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Aruba Networks

Today the company is very attached to the existence of advanced technology. The more advanced the technology, the more it will help a company to make efficiency in the work routines that exist in the company. Whether it’s related to performance among employees, or how the company sells services or goods offered to the public. Aruba Networks can help you!

The question is, is your company’s network already using the best products? Because make no mistake, if the company uses a good network, especially for IT networks, the job will be very easy. Aruba Networks offers you how to answer your company’s network solutions that are effective, fast, efficient, quality, and of course at an affordable cost.

Aruba Networks

Before you understand why Aruba Networks can be the most appropriate choice for you in terms of being the best network, then you must first know who Aruba really is.

What is Aruba?

Aruba has been repeatedly recognized by third-party analysts as a leader in Wi-Fi 6, switching, SD-Branch, and a visionary in Data Center networking. The world’s largest companies rely on us to provide a secure, AI-powered edge service platform that spans campuses, branches, data centers, and remote work environments.

Aruba has been at the forefront of innovation since its inception, and continues to make significant investments to deliver Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform), the first platform that goes beyond conventional network management to provide AI-powered operations, provisioning, orchestration, security, and location services from the cloud. .

Aruba Networks Products

Aruba Networks has a wide range of products that can answer you about quality enterprise network solutions.

Access Point

With a wireless access point from Aruba, guaranteed to enhance the IT, user, and IoT experience with simple, fast, and secure enterprise connectivity.

With high-performance access points, discover AI-powered RF optimization, rich intelligence, and smart management options via the cloud or on-premises.

Remote Access Point

Provides secure and fast wired/wireless access for mobile, remote and temporary workspaces. Enable reliable access to enterprise applications, anywhere, anytime.

Do you have what you need to unify your distributed workforce? Here’s how our remote access points (RAPs) can help them connect securely, easily.

  • Enterprise applications that work remotely, without interruption, thanks to automatic discovery, failover, and built-in redundancy.
  • Security that includes wired and wireless networks with role-based access policies for users, devices, and applications.
  • Aruba Central, a cloud-native management platform built for flexibility and scale to simplify deployment, management and operations.
  • And finally, the full portfolio of Wi-Fi 6 and 802.11ac offerings.


Create a modern network that connects, protects and simplifies with switching from Aruba.

Take advantage of the intuitive management tools and built-in analytics. Meet the evolving needs of your users, devices and applications. With Aruba, you can:

  • Cut IT complexity
  • Reduce time spent on troubleshooting
  • Create foundations for new technologies & future business needs

Gateways & Controllers

Aruba gateway and controller has high-performance network access, security, and resilience for campuses and branches across WLANs, LANs, and SD-WANs.

Aruba controllers and gateways deliver high-performance traffic and data routing, Dynamic Segmentation, role-based access, and more.

Network Management

Aruba’s network management is a solution as it deploys next-generation cloud and on-premises software for today’s modern network deployment, monitoring and orchestration.

While most customers turn to cloud-based solutions for scale and agility, we recognize that some require on-premises options. Simple and scalable operation is within reach in both cases, providing what you need.


The WAN transformation begins with Aruba’s advanced SD-WAN platform.

Design the advantages of modern SD-WANs that enable enterprises to achieve the highest return on cloud investment by delivering greater economy, control, reliability and performance.

  • Align network resources with changing business needs.
  • Achieve consistent application performance in any network conditions.
  • Use an adaptive self-learning platform that automatically adapts to changing conditions.
  • Manage centrally with a single platform that unifies SD-WAN, security, routing, and WAN optimization.

Analytics & Assurance

With rich visibility and control over all of your locations, you can improve network performance based on user, app, and device experiences. Robust dashboards, reports and audit trails also help you maintain quality of service and ensure compliance with IT policies.

The advantage you get from analytics & assurance is that you can instantly know the state of your network from anywhere. Site-specific client, device and application information ensures you have all the details you need at your fingertips.

Security Solution

Aruba security, is a guarantee for your company to have full visibility, control and enforcement with a built-in foundation for Zero Trust and SASE frameworks.

Zero Trust Security ensures that the same controls apply to campus or branch networks, extending to homes or remote workers.

Network Access Control

Secure Network Access Control for your company’s IT network is becoming more modern and the best for sure.

IoT and remote work are changing the way we think about network access control. Reduce your risk by implementing consistent policies and detailed security controls to your wired and wireless networks.


With a VPN from Aruba, you can implement reliable and secure connectivity for your remote employees and students can be a challenge. This requires more than just a VPN tunnel. With a cloud-managed access point (AP) and Aruba’s soft client, it’s simple and fast.

Advantages of Aruba Networks

There are several advantages why you should choose Aruba Networks as an IT network solution for your company, including:

First Customer, Last Customer

Aruba is not developing technology after technology. Everything Aruba does begins and ends with Aruba customers.

Unconventional and Innovative

Aruba has never been a traditional networking company; from the start Aruba had to change the rules in order to survive. This is reflected in everything Aruba does.

Small and Largest Companies

Over the years, Aruba has maintained Aruba’s core values as the largest small company, treating Aruba customers and employees like family while remaining agile and ahead of market changes.

Network Consumption as a Service

Rethink the traditional buy, build and operate network model using Aruba technology as a service. Aruba Network-as-a-Service delivers a fully updated, optimized and secure network in a subscription-based model with no upfront capital expenditure required.

AI Expert

Menggabungkan lebih dari 18 tahun keahlian jaringan kabel dan nirkabel yang telah terbukti dengan pemodelan data telemetri dari lebih dari satu juta perangkat kabel, nirkabel, dan SD-WAN, Aruba AI dapat mengidentifikasi anomali dan memberikan rekomendasi preskriptif yang dapat dipercaya oleh administrator jaringan. Tidak ada vendor jaringan lain yang memiliki tingkat keahlian AI ini.

Buy Aruba Products

How? Isn’t it very profitable to make Aruba Networks your company’s network solution? if you are still confused where you can get various products from Aruba, you can entrust it to NetData.

NetData is the official distributor of Aruba Networks Indonesia, which is guaranteed to be trusted and also the most complete. Any product from Aruba Networks with any model, any series, guaranteed to be complete!

Aruba Product Prices

If you think that Aruba Networks products are expensive? You are very wrong! You can get definitely affordable prices if you buy Aruba Networks products on NetData.

Please contact NetData customer service which is available on the website.


Aruba Networks is the most appropriate solution for you how you can get a quality IT network solution for your company at an affordable cost. Being able to get the best network for your company at an affordable cost is certainly very profitable, isn’t it?


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