Cisco Presents Cisco SX20 Telepresence Tool

Cisco Presents Cisco SX20 Telepresence Tool
Cisco SX20 – Nowadays, using more capable technology in terms of presentations or meetings for work is very important, especially with policies for several companies or offices that require working from home, causing many to complain that the infrastructure they have is very inadequate for meetings.
Telepresence Cisco is a smart solution from Cisco for those of you who want to hold a video conference but you only have a flat screen which doesn’t have a webcam and also doesn’t have good sound.

What is Fortinet Telepresence Cisco SX20

Before discussing further about the Fortinet Fortigate 100e, let’s first talk about the full specifications, product details, and what features you can get in the purchase package.

What is CiscoTelepresence?

The Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set is a flexible solution that helps you easily transform a flat panel display into a powerful telepresence system for small to medium sized meeting rooms. The Quick Set SX20 features high definition video quality, multi-party conferencing, and three camera options to accommodate any room size and configuration.
With your workspace at home or in a narrow office and only has a flat TV screen, you can already use this product to conduct video conferences with your coworkers or with your clients easily and can also be done easily and at a very affordable price. affordable.

Features Delivered by Cisco SX20

The SX20 Quick Set delivers the performance expected from a more expensive system in a sleek, compact, and fast multi-feature package. This powerful quick set is ideal for small businesses just starting out with telepresence, or large companies looking to extend the benefits of telepresence across the organization.
The SX20 Quick Set can turn a flat panel display into a high definition telepresence system, also offering other features such as:
  • Embedded Cisco MultiSite technology to add three more participants to the call
  • Support for Cisco Intelligent Proximity for content sharing to mobile devices and wireless sharing from Macs and PCs*
  • Switched conferencing support for enhanced layout and video on both dual-screen endpoint screens*
  • Simple and intuitive connection for simple setup
Plus, you can easily control room peripherals such as lights, room dividers, curtains, and more, directly from Cisco TelePresence Touch 10 via customizable APIs** (requires external third-party control system processor).

Cisco SX20 Specifications

The following are general specifications of the Cisco SX20:
  • Optimal definition up to 1080p30 with content sharing at 1080p5*
  • 83° wide-angle horizontal FOV with 5x zoom
  • Supports Cisco Intelligent Proximity for content sharing to mobile devices and wireless sharing from laptops (Mac and PC)
  • System wireless control is also enabled with Intelligent Proximity
  • Easily control room peripherals such as lights, room dividers, curtains, directly from the Cisco Touch 10 control unit (optional) via customizable API 1 (requires external third party control system processor)
  • Participate in white boarding sessions of the Cisco Webex Teams app; receive notifications about shared whiteboard content on Touch 10 (supported on cloud-enrolled devices)
  • Simplified meeting-joining experience with One Button to Push (OBTP) for scheduled devices in Cisco Webex meetings, whether registered on-premises or in the cloud
  • Ready-to-use unit with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Integrated microphone
  • Energy saving with low consumption (EU Class B)
  • Registered with Cisco® Unified Communications Manager (UCM) and Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS)

Is the Cisco Right for My Company?

Now, is this Cisco a perfect fit for your company? there may be a lot of problems with this, the answer is, YES!
The Ciscocan really take you into a real meeting room with a meeting room that connects from your corporate office space. If indeed your office space or your workspace is limited, this Cisco SX20 can really be a solution for your video conferencing needs.

Uses of Cisco SX20

Cisco is hardware that you can use to conduct video conferences with your co-workers or with your corporate clients by utilizing the flat screen you have. Inside the Cisco SX20, there is also a phonebook that can store contacts from other companies or your company’s colleagues. You can also schedule a meeting.

Cisco SX20 Package Types

In the Cisco purchase package, you can choose the camera yourself if you need. There are three options including the Precision HD 2.5x Camera, Precision HD 4x Camera, and also the Precision HD 12x Camera.

Preccison HD 2.5x Camera

  • 2.5X optical zoom, normal Cisco Telepresence Video conferencing system normally used with SX20/SX20N . system
  • Usually requires special HDMI type cable and mounting kit, not included
  • PoE Powered

Precision HD 4x Camera

  • Cisco TelePresence SX20 Fast Set With 4x Precision 1080p HD Camera
  • CMOS –Video 1920 x 1080 —2 x HDMI Out —1 x Network (RJ-45) –Gigabit Ethernet
  • The SX20 Quick Set is designed to deliver high-definition video and multiparty conferencing with the flexibility to accommodate a variety of room sizes and configurations—the Cisco
  • TelePresence SX20 Quick Set (SX20 Quick Set) can transform a flat-panel display into a sleek and powerful telepresence system. The SX20 Quick Set supports embedded capabilities for multipoint support with Cisco TelePresence MultiSite technology, allowing users to add three additional partitions
  • TelePresence SX20 4x Camera Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set with Precision HD 1080p 4x camera Design features: Turns a flat panel display into a 1080p high definition meeting room –Intuitive connections make setup as easy as plugging in a DVD player –Provides up to 1080p60 resolution- comp
  • Cisco CTS-SX20-PHD4X-K9

Precision HD 12x Camera

  • Cisco telepresence Sx20 fast set with 12x precision HD 1080p camera
  • A design that provides high availability, scalability, and for maximum flexibility and price/performance

Immediately Upgrade Your Meeting with Cisco SX20

Those are some explanations and various advantages of Cisco SX20. It is not very profitable for you or your company to be able to easily hold meetings anywhere and anytime with very good quality and also guaranteed to be applied easily.
If you are interested in owning one, you can rely on NETDATA to be able to get an easy Cisco SX20 price and also guaranteed a variety of accessories complete with original guarantee! This is because NETDATA is a trusted official Cisco Indonesia partner that offers a variety of Cisco products including the SX20 at low prices.


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