Some Tips To Stay Safe When Using The Internet

Menggunakan Internet

Internet, almost everyone in Indonesia is dependent on using the Internet. Whether it’s for work, school, or as a means of entertainment. However, from the myriad benefits, the internet also has a negative impact that can be detrimental. For example, privacy data leaks can be misused by irresponsible people.

Then how to stay safe in using the internet? Let’s look at the following article about tips to be safe when using the internet.

Getting to know the Internet

The internet is a sophisticated technology that can have a positive or negative impact depending on the user.

The internet can be the main component that supports the activities of today’s modern society.

Internet Is

Understanding the Internet is a collection of computers around the world that are connected in a network.

The internet can be analogized as a large library that can contain various kinds of information that is useful for the community.

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), the internet is an electronic communication network that can connect computer networks that have computer facilities with electronic communications that connect computer networks with computer facilities around the world.

Benefits of using the Internet

First we will show some of the benefits of using the internet for connectivity and communication. Currently playing a role in various fields, here are 5 explanations of the benefits of the internet:

For means of connectivity and communication

Internet can be used as a means of communication and connectivity between users around the world. The internet allows us to communicate in a short time even over long distances.

For Access to Information, Knowledge and Education

Internet as access to information and education. This internet can provide various means of knowledge that we can learn according to the topics we need. In the field of education, the internet can be used as a tool that can assist in the provision of fairly complete educational materials.

Address and mapping

The internet can help users to get addresses or find out locations around the world. With the help of GPS technology, we can determine the fastest route to the destination.

Business convenience

This internet can facilitate the business world, for example for buying and selling transactions, to promotions in the form of advertisements.

Entertainment facility

It has become a common thing such as streaming videos, movies, listening to music, to playing online games.

Impact of Using the Internet

But while there are some positive effects of the internet, there are also some things that can be detrimental to internet technology. What are the negative effects of the internet? Let’s look at the following explanation:

Harm personal information

There are many applications and social media that provide a lot of information about their users. This information can sometimes be misused by irresponsible people. Of course this will be able to endanger the owner of the information.

Lots of Scams

Online scams can’t be said to be small. This happens when buying and selling transactions online. The buyer receives an item that is not as ordered and does not receive the item at all.

Sexual harassment or cyber bullying

Sexual harassment can also occur in cyberspace, which is an increasing number of cases.

Often victims do not realize that they are victims of sexual harassment or even become trapped by the perpetrators of sexual harassment. For example, this actor invites acquaintances and starts a conversation that leads to sending vulgar pictures or part of it.

Lots of videos or pictures related to violence

There is a lot of content in cyberspace that sometimes escapes social media filters about violence. For example, abuse content that can disturb children’s mentality.


Social media is indeed a trend for young people today. However, if they use social media for too long, they will rarely leave the house or play with their friends.

This will have an anti-social impact on the environment which is bad for the social life of the child.

Lots of fake information

Lots of people upload information on the internet, whether it’s true or not. There are also individuals who deliberately spread false information or hoaxes for their personal interests.


A work published on the internet is one effective way to promote his work.

However, this is often a loss for the owner of the work whose work is taken by an irresponsible person.


As for one of the crimes that often occur, namely stealing financial data such as mobile banking or electronic money and how to steal the OTP code of the data owner.

This of course will be very detrimental to other people because the money in the bank can be stolen by criminals.

Pornographic content

It is no longer a secret that a lot of pornographic content is spreading on the internet even though the government has tried to block it.

Of course as parents we need to be careful choosing good content for the nation’s next generation.

Internet addiction

Playing online games is an activity that is loved by both children and adults. But this can also result in addiction, so we should divide our time so we don’t get addicted to online or internet games.

Not sensitive to surroundings

Because of the fun of social media on our smartphones, it can sometimes make us insensitive to our surroundings. This of course will be very dangerous if things happen that are not desirable. For example, on the road, we don’t pay attention to the road, so that our belongings are unknowingly stolen by other people.

Health problems

Playing the internet for too long can affect eye health. Yes, staring at a cellphone or laptop screen continuously will make your eyes tired.

In addition, excessive internet use can cause insomnia, reduced rest time and disrupted health.

Tips for Safe Using the Internet

We come to tips for safe use of the internet. Earlier we discussed about the dangers of the internet for our lives. Let’s look at some tips to be safe on the internet below.

Never Share Personal Information

The internet is not always safe, therefore it is not necessary to include all kinds of personal information, date of birth, telephone number, address, email, relationship status, to prevent data theft.

Disable Bluetooth If Not Needed

Bluetooth technology is indeed very useful, but Bluetooth should be disabled. This is because bluetooth can be used as an entrance for hackers to hack your digital devices.

Avoid Suspicious Links

Have you ever received an electronic message containing a link or links? If so, you shouldn’t just open it.

This applies when you visit a website that is directed to a link, you should first make sure that the link is indeed trusted. There are several links that contain dangerous malware, viruses, to ransomware.

Don’t Connect to Open WiFi

Indeed, a lot of WiFi is available in public facilities, usually provided by the government or telecommunications companies.

However, this type of public WiFi is an open type of WiFi which is very vulnerable to being hacked by irresponsible people. It is possible that personal data on your device that is connected to this open WiFi can be retrieved without your knowledge.

Only Login to Sites Starting with HTTPS

Many websites already provide secure protocols such as HTTPS. The letter S means secure which means safe or protected.

Download Antivirus and Anti-Malware Software

The default antivirus for the operating system is sufficient, but if you want to add a trusted antivirus and anti-malware application, for example, Avira Antivirus, Kaspersky, or Malwarebytes.

Backup Device Data Periodically

This tip is no less important to pay attention to is data backup. With this data backup periodically, you can easily restore and restore data in case of hacking or data loss on your device.


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