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Fortiweb Web Application Firewall Solutions From Fortinet. In starting a business competition in the current digital era, it requires extra effort and preparation for all online technology needs and adequate equipment. This need is to provide the best facilities for the company in welcoming the business marketing and business operations of the company.

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If you see that there are many companies that use networks with secure channels, especially for companies that have more than one branch. The network must have adequate security to protect the company from various hacking attempts and data leaks from the company’s internal network system.

Therefore Fortinet presents various firewall solutions, one of which is the Fortiweb firewall application by providing safer network solutions and innovations for your company.

Get to know Fortinet

Before discussing Fortiweb, it would be nice if we discussed what Fortinet created a firewall solution and what are the advantages of using the Fortinet service itself.

Definition of Fortinet

Fortinet is the largest corporation, service provider and government company worldwide.

Fortinet promotes customer satisfaction and experience by empowering customers with smarter and seamless network protection against all types of cyber-attack attempts.

Fortinet Service Benefits

The following are some examples if you use Fortinet services, including:

Protecting Data from Hackers and Unauthorized Users

The firewall prioritizes internal data protection from external access, hackers and foreign users can’t access internal company data.

So that way the data stored on the computer will be easy to leak if you don’t use a firewall.

Block Unwanted Messages

Often there are some mysterious messages on the computer that make the user confused whether the computer has been infected with a virus.

The mysterious message could be an indication that your computer is infected with a virus that is not filtered by the built-in firewall on your computer. Therefore, use an additional firewall from Fortinet which can help you block spam messages that can interfere with your data.

Unwanted Content Block

Besides being able to block spam messages and viruses, a firewall can block dangerous websites.

You manually customize content that is not allowed to be opened on a computer.

Making Online Games More Safe and Convenient

Playing online games can be too much fun for some people. But did you know that the online game connection itself has lots of open ports where hackers can insert malware into your PC.

Although most online game servers have been added with sophisticated security. It would be better if you use an additional Firewall attached to the computer.

Bandwidth Monitor

Firewalls do not only have the power to increase network security. However, it also has a function as a monitor and prevents bandwidth usage.

For example you can set limits for entertainment content, pictures, music, and prioritize bandwidth for business.

Access VPN Service

A firewall used for VPN or virtual private network facilities. So use a VPN that can protect the internal network and the same service in opening websites that are blocked by ISPs.

This VPN can increase productivity, data sharing, so that data transmission needs can be more secure.

Get to know Fortiweb

Fortiweb, the Fortinet web Application firewall, which can protect your business-critical web applications from a variety of cyberattacks targeting known and unknown vulnerabilities.

Web application attack surface is rapidly evolving which changes every time you implement a new feature, update an existing one, or open a new web API. If you want that then this Fortiweb web application solution is the answer.

FortiWeb Models and Specifications

Fortiweb is available in various forms to meet enterprise needs ranging from entry-level hardware devices to advanced VM options that are incorporated into the latest cloud environments.

These Fortiweb tools can take advantage of a variety of multi-core processor technologies combined with hardware-based SSL tools to provide blazing fast and protected WAF throughput.


FortiWeb 100E

throughput 50 Mbps
Port 4x GE RJ45

FortiWeb 400E

throughput 250 Mbps
Port 4x GE RJ45, 4x GE SFP

FortiWeb 600E

throughput 750 Mbps
Port 4x GE RJ45 (2x bypass), 4x GE SFP

FortiWeb 1000E

throughput 1,3 Gbps
Port 2x 10 GE SFP+, 2x GE RJ45, 4x GE RJ45 bypass, 4x GE SFP

FortiWeb 2000F

throughput 5 Gbps
Port 4x GE RJ45 (4 bypass), 4 SFP GE RJ45, 4 x 10 GE SFP+

FortiWeb 3000F

throughput 10 Gbps
Port 8x GE (8 bypass), 10x 10G SFP+ (2 bypass)

FortiWeb 4000F

throughput 70 Gbps
Port 8x GE (8 bypass), 10x 10G SFP+ (2 bypass), 2x 40G QSFP (2 bypass)

FortiWeb Cloud WAF-as-a-Service (FWCWaaS)

FortiWeb Cloud WAF-as-a-Service is a cloud-based Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) web application firewall (WAF) that protects public cloud-hosted web applications from OWASP Top 10, zero-day threats, and more application stack attack.

Advanced threat protection for web applications

FortiWeb Cloud WAF-as-a-Service protects applications from exploits, bots, malware, DDoS, APT advanced persistent threats, whether unknown attacks or zero-day attacks, and more.

Solutions that leverage the services of Fortinet’s award-winning FortiGuard Labs, which provide IP signature, sandboxing, and reputation to ensure organizations have the latest support and updates on threats.

Low total cost of ownership (TCO).

As a cloud-native SaaS solution deployed in the same AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud region as an organization’s applications, FortiWeb Cloud WAF-as-a-Service requires no hardware or software maintenance, and can significantly reduce knowledge transfer outgoing costs. . Take advantage of the low latency and intra-region AWS bandwidth rates for traffic on applications and WAFs.

Simplified compliance requirements

Fortinet delivers FortiWeb Cloud WAF-as-a-Service utilizing a colony of WAF gateways in similar AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud locations along with organizational applications. This is to avoid possible application of additional regional regulatory requirements.


The services provided by Fortiweb include network guarantee services, web application security, anti-botnet, and so on, the following is an explanation.

FortiGuard Security Services for FortiWeb

FortiWeb can provide a variety of FortiGuard security services to protect web applications from attacks.

use FortiGuard multiple security services to protect web applications from attacks. This annual subscription can be purchased a la carte or as part of a bundle with your FortiWeb solution.

Web Application Security

FortiGuard Web Application Security uses information based on the vulnerability of the latest applications, bots, URL patterns and suspicious data type patterns, and a special heuristic detection engine, to ensure applications that protect the application layer from threats.

IP Reputation & Anti-botnet Security

The fortiguard antibotnet and IP reputation service collects IP data from malicious sources from Fortinet’s distributed network of threat sensors, MITER, CERT, cooperative competitors, and other global sources that collaborate to provide up-to-date threat intelligence on opposing sources.

Near real-time intelligence from distributed network gateways combined with world-class research from Fortiguard Labs helps organizations stay more secure and proactively block attacks.

Anti virus

FortiGuard Antivirus guarantees data to be protected from viruses, spyware, and other content-level threats. It uses the company’s leading state-of-the-art detection engine to prevent new and evolving threats from your network and access valuable content.

FortiSandbox Cloud

FortiSandbox Cloud Service is an advanced threat detection solution that performs dynamic analysis to identify initially unknown malware. The actionable intelligence generated by FortiSandbox Cloud is fed back to preventive inspection in your network—disarming threats.

Credential Stuffing Defense

Fortinet’s Credential Stuffing Defense identifies login attempts using compromised credentials using a constantly updated feed of stolen credentials. Administrators can configure supported devices to take various actions except suspicious logins including logging, warnings, and blocking.

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