Definition of Network Security

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In the current digital era, the computer network system has become more extensive as there are many computers connected to the internet network and that definitely requires Network Security.

That way the threat that can harm computers via the network is increasing. This is a challenge for every computer user to improve their network security system to make it more secure.

Improving computer security systems is something that must be done for companies, maybe many parties consider it not so important before their company data is stolen by irresponsible parties who could interfere with their business.

Therefore, in this article we will discuss further about the importance of systems for business.

Network Security System Network

a security system is a system that acts as a deterrent and identifier to unauthorized users in computer networks.

As for the precautions taken to stop intruders from accessing our computer network systems.

The Purpose

the purpose of building a computer network security system is to anticipate threats in physical and logical form, either directly or indirectly, that can disrupt the network security system.

You need to know that no system is perfect. But that does not mean unnecessary, at least we can implement a network security system to prevent threats that can harm the company.

Apart from implementing the system, we also need to educate users to know more about network security.

Benefits of Network Security

Implementing the system certainly has its benefits, what are they? The following are some of the benefits of network security:

  • Can use resources simultaneously, a user who is far from the data center, can easily access the data as if the data is in front of him. In other words, computer networks can solve the problem of distance.
  • Reliable, reliable computer networks have a supply of alternative resources. For example, all stored data can be copied to several computers connected to the network, so that if the data on one computer is damaged it can be recovered by retrieving data from another computer.

Save money, computers with low specifications are certainly cheaper than computers that have higher specifications.

High specification computers do have much better performance than low spec computers. This imbalance in price makes system designers prefer systems that consist of a collection of personal computers.

Types of Network Security

There are several types of network security that are implemented in network systems, here are the discussions.


Is an effort to prevent information or resource retention from unauthorized parties. In other words, the information required will be accessible to those who have access rights to that information.

An example in a messaging system where the message can only be read by the person being addressed.


Is an effort to prevent unauthorized parties from obtaining information. Which means that precise information can be accessed only by those who are entitled, analogous to e-mail or important company data.

Or it can also be interpreted as prevention of possible changes or deletions of information by irresponsible parties. In general, this integrity means accurate information, so it will not be damaged or deleted when it is transmitted from the server to the rightful recipient.


Is a method to determine or confirm the user is authentic or not. Usually a person’s authentication method is usually to verify his or her identity.

On a computer system, authentication is done by logging in or entering an ID and password.

Access Control

Is a method of transmitting signals owned by nodes connected to the network without conflict or access issues.

Email security

Security of electronic mail or e-mail is by encrypting messages sent from senders to legitimate parties.

In general, e-mails that are not encrypted can be tapped so that emails that should be sent to entitled recipients can be read by unauthorized parties.


Firewall is a security system created for network security protocols. The Firewall method itself has many methods including:

Protecting Data from Hackers and Unauthorized Users.

The first Firewall function is to insulate internal data from outside. Firewalls can prevent unscrupulous parties from accessing the data that you have.

Block Unwanted Messages

Sometimes while browsing the internet you get a mysterious message telling you that your computer is in danger.

This can be due to the firewall on your computer not running properly so that many spam messages are found on computers that have never updated the firewall.

Block Unwanted Content

Previously Firewalls can block spam messages that contain malware. Firewalls also act as a deterrent to harmful content, either blocking websites or content on these websites.

Making Online Games Safer and More Comfortable

Online games or games connected to the internet are prone to intruders entering your computer.

The method used by hackers is by sneaking malware that can spy on activity on your computer.

Maybe some online game servers have sophisticated Firewalls installed, but there is nothing wrong with updating your latest Firewall just in case.

Bandwidth Monitor

Apart from ensuring network security a firewall can also be used to monitor and limit the bandwidth used.

For example, you limit the use for access to entertainment, pictures and music. Then prioritize bandwidth to content that is more important for business.

Accessing VPNServices

Firewall Can also be used to facilitate Virtual Private Network or VPN connections. By using a VPN service, users can access your computer’s internal network. with the same service can also access blocked websites.

Network Security Services from NETDATA

Judging from the explanation above, we know that this is an important component that must be owned by a company.

Especially now that the digital era continues to develop and there is more technology competition in the business sector.

On the other hand, there are still many companies with a low level of concern that information security is still low. This can have fatal consequences for the development of his own business. 

Even though the bigger the company, the more important information that needs to be protected. 

In addition, there are still many companies that are still having difficulties in implementing network security system technology. 

By recruiting IT experts, it is not cheap so that the network security system is not implemented properly, while the company must develop its business.

That’s why NETDATA provides the right network security system solution for you. The main factors why you choose NETDATA for network security services such as the following:

NETDATA provides comprehensive, integrated, professional, and affordable network security services in accordance with the standards of today’s technological developments.

  1. NETDATA Providing network security services according to business needs.
  2. NETDATA provides a network security system management system.
  3. NETDATA performs network security development.
  4. NETDATA provides flexible, reliable, easy and transparent services.

For those of you who have a complicated corporate network, make sure you have implemented the best network security system for the growth of your business. NETDATA is ready to help your system problems become safer and more professional.

You can contact us if you have questions that you want to convey. Thank you very much


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