Cisco Meraki, Is It Worth It?

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki, Is It Worth It? – Cisco Meraki has returned to bring benefits to the cloud system in the networking world. Cisco Meraki offers a variety of benefits and supports managing wireless, switching, and security solutions.

Thus customers are able to get new business opportunities with reduced operational costs.

Cisco Meraki stands on a cloud network, which offers a fairly complete range of cloud management services ranging from wireless LANs, Ethernet switches, Security Appliances, and mobile device management.

Cisco combines with all its advantages many people who have 10,000 customers use it around the world.

Meraki Cisco Good or Not?

Cisco Meraki is a subbrand of Cisco based on SD-WAN based configurations in the cloud.

By creating an online Meraki account, all you have to do is connect your Cisco device online and it will automatically be configured via the cloud.

To discuss whether Cisco Meraki is good or not, if for companies that have a small business scope, then you can use Cisco Meraki with a simple configuration that only uses one dashboard.

Also by assembling the need for less hardware and saving operational costs.

Usually your traditional SD-WAN configuration requires an additional device, namely a controller that is in charge of connecting between networks in several local branch office networks.

Is Cisco Meraki Safe?

Cisco Meraki even though the product itself does not have a firewall feature. However, Cisco Meraki has an additional next-gen firewall feature that you can activate manually if needed.

Does Cisco Meraki Need a License?

The answer is no, because Cisco Meraki has a cloud-based controller so it can’t work without using a license.

Without a license, the device cannot be used, cannot be connected to the cloud, and data traffic cannot pass.

Similarly, Cisco Meraki must use an internet connection so that without the Internet it cannot configure the Meraki controller system itself.

As long as it has been configured via the cloud and the license has been signed in, the data traffic will still be able to run even if you don’t use the internet anymore.

Cisco Meraki Key Features

The main features of Cisco Meraki are quite a lot, such as cloud based controllers, firewalls, traffic shaping, running at the application layer or layer 7.

The firewall feature is also equipped with an IPS feature or intrusion prevention system so that the firewall will be able to detect threats from outside networks. Especially in wireless which is able to detect illegal access points trying to enter the network.

Location analytics, a system where we can find out the location of devices installed in the network so as to facilitate maintenance.

Traffic shaping, where we can manage data traffic in the network by limiting bandwidth or data speed.

Advantages of Using Meraki

If you use Cisco Meraki from routers, switches, and access points using the Meraki brand, the advantage is the ease of configuration using only one dashboard.

That way we don’t need to recruit expert staff anymore to maintain or configure it manually.

The advantage of using a single dashboard is that monitoring can also be done easily.

Cisco Meraki license price Expensive?

For the estimated use of the Cisco Meraki license in one year, it ranges from 150 dollars. NetData as an official Cisco Meraki license provider you can get a promo price for 3 years for only 400 dollars.

To get a Cisco Meraki license you can get it through a NetData distributor.


In the discussion above, the answer to the question of whether Cisco Meraki is worth it or not depends on your needs.

If you don’t want to bother with configuration, want to use a centralized dashboard, simple monitoring system then Cisco Meraki is for you.

Buying Cisco Meraki can be done at distributors or at official Cisco partners, namely NetData. NetData also provides the most complete and cheapest Cisco equipment in Indonesia.


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