Brainware: Definition, Functions, Types, and Examples


In today’s sophisticated technological era, there may be a lot of computer technology that is familiar with software and hardware. Yes, these two components are indeed important to operate a computer device. But there is one more component that you may rarely hear, namely brainware.

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In order for the computer to operate properly, three components are needed, namely software, hardware, and also brainware. These three components are related to each other so that the computer can be used optimally. So what is this brainware? To understand it, you can see some brainware explanations below.

Brainware Explanation

Brainware is being able to give commands or use computing devices, both software and hardware. Has a role in ensuring that the computer used can work according to its users. In simple terms, brainware is a human being who is able to explore software or hardware on a computer.

Although computer technology continues to experience development, this technology still has to be adapted to work needs. Even the most sophisticated device definitely requires one that can work more optimally.

In other words, brainware is an important component in managing and managing computer performance in a directed manner.

In this case the three software, hardware, and brainware are not the most important, in which all three are interconnected and have their respective roles. So that the three components have the same goal in carrying out computer operations smoothly.

Brainware function

Brainware has several main functions that must be known, including:

Making Computer Programs/Applications

On a computer unit usually has a program or application. So this program or application is created by a programmer. Which in making programs and applications requires effort and knowledge that must be mastered by a programmer, namely programming languages. This set of programming languages ​​is what can become an application that can be used.

Managing Computer Systems

In a system requires management. Therefore the need for an administrator. An administrator manages everything in the computer system. Such as managing access rights, operating systems, applications, data, to system flows.

Perform Maintenance

There isn’t a perfect system. Of course there are potential problems that will arise. Therefore someone who works as brainware is in carrying out maintenance. A technician who performs maintenance.

The scope of the technician’s duties includes system maintenance that performs repairs if an error occurs. As for someone who is assigned to the process of designing a computer system, and it is they who carry out the installation, both hardware and operating system software.

As Operator/User

An operator is someone who runs a computer, through the programs in it, for various needs. In other words, operators are users in general.

System Design

A system analyst is in charge of designing a system. They play a role in the system design process so that the system can operate properly. As for a system analyst who must master every aspect of the computer. Then this analyst can create a solid system design.

The function of the term brainware in general

Besides being able to run and manage software. There are other functions of brainware that need to be known, including:

As Administrator

An administrator is a person who has responsibility for managing a system in a program or computer network.

With someone who works as an administrator, systems and programs will become more organized and have a structure.

As Programmers

As a programmer needed by the company, this worker will be responsible for knowing and designing how the device can work according to the company’s needs and requests.

The programmer works to maintain the security and smooth running of all systems in the program.

As Operators

Another function of a brainware is as a computer operator. This computer operator is a person who is responsible for running a computer system and program.

In addition, the operator must ensure that the program or application works properly. Sometimes also operators who perform maintenance and maintenance of a system designed by programmers.


Brainware Components

There are two types of brainware components that have their respective tasks, namely computer operation, namely hardware and software engineering.

Hardware engineer

One of the brainware components is the hardware engineer. Hardware engineers have a duty to focus more on computer hardware that will manage technical development or improve product quality, so modifying and expanding computer programs will be more professional.

Software engineers

As for the software engineer, this is brainware that focuses on networks in computers. The software engineer is in charge of designing new programs that will make improvements if needed.

Types of Brainware

Barinware has become very foreign because not many people understand this term. However, when you understand the explanation above, what are the users or people who are brainware?

The following are some of the types you need to know:

Database Administrators

Focusing on database systems, this type of brainware administrator is responsible for monitoring applications, organizations and other databases that are deemed important.

Security Specialist

This brainware focuses on the security systems of various computer networks. Security specialists have a very important role because this type of brainware is needed to secure various types of stored data.

Project Manager

Having good leadership skills is the main task of a project manager. This is because everything related to regulation, from time, coordination between divisions, to budget management is also the responsibility of the project manager as brainware.

Systems Analyst

Foresight is the main ability of a system analyst. This type is responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and designing related programs that will be implemented in the future.

Web Developers

Building a website from 0 to finish is the job of a web developer. Web developers are able to develop a website both from its appearance, connecting to the database, and how easily the website can be found by the Google search engine.


The main task of a computer operator is to follow the instructions and directions of the programmer when operating a computer system. The operator is also responsible for processing computer-related data.


As sophisticated as computer equipment is, it is commonplace and unavoidable to have a broken name. This is where the role of a computer technician is needed. Therefore, one type of brainware must understand various kinds of problems with computer devices, then analyze and make repairs properly.


Another type of brainware is a trainer or coach. Becoming a coach means taking on the role of brainware. Because a trainer must have a wide and deep scope and mastery of knowledge, it is not surprising that this type of brainware regulates the distribution of data (here the scope is knowledge) from one person to another.

Example Brainware

Now you already know several types of brainware. By now, you should also know what these examples of brainware are all about.

Examples of brainware include:

EDP ​​Department

Entry Data Processing or EDP has the task of managing the company’s commercial data with an electronic system and is done automatically.

For example, a sale of smart television products has some data that must be processed, such as the number of product stocks, total sales, and purchase reports from customers. Later, the EDP department will manage all data in an organized manner based on the type of data.

Network System

Network systems are another example of brainware. Network system is a media tasked with handling a network. Usually the network system consists of various services that can later be used by the public for various needs that rely on computers and internet networks.


And the last one is netter. This is a brainware that makes it easier for individuals or groups of people to find information on the internet.

For example, if you are looking for information regarding the latest keyboard on a search engine like Google, then there will be a row of related information that you want, from articles to video links to images.


How? Do you understand the complete understanding of brainware? It’s easier, indeed, this brainware has a very important role in the operation of the computer. It’s useless if you use very sophisticated software and hardware but there is no brainware that is an expert in operating it, then all of that will be in vain.

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