Easy Ways to Setup Cisco 3560

Cisco 3560 – The Cisco brand switch is one of the best-selling switch products in the world, including Indonesia.
Cisco is renowned for creating the best feature-rich and affordable networking tools and networking technologies.
One of the Cisco series is one of the switches that we will discuss this time starting from its understanding, and how to set Cisco 3560. Let’s look at the following review.

Understanding Cisco Switches

Cisco switch is a network device on a computer that functions to connect devices in a computer network by using packet exchanges that receive, process, and forward data to the device to be addressed.
Switches are often connected to other network devices, namely hubs. But did you know that this switch is different from a hub even though they both connect various devices in one network.
The difference between a hub and a switch is that the hub is from the data sent or forwarded. Meanwhile, the switch only sends data to devices that need it and does not send the same data to all devices on the same network.
The switch also acts as a bridge between devices by utilizing many ports that use the address of the device to be able to send data at layer two of the OSI model.
And also some types of switches have routing functions that use layer 3 by utilizing IP addresses to send data packets to their destination. Therefore, switches are divided into two, namely layer two switches and layer three switches.

Functions Of Cisco Switch Parts

The Cisco switch features high-performance components that increase the speed of data transmission and ensure it reaches its destination. The following are the important parts of a switch that is similar to a router device:


RAM or random access memory is a component that can deviate from the current configuration and save the active operating system.
In addition, RAM is also used as various storage, managing data packet queues, packet buffers, and fast switching cache.
The nature of RAM is only temporary, which means that if the switch is turned off, the data stored in RAM will be lost.

NVRAM (Non Volatile RAM)

NVRAM is similar to RAM, namely as a configuration storage area when it is first turned on. But the difference is when you lose electrical power, the stored memory is not lost.


Flash Memory is a storage area for IOS or operating system image. This memory can store various versions of IOS. The data will still be there even if the power is lost.


This ROM is a storage place for the bootstrap system which has a role as a process controller and runs the POST system or Power On Self Test and IOS Image.


As for the interface itself is an external component of a router. Before configuring a switch, you need to know what is connected to the switch and manage its IP address.

How to Connect to Cisco 3560 with Default IP

For the first thing we need to know how to connect a computer to a Cisco switch using the Default IP.

Normal Installation

  • First we connect the Cisco switch using an ethernet or LAN cable without having to turn on the switch.
  • Then press the reset button while connecting the power supply adapter to the 3560.
  • After pressing the reset button for 3 seconds the Cisco 3560 will be in the default IP mode.


  • To test whether the Cisco can be connected or not, enter the Cisco 3560 system by pressing 7 + 9 + power.
  • After entering the BNEP menu and selecting the [Inquiry] item to search for Bluetooth devices around the Cisco 3560.
  • Try it by connecting the Cisco 3560 by pressing in the list of probe results.
  • If the test results are already connected in the probe menu then click OK, this indicates that the test is running well and the device is ready to be connected.

Update Cisco 3560 Firmware

There are two ways to update the Cisco 3560 firmware, namely by entering configuration mode and selecting download program, and the second is by downloading the new program directly.
  1. Make sure the Cisco 3560 is working and the LAN cable is connected
  2. Run UDPLoad.exe on the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  3. Select the firmware file you want to download.
  4. Enter the Cisco 3560 IP in the dialog box, as follows:
  5. If you have downloaded the configuration indicator and the connected terminal indicator on the Cisco 3560 light up simultaneously. Do not unplug the power cable when the indicator is ON.
  6. If a power cut occurs during the update, the Cisco 3560 will enter kernel mode.

Kernel Mode

This kernel mode is used to download new programs if the Cisco 3560 loses an application.
  1. Make sure the Cisco 3560 is on and the LAN is connected.
  2. Run UDPLoad.exe on the Windows operating system.
  3. Select the firmware file you want to download.
  4. Enter the Cisco 3560 IP in the dialog box, as follows:
  5. If you have downloaded the indicator on terminal 6 on the Cisco 3560 will light up simultaneously, do not unplug the power adapter when the indicator is ON.
  6. If the power is cut it will return to kernel mode again.

Cisco Configuration

Before configuring the Cisco 3560 make sure you have an ethernet cable.
  1. First unplug all cables connected to the Cisco 3560.
  2. Connect the adapter to the switch then turn on the Cisco will start the POST process which is indicated by the LED light on the front of the switch.
  3. Wait for the SYST LED on the front of the switch to turn green, indicating POST is complete. Press and hold the MODE button on the front of the switch for three seconds immediately after the POST is complete. When all the LEDs turn green then they are released.
  4. Connect one end of the 5 ethernet cable to the front panel of the switch, and connect the ethernet to your computer. Then open a web browser then access then the Express Setup screen appears to display the Network Settings page.
  5. Enter the IP address in the “IP address” field. Click the drop-down menu in the “IP Subnet Mask” column and select IP Subnet Mask. Enter the IP address of your network gateway device, such as a computer in the “Default Gateway” field.
  6. Set a new password in the “Switch Password” field and also in the “Switch Confirm Password” field.
  7. When that name switches in Host Name to provide an alias.
  8. Fill in the “Date System”, “System Time” and “Time Zone” fields according to the current time.
  9. Click the Submit button to complete the configuration.


That’s how to setup Cisco 3560 that might be able to help you in configuring Cisco 3560 switches easily and correctly.
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