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The current 5G network is indeed starting to bloom in Indonesia, although it is still in the early stages which still need expansion in terms of signal coverage, which is still limited in a few big cities.

This network is expected to be a substitute for the 4G network, which is increasingly dense with users, which results in inadequate speeds.

So what makes this 5G network so special that big vendors are competing to develop the network? let’s look at some of the following explanations.

Getting to Know 5G Network Technology

5G technology is the fifth generation of cellular networks that promises data download and upload speeds up to 20 times faster than the fourth generation.

In practice, the emergence of 5G technology is intended to facilitate users in data speeds, low latency, and wider network connections.

Of course every new technology must have advantages and disadvantages as below.

Advantages of 5G Technology

The following are some of the advantages of 5G technology, including:

Wider Connection

Even though it uses OFDM, 5G technology offers advantages compared to 4G, namely it has a subcarrier of up to 15 kHz.

While 5G has a capacity of more than 100 times, which means it can adapt to various devices. This means that more and more smart-based devices can connect and adapt to the latest networks.

Almost No Delay

5G networks have a delay of only 4 to 5 seconds, there are even some vendors who only have 1 millisecond. Yes, it’s true that this delay time is so short that it can stream high-resolution video without buffering.

Energy saving

From the very beginning 5G technology actually came to reduce energy consumption. Its ability to reduce power consumption by 10% is carried out in conjunction with reducing data traffic.

The super-fast data transmission speed is the biggest contribution to creating energy-efficient technology. Simply put, this network is greener and more data bits per kilowatt of power than the previous generation.

Disadvantages of 5G Technology

In addition to having many advantages, it turns out that there are also disadvantages of 5G technology that we may not realize, the following are the disadvantages of 5G technology.

Full Radio Frequency

The radio spectrum is currently filled with the 3G and 4G technologies that were already present.

The presence of a 6 GHz network will cause problems because of the already congested frequency array.

Privacy and Security

5G technology has problems in terms of privacy and security. The ease of transferring high quality data can sometimes lead to increased security vulnerabilities in 5G technology.

Minimum Penetration

There is also another disadvantage of 5G technology, which is that although it has a wide connection, this technology has minimal penetration power. Unlike previous generation networks, the 5G network is less than optimal, which penetrates barriers such as buildings, walls, concrete, trees and other barriers.

Some 5G Network Technology Facts You Need to Know

For those of you who are curious about 5G networks and want to use the network that is hailed for anti-buffering.

Super low latency or ultra low latency

Latency is less common to hear for some people. Latency is the time it takes data from the origin to the destination with a size in milliseconds.

This super low latency means you will feel almost no delay in internet access. Especially if all activities will be helped more quickly completed in a relatively short time.

Internet speed up to 20 Gbps

Internet speed up to 20 Gbps which is very high. Of course this will greatly help increase community activities.

This network cannot be separated from the Sub-6 Ghz and mmWave technologies. Both of these technologies are already in use by other countries that implement high-speed networks.

5G network is safe to use

Many issues say that this 5G network emits large amounts of radiation that can interfere with health.

However, the results of the study were refuted by the technology experts from the UK. Howard Jones stated that the waves in the 5G network have been tested and are safe for use by the public.

Already used in 60 countries

Indonesia is considered a country that is late in implementing 5G networks. even though this network has existed since 2019, there are already 60 countries that have implemented this technology. Then there will be more and more countries that will implement which will continue to grow.

Does not directly replace the 4G network

The implementation of 5G in Indonesia will indeed plan to replace the previous generation. However, this does not immediately replace the role of the 4G signal that has long been present in Indonesia.

However, based on Netdata observations, if you want to enjoy this network in Indonesia, please be patient because at this time Telkomsel and Indosat Ooredo only introduced cellular providers that provide 5G network.


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