Cable Management? Panduit is the solution

Cable Mangement Panduit

Cable Management? Panduit The solution – Large companies today must have at least one special server that is used to connect internal networks and to connect branch companies.

Setting up a network connection cable may not be an easy task for some people. Therefore, this time we will discuss a little about cable management, from what type of cable connection is needed to correct management methods.

One of the most popular cable management products is Panduit. Panduit is an electrical infrastructure and industrial network company.

Which management around cable or server infrastructure is a strategic foundation that can help develop future businesses.

Panduit offers a wide range of smart, scalable and efficient cable and connectivity management solutions in an evolving global marketplace. Here are some of the Panduit products offered:

  • Cable Manager, Cabinets, Thermal, Management, Rack & Enclosures
  • Wire Termination
  • Copper System
  • Fiber Optic Systems
  • Grounding & Bonding
  • Power, Environmental, Security & Connectivity Hardware
  • Signs, Labels & Identification
  • Safety & Security
  • Wire Routing, Management & Protection
  • Audio Video Systems
  • Monitoring and Services

What is Cable Management?

Cable management is the process of managing electrical or optical cables in cabinets or installations. This term can be used for the product, workmanship, and planning of connectivity cabling.

Cable is a conductor of both data and electricity made of various materials such as copper, coaxial, and fiber.

This cable has a flexible nature so it is easily tangled or even makes it break so that it cannot be used.

Therefore we need cable management or a special term is cable management. The goal itself is to keep the cable from falling apart, easy to perform maintenance, and look tidy.

How to Choose Cable Management

Choose the cable management that suits your needs. This management is required to have the ability to make cable routing neatly and correctly, to protect cables from various damages.

Horizontal and vertical management are the two most common types for different cabling directions.

Before using horizontal management it is important to determine the height of the racks and the density of the cables supported.

Using vertical cables with slanted patch panels, cables are allowed to go directly into vertical management to eliminate the need for horizontal management.

This is intended to save shelf space for other active equipment. In addition there are several types of cable management for different applications.

But whatever your needs make sure you choose a wiring smarter in leaving little room for future growth and cabling demand.

Network Cable Management

In the use of network cable management, usually using a tool or panel that can accommodate various cables into one so that it is more organized and tidier, which is commonly called the cable management panel. Panduit provides network cable products of various series and types.

Panduit RJ45

Panduit in its product line provides a very complete range of cabling tools and wiring accessories including the Panduit RJ45 cable crimping management tool, cable stripper and stoppers for keystone jacks, and dust covers for network cable installation.

RJ45 itself is a type of ethernet cable connector that is most commonly used as a connector on a LAN computer network topology.

Panduit RJ45 itself has many categories such as categories 4, 5, 5e, to 6. The higher the category, the faster the data transfer process can be done by the connector.

Panduit CAT 6

Panduit CAT 6 is one type of UTP cable that has category 6. The Panduit CAT 6 UTP cable is the most expensive UTP cable among the categories below. This high price makes it have the ability to delay time up to almost zero when used for data transfer.

And also the advantage of this cable is that it has a maximum length of up to more than 100 meters with a width of data that can be sent up to 10 Gbit / s.

The Correct Way of Cable Management

The following are tips that can help you to implement data center facility management more efficiently:

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Measuring the cable is the most important thing in doing this, because apart from tangling the cable, excess cable cuts will be wasted.

You may think that cutting the 2 cm cord is nothing. However, if the accumulated number of cables that you cut can be very large, which of course will be directly proportional to the more costs you spend.

So it is better if you measure the cable twice before cutting the cable to save more time and money.

Cable Labeling

Cables have their respective types, there are power cables and data cables. For the use of cable labels, it is necessary to distinguish these cables.

The use of labels on these cables can make it easier for you to do cable tracing that you will be maintaining. Better to take the extra time to put cable labels on each end than to regret later.

Cable Testing

Cable testing should be carried out prior to installation. If it is not done after installing it, it turns out that there is a damaged cable from the start, then you will be inconvenienced to replace the cable.

With these simple things you can prevent a lot of extra work that could happen later.

Cable Tie

Using cable ties to join several cables together is a step in the right way to secure cables to components.

The FOCC cable ties are versatile and can be reused if you want to add cables or move them. If you are using a zip cable make sure you cut the remaining ends of the ties properly.

Color Code

The coloring of the cables will allow you to quickly identify visually.

Color coding simplifies management and can save you time if you want to track down cables for maintenance.

In the data cable, you should use color to identify the role or function of the cable.

If the power cord is used then use a different color to identify multiple power supplies for redundant power sources.

Cable Manager

This type of cable manager or cable manager is a cable accessory that can simplify or tie multiple cables together to make them tidier.

There are many types of cable managers, which have a complicated shape, that is, they have a cover to hide the cable bundle and can make the cable tidier.

Cable Management Prices

The price of this cable varies depending on the brand and size. Panduit, as a well-known network connection equipment provider, also provides cable wire management.

One of the cable management prices from Panduit is the 1U PANDUIT [WMPFSE] Cable Wire Management series with an offering price of around Rp. 300,000 depending on the shop price.

Selling Cable Management

NETDATA provides the most complete wiring equipment and wiring accessories in Indonesia including the Panduit brand.

Choosing Panduit products is the right choice for those of you who want to get quality and affordable Panduit products.

Panduit designs its products with strong and durable designs. So that in the long run it will make server performance more efficient and also save more on maintenance expenses.

What are you waiting for, immediately buy the Panduit brand cable needs at NETDATA which are guaranteed to be original and affordable.


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