Fortigate Indonesia Network Security Solutions

Fortigate Indonesia Network Security Solutions
The need for digital business in the modern era is very important for a company. Fortigate Indonesia sees that computer networks are very important to maintain and ensure a secure and structured computer network.
Talking about fortigate Indonesia, the firewall in computer networks is a component that cannot be eliminated. Therefore, a sophisticated Fortigate firewall product was created to meet security needs.
Fortigate is a flagship solution offered by Fortinet. Fortigate itself is a security platform that already uses the best IT security standards with a combination of ASIC Accelerated, the speed of response to multiple threats in an integrated manner.
Related to what a firewall is and how important it is to an internal network for a company. Let’s look at the following article.

Definition of Network Security

Network security system is a process to identify and prevent unauthorized parties on a computer network.
The usefulness of network security is certainly not far from preventing and anticipating all risk threats in the form of theft of important data to physically damaging computers on the network itself.

Types of Network Security Intrusion

Fortigate Indonesia is able to overcome various types of network security disturbances, including::


Hacking is a method of destroying computer infrastructure on a network that has been compromised.


Carding or falsification of banking card data is one of the disturbances that is quite detrimental to the company. By stealing credit card numbers to spend on personal needs.


The method to change the appearance of the website according to the wishes of the hacker.


Phishing is a hacking method by changing user identities and stealing user data to login passwords to enter a certain network or computer.

Types of Network Security

Various types of network security disturbances have been discussed, so currently the following types of network security can be handled by Fortigate Indonesia:.

Physical Security

Physical security is the security that is emphasized on a computer or hardware. Physical security is oriented to securing hardware from threats and is responsible for the condition of the hardware being primed and operating smoothly.

Virus Protection

Viruses are the most common threat to damage computers. This computer virus attack can enter the network through an open port. Therefore, a fortigate Indonesian firewall is needed that can close unneeded ports.
In addition, the computer can also be equipped with an additional antivirus that can protect the computer from viruses.

Network Security

Network security is indeed one of the things that we must know in order to avoid various network security disturbances on our computers.
This type of security can be done using software or certain commands such as using a firewall or proxy to be able to sort out access to the company’s internal network.

Access Authorization

Access authorization relates to access to the computer network system itself in the form of a password or password.
By enforcing a network security system with a password or password to access something on a network, we can ensure that authorized access users can access a network with appropriate permissions.

Disaster Management

Sometimes network security disturbances do not always occur in digital form but can also occur due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and so on that can damage network systems in physical form.
In the event of a natural disaster, it can damage the computer so that the data on the server computer is lost or damaged.
For that reason, Fortigate Indonesia also created a solution with a sophisticated firewall to be able to recover lost data.

Fortigate Firewall Functions For Office Network

You need to know that in installing a computer system there is already a built-in firewall software. Unfortunately, this built-in firewall is not sufficient to address network security needs due to the low level of attack deterrence.
Indeed, this built-in firewall is better to have than not have a network security system at all.
This firewall serves to prevent various unauthorized access to prevent viruses from entering your computer system. This firewall is the first gateway that can prevent various data from entering our computers.
Fortigate is present in its firewall product developed by Fortinet. A network security service company located in the United States with at least the last 20 years of experience.
With a good reputation and professional network security services, Fortigate is the choice of many companies to solve network security problems in Indonesia and even in the world.
Why use fortigate? Here are 5 reasons why choose fortigate for companies.

Management Flexibility

Security management tools such as fortigate are capable of working with different brands of network devices.
That way we don’t have to bother setting back existing network devices to adjust security devices which only do the initial settings when the network device is first installed.
Fortigate has many reliable features such as router firewall, gateway, VPN, antivirus, and so on. In addition, Fortigate also has a monitoring feature via an internet browser or command line.

Has a virtual domain feature

Fortigate has a virtual domain feature that provides access to various companies with different administrator access on the same device.
This makes it easier for admins to perform specific configurations without fear of misconfiguration respectively.

There are FortiASIC facilities

The FortiASIC ​​facility is a Fortinet service that can detect and minimize real-time integrated threats.
Not only small threats or attacks, but Fortinet is also able to overcome threats on a more complex scale with excellent performance. Of course this is very much needed in complex corporate networks.

Additional Fortiguard Protection

Fortiguard is a support service for firmware updates on every fortigate device on an ongoing basis to ensure computer network security.
This service is integrated in millions of site databases which are then categorized in several categories which are treated differently. The admin staff has the task of monitoring or blocking certain sites.
Fortiguard also has an internet bandwidth control feature so that it can be regulated according to company policy and prevent the leakage of important information to irresponsible parties.
Network protection is a very vital thing and should be owned by all companies. But unfortunately not all companies invest their capital in this aspect. Though a firewall is a must-have.


That’s our discussion about fortigate Indonesia and about the importance of firewalls for companies. If you want to know more about fortigate Indonesia you can visit the NetData website at


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