Fortigate Introduction and Basic Configuration

Pengenalan Fortigate dan Tutorial Cara Konfigurasi Dasar Perangkat Fortigate

One of the technologies used in the remote worker method is to use firewall technology. One of the products from Fortinet, namely Fortigate, will be explained. However, what you should know up front is what is Fortinet ? </ P >

Fortinet is a security-focused principal that has many products and solutions. There are many products offered by Fortinet, including; SD-WAN, IPS, VPNSwitch, and various hardware used for web security.

One of its products is VPN, which is in direct contact with remote workers. For VPN Fortinet uses Fortigate technology. There are several chassis that you can choose according to your needs. Keep in mind, the higher the serial number the greater the specifications.

Fortigate can use VMs and can be deployed in the cloud or in other virtualization technologies.

How to get Fortinet VM images

How to get Fortinet VM images is quite easy, here’s how:

    1. Open the Fortinet login page at
    2. Fill in your username and password, but if you don’t have an account, all you have to do is register
    3. If you have entered the main page, point the cursor to the Download tab, then click VM Image
    4. There are so many platforms, you just make it according to your needs, click download to finish, then extract the file.
    5. Then click and install the Fortigate-VM64.ovf file
    6. Follow the steps, you can fill in the VM name according to your wishes, then import it to your VM ware
    7. If so, stay on the power on. Wait for the process to complete
    8. Now login, with username: admin and blank password
    9. For Fortigate series 6 and above, you will need to change your password. Fill in what you want
    10. Before entering the Fortigate web browser GUI, you have to set the CLI first
    11. When finished, type the END command so that the CLI is active
    12. Access the static IP that you have set via a web browser. If it is successful with CLI, there is already a response from the server and the web browser is able to bring up the login page from the static IP,
    13. then it can be used
    14. If it is the first time, it must be setup according to the command
    15. Perform the steps until it works according to the instructions
    16. If so, and arrive at the Fortigate interface, then it’s ready to use. Below is the interface of Fortigate 6.4

Introduction to Fortinet and Tutorial on How to Configure a Basic Fortigate (Full) Netdata Device


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