Cloud Server Functions and Importance for Today’s Business

Cloud Server

Today there are many business sectors or other sectors that are more advanced. Maybe instead of using old technology, many have adopted various kinds of technology today. And one of the obligations is to use a cloud server. Not talking about how expensive this technology is and how difficult it is to set up, but if it’s for the sake of business continuity or more optimal work, why not?

But, actually for the price problem even more efficient. One of the advantages that you can get with a cloud server is that companies or business people don’t have to pay a lot of money to buy and manage IT infrastructure.

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An advanced company really has to be like this, if it doesn’t adopt a cloud server, what happens will actually make the company not grow rapidly.

Cloud Server Functions for Business

Cloud servers when viewed from a business perspective are indeed very profitable. Just imagine, managing IT infrastructure such as servers and data centers does not need to add additional costs for special space for these devices.

In fact, you only need to pay for the technology to the cloud provider or what is commonly called the cloud provider.

This is indeed very systematic, where many companies think that using a physical server is more optimal because it can be arranged as they please. But do they not think about the cost? Even though this cloud server can also be set according to the needs of the company or business person.

Recommended Business Using Cloud Server

Already interested in cloud servers? The main question is “is my business suitable for using a cloud server?”. The answer is it depends.

It depends what business you run. In the following, there are several businesses that are advised to use cloud servers so that business continuity becomes more efficient, structured, and guaranteed optimal.


The manufacturing business is the most important. This manufacturing or property business will be very able to do purchasing trends, and predictive maintenance using cloud servers.

Online business

Suppose you have a very large online business and need lots of databases, of course you need a large server, right? Therefore instead of having to use a physical server, it’s better to use a cloud server. Business is not only goods, but also services.

With this technology, cloud servers can function to analyze power usage, determine prices, and find out the demand and supply of goods or services needed.

In addition, cloud servers can be used for risk regulation, knowing customer segmentation, managing sales and marketing campaigns and evaluating credit suitability.

Education Services

And the last is educational services. The education sector such as campuses or universities has very complex data for every student or working staff. Indeed, for education services that are experts, using this physical server is no problem because they are already experts. But if not how?

Cloud servers are very important in education services, their functions include:

  • Can help ensure the quality of teaching to be more effective and efficient.
  • Measuring the teaching and learning process, preparing workforce reports, to sharing information and knowledge between students, parents, and the community.
  • Learners can arrange their own learning materials according to the curriculum, situations, and prerequisites set by the teaching administration agency.
  • Make it easy for parents to find out the development of the teaching and learning process of their children who carry out online learning.
  • Controlling the development of teaching in teaching institutions.
  • Agencies can manage learning materials easily, develop time and regional flexibility, so that they manage learning time according to needs and situations.
  • Facilitate collaboration between institutions and sharing between educators and facilitate evaluation so that each profession is well documented.
  • Easy to understand, learn, and does not complicate the teaching and learning process.

Keunggulan Menggunakan Cloud Server

How can this cloud server be so important to today’s business? It turns out that there are 5 reasons for the advantages of using a cloud server that you need to know about.

1. Security

Storing company data in the cloud can protect it from accidental loss and malicious activity and from events such as fires, floods and earthquakes. Cloud storage, especially dedicated server hosting, also enables users to protect the cloud provider’s own systems to prevent cybercrimes and other security threats.

2. Scalability and Flexibility

Cloud service options range from basic public cloud packages to fully managed private cloud solutions designed to meet specific needs, and these can be scaled to meet the company’s changing priorities and ongoing growth.

Options include public cloud, a low-cost solution that allows multiple users to share the same server provided by a remote host; private cloud dedicated to only one user; and hybrid or multi-cloud options which can be a combination of cloud and on-premises computing, or a group of cloud services dedicated to supporting multiple functions.

3. Backup Data

When you store your data in the cloud, you can be sure that a backup is ready and waiting in case of an emergency! Data backup is done automatically and is usually done every day. So, there will be no end if you forget to make a copy of your data at the end of a long working day.

4. Cost-Effective

Consider your current IT costs. Those storage machines and local hardware don’t maintain themselves, do they? If you want to grow your business, you’ll also need to expand hardware and data storage.

With this extension comes the responsibility of your IT team to maintain and update your local machines. And with that responsibility comes money. It’s more economical to use it.

But this depends on the cloud hosting provider, they will take care of backing up, maintaining and updating all your company’s storage needs, in addition to avoiding risks. So it’s a matter of keeping data secure, your software updated, and costs down. This is better than the potential risk, expiration, and cost of using a physical server.

5. Convenience and Collaboration

When data and applications are restricted to local systems, access is usually limited to clearly defined times and circumstances. But the cloud removes time and location restrictions, so data and services are available at any time, from anywhere in the world.


Those are some things you need to pay attention to about its very important function for various companies. Nowadays, if you really want to develop a business that is fast, easy, and inexpensive, cloud servers are very important. Consider this problem right away and apply to your company by using a cloud server from NetData which is guaranteed to be very reliable, inexpensive, and also reliable.

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