of Fortinet which is quite competitive in various ways.

What is Checkpoint NGFW

Checkpoint NGFW is a Firewall company that has high credibility in the cybersecurity market and has a fairly good industry standard when it comes to implementing Firewalls in enterprises.

Check Point has put all of its strength behind its cybersecurity architecture – Check Point Infinity which provides end-to-end IT infrastructure protection from Gen V cyberattacks on the cloud, networks and endpoints.

The company defines a fifth generation cyberattack as a large-scale, sophisticated cyber attack that travels across multiple vectors such as cloud, mobile and network.

NGFW Checkpoint Price

In terms of price performance advantages, users rate the price higher than other solution providers. While the solution provides end-to-end security, the costs are higher compared to other vendors.

The advantages of Checkpoint NGFW

The advantage of Checkpoint NGFW is that it has Quantum Security Gateway capabilities based on the Infinity architecture, can scale on demand and provides threat prevention performance of up to 1.5 Tbps, according to Check Point.

With the Infinity architecture as its foundation, the Check Point firewall covers the entire attack surface and provides high security performance and throughput.

Another highlight is that the company also boasts one of the largest threat research teams that are at the forefront of threat intelligence and uncovering the latest cyber attacks.

Choose Mana Fortinet Firewall or Checkpoint NGFW

Check Point Firewall provides strong security and protection from known threats and zero-day attacks via SandBlast Threat Emulation and SandBlast Threat Extraction.

In fact, SandBlast’s Check Point is what sets it apart from other vendors when it comes to checking file sizes. However, most users judged that the solution was best suited for large environments compared to smaller sites.

Another recurring theme is for the Check Point solution, the learning curve is steep and compared to the Fortinet solution, there is no knowledge base or repository to start with.

In terms of the roadmap of advanced features, the Gartner report also shows that Check Point lacks support for TLS 1.3, something other cybersecurity vendors Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks have praised in their equipment.

Buy Fortinet Firewall

From the above explanation, we can conclude that this product is a better choice for those of you who want to get a complete Firewall feature at an affordable price.

If you want to buy Fortinet Firewall you should buy it at NETDATA. NETDATA works with various trusted firewall vendors, one of which is Fortinet and its product Fortigate.

For more details, you can contact customer service on the official NETDATA website,


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