Cloud Provider Indonesia Brief Explanation

Cloud Provider Indonesia

Cloud Provider Indonesia – Cloud-based computing systems, currently very many are using it and implementing it, both personally and from a large company in order to maintain its very important files so that unwanted things do not happen. Cloud is currently on the rise, so it’s no wonder that many are looking for it.

Cloud providers are third-party companies that offer cloud-based storage platforms, infrastructure, applications or services. Just as homeowners will pay for utilities like electricity or gas, companies usually only need to pay for the number of cloud services they use, according to business demands.

Cloud computing is an application-based software infrastructure that stores data on remote services, which can be accessed via the internet. The front allows users to access data stored in the cloud using an internet browser or cloud computing software.

Choosing a Cloud Provider

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS was the first Indonesian cloud provider and offered infrastructure as a service in 2008 and never looked back at launching new services so fast and building their own compute stacks aiming to be more efficient and pass on those savings. AWS has come far beyond cloud computing and storage. If Arm-based processors become the norm in data centers, the industry could accept AWS’s gravitational pull.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, along with Microsoft’s software as a services endeavor, and footprint in the company make it a strong number 2 for AWS. When a company chooses a preferred cloud vendor, Microsoft will be the choice.

The cheap and easy flow of use is that Microsoft Azure and AWS are on opposite trails to become top cloud service providers. The reality is that the two enemies barely rhyme.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud Platform and its Anthos platform are working to break the digital transformation budget. Meanwhile, cloud providers are seeing expansion in their main verticals such as retail and financial services.

Google Cloud Platform will launch in the year it builds its distinct strategy, sales team and services, but is also experiencing performance disruptions. It will also be the target of an FUD campaign based on the idea that Google would rather leave the business than become No. 3 for AWS and Azure.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba has grown rapidly with a pool of corporate partners. What remains to be seen is whether Alibaba can thrive outside of China. In both cases, Alibaba has many groundings ahead.

If your company operates in China and wants to switch to the cloud, Alibaba will likely be the top choice.

Alibaba said its cloud computing revenue in the September quarter was $ 1.3 billion, up 64% from a year ago. That equates to an annual rate of close to $ 6 billion. Perhaps the most important revelation is that 59% of listed companies in China are Alibaba Cloud customers.

Netdata As Indonesia’s Cloud Provider

If you are looking for the best Indonesian cloud provider, then Netdata is the solution. Working with many companies that offer cloud computing, makes you not hesitate to choose it.

The benefits of choosing Netdata are real. There have been many large companies in Indonesia that have entrusted Netdata to overcome the cloud computing system in their company!

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