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The day the technology will be more advanced, with the advancement of technology, of course it cannot be separated from the internet. However, not everyone really understands the internet and the network. Therefore, in a company, which really needs an internet network and everything related to IT, if the owner of the company does not really understand IT, they can hire an IT consultant.

Consultants offer recommendations and expertise to organizations to help them improve their business workforce in terms of operations, profitability, management, structure and strategy. Whereas the workload can be heavy, consultancy is a friendly job with lots of networking opportunities. The profession spans a wide variety of fields, including management, strategy, IT, finance, marketing, HR, and supply chain management.

The project you are in and the assignment you are assigned depends on the area in which you are working, but lay responsibilities include:

  • conduct research, surveys and interviews to receive an understanding of the business
  • analyze statistics
  • detect problems and investigate methods to solve them
  • evaluate the pros and cons of possible strategies
  • compile and inform news verbally, visually and in writing
  • makes recommendations for justification, applies computer models to test them and notifies innovations to clients
  • apply the agreed solutions
  • developing and applying new procedures or training.

Professional IT Consultant Jakarta

Speaking of IT consultants, most management consultants are employed by international consulting firms, professional services firms or the strategy department of financial organizations such as accountants. Consulting firms can range from generalist consultants offering a variety of services, to specialist consultants in different business areas, such as strategy or IT. Consultants are contracted by organizations in all sectors to seek help and advice on business matters.

One of the most competent and experienced IT companies is Netdata. Netdata will be very helpful for you in solving various problems related to IT, one of which is the IT consultant service in Jakarta, which has indeed overcome various problems in various organizations or large companies related to IT.

It was proven that they were satisfied and it was also proven that the problems they faced were resolved and now the company can run normally and without any problems related to IT due to consulting services from Netdata.

Cheapest and Experienced Indonesian IT Consultants

Did you know, that the IT Consultants at Netdata are the best undergraduate graduates with any degree, be it business, management, economics, mathematics or statistics, but they are all competent people and are indeed very skilled in the field of IT consulting. They also have several years of experience in the same field.

What makes Indonesian IT consultants from Netdata the best and experienced ?:

  • Commercial awareness
  • Excellent numerical skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Tactics and persuasive skills
  • Team work skills
  • IT skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Qualified and reliable foreign language skills

In a company, of course there is a problem that causes the IT network to be constrained, in overcoming all of that, an IT consultant is needed to provide the right advice to overcome this. An IT consultant is someone who has responsibilities in various fields to help solve difficult situations in company management, from providing suggestions for actions that need to be done to finding solutions for sustainable development of methods.

Finding a reliable IT consultant can be difficult if you don’t know Netdata. Netdata can really help you in solving various IT-related problems. With a reliable IT consultant Jakarta, it is guaranteed that your problems can be resolved easily and you can be satisfied with various offers from Netdata for IT consulting services.

IT Consultant Professional

The IT consultant provided by Netdata is a service that can really help you in solving IT-related problems for your company or other organization. This is because the IT consultants at Netdata are people who are experienced in their fields and have become business partners of various large companies.

So, it’s not just a mere promotion, it has been proven by Netdata that Netdata’s IT consultant Jakarta is a trusted and professional service. This is a very attractive offer, because Netdata also provides a special offer in the form of a fee that is guaranteed not to confuse you.

Affordable Cost IT Consultants

Netdata’s IT consultant Jakarta also offers affordable services. Unlike other companies that provide expensive IT consulting services, Netdata actually provides a special price in the form of a lower price than others, but by solving your problems about IT properly and it can also make you satisfied.

Today’s modern companies are already IT-based. Where IT itself provides facilities in running the company’s operations. Therefore the company will need a Jakarta IT Consultant to provide advice that can be taken by the company for operational and financial effectiveness.

IT consultancy itself is a profession working in the IT world, IT consultants are experts in the IT field by providing services in the form of advice and planning that can be used by the company. His form of providing services at once in one time. Ordinary people may view that an IT consultant has a job that is almost the same as other IT professions that are involved in the world of computers, software and networks.

Trusted Jakarta IT Consultant

Information technology is one of the important things that must be done effectively and thoroughly. IT structure must be considered carefully so that mistakes can be minimized and accelerate the productivity of your company. Netdata has experience in providing solutions and solving problems in the IT field, NetData also becomes a trusted Jakarta IT Consultant who innovates and complements business lines by becoming a System Integrator.

many business actors are currently implementing IT technology to help make operations more efficient and more practical. Maybe in the past, IT was not very popular because many were still unfamiliar with its benefits. Therefore, the company will need IT consultants to provide additional advice and be able to be taken by the company for operational and financial effectiveness.

IT consultant is a profession in the IT world. IT consultants can also be referred to as IT experts who sell their abilities in the form of services, both advice and including plans that the company can use. The form is in the form of providing additional facilities at once. Ordinary people can see that this person has a job that is almost similar to other IT professions, namely in the world of computers, software and networking.

Best IT Consultant Jakarta

The IT sector is really needed to help company operations become more effective and accurate. The IT structure must be carefully examined together so that errors that occur can be minimized and accelerate the productivity of your company. Netdata has experience in providing additional solutions and overcoming problems in the IT field, NetData is also a trusted Jakarta IT consultant who innovates and completes joint business lines by becoming a System Integrator.

There is one IT Consultant Jakarta which is quite well known, namely NetData, which is ready to assist you in solving IT problems in your company, be it in terms of networks, security, servers and others. The products we offer are well-known brand products that have great quality and performance like Cisco, Aruba Network, Sangfor and others. NetData has product distribution throughout Indonesia so you can add solutions quickly wherever you are. We employ experts in the IT field so that system maintenance and others can be resolved quickly.

Jakarta IT Consultant with a Strong and Spreading Product Network

Net data is ready to help a variety of IT problems that your company is experiencing from the network, security, servers and others. The products we offer are well-known brand products that have great quality and performance such as Cisco, Aruba Network, Sangfor and others. NetData has Jakarta product distribution and IT Consultants throughout Indonesia so that it can provide solutions quickly wherever you are. We employ experts in the IT field so that the maintenance process and others can be quickly resolved.

Our integration services include consulting, system integration, and project management IT services that provide :

  • Professional Services
  • IT Maintenance Support
  • Network Automation
  • SDN/NFV Solutions
  • Network Integration
  • Cabling System (Data and Voice)
  • Virtual Technology
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Our company’s mission is to provide technology-based services of the highest quality and do so while being friendly, reliable and detailed. Our IT service solutions are given the highest level of management and support using cutting edge technology. With the best quality and consistency, we provide effective solutions for clients, making technology an asset for them.

Isn’t it profitable to get IT consultant services at a low cost but with satisfying results? Therefore, check the Netdata website at for more information about IT consultants!

How? Isn’t it very profitable to hire an IT consultant from Netdata? With highly qualified experience and skills, you can get it at a very affordable cost with maximum results. Don’t hesitate anymore with Netdata !.

The world of IT is indeed very broad, like it or not, nowadays various jobs really need assistance from IT Consultants Netdata because it can make work easier and can also make the results of the work more optimal. This is what drives many companies to implement IT in their companies.

Indeed, not everyone can understand in detail and are also proficient in the IT field. But, going back to the previous problem, assisted work using IT has become easier. Therefore, there is a service called an IT consultant.

IT Consultant Is

an IT Consultant as a field of activity or service that focuses on advising organizations on how to best use information technologies (IT) to achieve their business goals.

In simpler words, an IT consultant gives good advice to company owners who hire their services to provide input related to their IT problems.

Actually, the job of a consultant is not that easy, just advising, but there are various tasks that must be mastered by an IT consultant.

Duties of an IT Consultant

After the owner of the business or organization submits his or her ideas to an IT consultant, the task of a consultant is as an advisor who fosters the company’s project from beginning to end of the project. Usually the deadline is like that, but it also depends on the client for the business time of the IT consulting services.

  • Project scoping and planning

A common problem is that business owners don’t know the details of what the project will deliver until the process begins. In many cases, additional effort across multiple projects can result in significant financial losses. 

That’s why the services of an IT consultant are indispensable, because not all ideas issued and carried out by the company owner can run 100% according to plan.

  • Business process and system design

The project scope is closely related to the proposed business processes and systems to be provided by the project. Regardless of whether the project will launch a new product line or shut down the unprofitable part of the business, the changes will impact business processes and systems. 

Documentation of your business processes and system requirements is as important as project scoping as is an architect’s plan for costing and scoping building construction.

  • management support

ProjectThe most successful business projects are always driven by an employee who has the authority, vision and influence to drive the changes needed in the business. 

It’s highly unlikely that a business owner (decision maker or similar) will notice change unless one of these people is employed. However, project leadership roles usually require significant experience and skills that cannot normally be found in a company that is simply not IT focused.

Because of this requirement in a more significant business change project / program, expertise from outside the company is often sought after in order to initiate projects that the company is working on can run according to the target.

Qualification of an IT Consultant

Being an IT consultant is not as easy as you might think. There are at least 2 things you need to know about an IT consultant. This is very useful for company owners and for an IT who wants to become an IT consultant.

Companies really need to qualify for the IT consultants they will hire. Because, it is clear that the company only wants what IT consultants want it to do.

Meanwhile, for someone who really wants to become an IT expert, being self-righteous is very important. The better the quality of an IT consultant, the easier it will be to get a job.

Knowledge and Expertise

Being an expert in the field of IT consulting, of course, you must have several skills related to knowledge and expertise.

  • The Knowledge

knowledge required by IT consultants is of course the technology field. But that’s not all. Because he also deals with corporate strategic management, a consultant must have management skills.

  • Being able to solve problems

is definitely a must-have skill. Because, later you will find many cases in his work, sometimes it is very difficult to find out how these problems can be resolved. Therefore, identifying problems and solving problems are very important skills.

  • Communicating Communication

skills are very important to help business operations, because usually a consultant will work in groups, communication techniques are of course very important to convey opinions. It’s the same with clients when solving problems.

Related majors

If you want to become an IT consultant, or you want to hire his services, there are things you need to pay attention to. Namely the related department. Indeed, there is also an IT consultant who does not have a bachelor’s degree but is very good at solving IT-related problems.

However, if you really look at it in terms of graduates or experience in carrying out knowledge, it is very common for an IT consultant to be a graduate majoring in computer science, information management systems, or information science and it could also be mathematics.

Career Paths for an IT Consultant

The career path of an IT consultant may vary, this is because different companies or consulting firms have different career paths. However, in general, there are two parts that the company provides:

  1. IT Consultant Staff (Junior)

Becoming an IT consultant is not easy, there is a phase where you have to train. Those who pass this training are usually given the title “Junior”, otherwise known as “Junior Consultants”. A person who has been at the junior level usually has 1-3 years of experience. 

  1. Senior Consultant

To achieve this position, what must be done is experience. Having a very broad experience and solving various problems in client companies can make a position rise. The point is consistency in consulting firms. But it could also be that new people can keep up because their track record is already good.

Usually people at this level are placed as team leaders in projects.

The role of IT Consultant

An IT consultant is an advisor who is already an expert in the field of technology and information integration into business and shows clients how to use this technology efficiently and can help achieve the goals or targets that the client wants.

However, the role of an IT consultant does not stop there, but there are various very important roles with the following division of tasks:

  1. Responsible for the formulation of strategies in the IT field, including the organization, planning, and IT work systems.
  2. Create work plans to improve business using Big Data, Web Marketing, and mobile applications. This was done by a Digital Consultant.
  3. Creating a work design that can save or cost efficiency projects. This task is related to the PMO (Project Management Office) consultant.
  4. Responsible for IT outsourcing, asset management and infrastructure.
  5. The consultant is also responsible for data security and data management. Everything that is at risk is very possible in the world of IT.

Impact of Becoming an IT Consultant

In carrying out an activity, let alone a job related to services, of course there must be an impact or risk to be faced. This is a very natural thing, because being an IT consultant itself is very difficult because it is associated with companies that may demand perfect work results.

All jobs definitely have different risks. All of that returns to the individual how to respond to problems that inevitably must be faced and resolved.

The following are the impacts or risks of becoming an IT consultant:

High level of

Stress is one of the effects of being a worker, any job, including IT consultant. A consultant will be very vulnerable to stress if the project addressed to him does not reach the target, of course with this the client feels dissatisfied and tends to keep asking for what he wants to be achieved.

This is a difficult job, because it deals with clients who do not know the nature of these clients. Sometimes, meeting a client who is “restless” makes work become obstructed and causes stress which leads to various mental and health disorders of course.

So, to become an IT consultant, you must be prepared with high levels of stress and how to deal with it properly.

Unclear SOP

Standard Operating Procedure or SOP is a work guide that aims to ensure work runs smoothly. Sometimes, a job done by a consultant has an unclear company SOP. This is a very annoying thing.

How can you not be annoyed if the SOPs implemented by companies related to IT consulting work are not running properly. This makes it difficult for consultants to complete their work. Because if it is not in accordance with the SOP, the company will certainly not like it.

Meanwhile, the SOP given is not clear, and tends to hinder work. In the end, the consultant will be very lazy to do his job. As much as possible, just be professional.

Uncertain working hours

Being a consultant means having to provide advice or input to clients. Working hours are one of the things that surely all workers want them to know when to take a break from work. However, unlike IT consultants, they must be ready at any time if the company wants to ask for solutions to problems in the IT field in their company.

Isn’t it an easy thing? Yes indeed. But back to the point where all work has risks that must be borne and must be dealt with properly.

IT Consulting Firms

Finding companies that are competent in the world of IT consulting tends to be difficult. Because sometimes, there are companies whose workmanship skills are very good, but in terms of communication it is very bad. Whereas in terms of consulting, what is very important is communication between consultants and clients. Regarding the consultant with the best service, you can see the article the following.

Choosing Netdata is probably a very profitable thing, because it covers a large service area and is also trusted by customers who are big companies in Indonesia.

IT Consultant Company Jakarta

As the capital city and the largest city in Indonesia, Jakarta is the only city in Indonesia that has provincial level standing. Jakarta is located on the northwest coast of Java Island. 

This very dense city is a city that has many large companies that exist there. Those who are large companies certainly need information technology to support their work.

Sometimes the company has problems in its IT field. Therefore, Netdata, a Jakarta IT consulting firm, is the solution for many large companies. It is proven that they are satisfied with the performance of Netdata and become customers.

Indonesian IT Consulting Firms

Not only in Jakarta, IT consultants from Netdata cover all parts of Indonesia. No need to worry if your company’s area is difficult to reach, Netdata is always there for consultations.

Yes, by using a video call, one of them. Netdata always uses the latest technology in its work. It is not surprising that many clients find it easier to carry out consultations related to IT, because it is not complicated and the time is also more flexible.

IT Consulting Services

An IT consultant is a person or company that provides a road map for sourcing, application, and management of IT services and resources. An IT consultant offers advice and guidance to best practice organizations to apply IT solutions to their business goals and to solve their predicament.

Simply put, IT consulting jakarta is centered on advising organizations on the best way to apply IT to achieve their business goals. If you want the best IT consulting services that you can rely on for your needs, then Netdata is the ultimate solution. Instead of choosing a service other than Netdata you will not be able to get offers in the form of low prices and also a variety of attractive services.

If you are looking for quality IT consulting services, you can trust Netdata. Netdata has always been a priority for many organizations that want to solve problems in the IT field.

Professional IT Consultant

If you choose Netdata as an IT consultant for Jakarta who helps you solve various IT-related problems that you are experiencing, you will get very professional service. This is because Netdata has human resources who are ready to work in accordance with their fields who are experienced in their respective fields, so you will not be doubted in their work results.

With an affordable cost, this will make you more profitable in choosing the IT consultant you need. Many have relied on Netdata in matters of helping solve various problems related to IT, proven to be resolved in a very easy way and it is also guaranteed that your problems can be resolved according to your expectations!

The Best IT Consultant.

It is clear where is it not if you need an IT consultant in Jakarta who can help you solve IT-related problems? Only Netdata can help you professionally and at an affordable cost. This makes Netdata the best IT consulting solution you can prioritize.

Check the Netdata website at for more information about various IT consulting services that you can get at an affordable cost and also with professional work.

Area of ​​IT Consulting Services

IT Consultants Jakarta

Netdata is a company engaged in the IT field and ensures that your various wishes in the IT field can be resolved quickly, professionally, and with satisfying results.

With definite work results, it is true that for IT consultant business in Jakarta you don’t need to hesitate to hire consultant services from Netdata.

IT Consultants Indonesia

Netdata covers all of Indonesia for IT consulting services. Why should you choose Netdata?

  • Netdata’s IT consultants are the best graduates and have experience in their fields. There have been many companies handled and proven satisfactory work results.
  • The affordable cost is why you should choose Netdata. Of course, everyone wants to buy goods or rent services at an affordable price, right?
  • Quality is guaranteed, services that are affordable but with very satisfying results are definitely very profitable, right?

Interested in the service IT Consultant from Netdata? You can contact me directly here.


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