BGP Misconfiguration Solution

Solusi Misconfiguration BGP

BGP Misconfiguration Solution (Border Gateway Protocolis) a standard exterior gateway protocol designed for exchanging routing and reach information between autonomous systems on the Internet. 

BGP is often a problem in Indonesia, is the frequent misconfiguration of BGP which causes disruption of the internet network and so on, even though the problems that are caused may only be trivial, for example forgetting something or the wrong configuration.

The problem that often occurs is just copy and paste configuration from the internet, even though there may be a configuration that must be added.

This BGP Misconfiguration Solution can be overcome or at least minimized by various things. Because just copying and pasting the config is not always true.

Kadabra Features

By using the various features provided by Kadabra, you can use this feature as a solution to the misconfiguration of BGP:

  1. Kadabra collects various data from the internet in Indonesia
  2. Overcoming if there is a misconfiguration there will be a warning or alerting feature with the record with complete data
  3. Alerting can use e-mail, dashboard, and also the HP number of the Kadabra Data Processing resource owner

System from Kadabra is made from 0, aka not using a finished and edited framework. Kadabra uses a variety of open source software. So, software is not monolite.

Kadabra breaks down its various systems individually so that if one day there is a disturbance, other applications are not interrupted, it is an old system, Kadabra uses the newest and more sophisticated system.

Kadabra Alert System Kadabra’s

config error identification system can allow you to find an error in which part, but not knowing which config is an error. 

Because basically, the router config data collect error cannot, because this is indeed a private router config, so it is impossible to collect router data because of privacy issues.

Kadabra Solution For You to Avoid Misconfiguration

All internet users can really use Kadabra to solve BGP misconfiguration problems. This is very profitable, because the target market of Kadabra is not big companies.

Automatically, if you are an internet user with an ISP, if you experience problems, you can use Kadabra to find out “Where is the home internet fault if it suddenly shuts down”.

Of course this is very beneficial, because you can automatically find out where the error lies on your internet network. 

You don’t need to contact the ISP to check where the error is. If you already know where the error is, you can probably fix it yourself, no need to pay a service fee.

Reasons for Using Kadabra

There are various reasons you can consider using Kadabra, especially for those of you who are indeed engineers:

  1. For engineers, if they find interference or misconfiguration from Kadabra, and want to ask other engineers or their superiors the problem, the data is guaranteed to be transparent. Because everything connected on the internet is transparent
  2. Kadabra is a public service, everyone can use it, everyone can see, and everyone can do various things at Kadabra
  3. Kadabra is very friendly to new users, so if you are interested in learning Kadabra, you can directly contact IDNIC.

Reviews of Kadabra Users Kadabra

also received very positive reviews from users. They admitted that they were greatly helped by the presence of the Kadabra. 

Especially for engineers, not all of them can use CLI, with the presence of Kadabra, everything can be visualized, unlike CLI which is only a black and white box which is indeed complicated.

What you are looking for in internet problems can be found easily from Kadabra, and of course visualized, so it is easier in terms of understanding.

All people, engineers or non engineers can easily learn and also solve the solution at Kadabra, because visualizing it is easier than tutorials with a console or CLI.

IDNIC’s variousprograms

IDNIC (Indonesia Network Information Center)help engineers and even non-engineers learn about technology and information at the IDNIC Academy. IDNIC will prepare various materials as well as virtual practice to make understanding easier.

IDNIC also conducts webinars for the public. Train engineers in the area. All matters relating to internet networks, IDNIC always provides various seminars delivered by various expert sources.

IDNIC opens opportunities for internet activists, not only IDNIC members, but everyone can contribute to internet learning. 

So, for those of you who really know and understand about the internet, you can contribute materially and convey it to others so that you can exchange knowledge.

This is a solution for those of you who often misconfigure BGP


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