Your Office License Expired? Don’t Rush to Crack!

Your Office License Expired Don't Rush to Crack
Office License – Have you ever experienced when you wanted to type an article or something in Microsoft Office suddenly couldn’t type it because there was a warning if your Microsoft Office license ran out? Surely there are moments like that right? it’s a sign if your Microsoft Office license has expired. However, do you think about cracking? Of course that’s something you should avoid!
It’s good, if your Microsoft Office license has expired, the solution is to buy it officially, not by cracking which of course is illegal! Because by cracking a software, you have violated the existing policies on the software. You might even get caught in a case that violates the law so that you get a fine or even worse, a criminal penalty!
Therefore, it is better for you to buy a Microsoft Office license only when your license has expired.
However, what is a license? What’s this for? And what do you need to know to buy a Microsoft Office license? Let’s discuss!

What is a License? And What Are Office Licenses For?

before you buy a Microsoft Office license, it’s a good idea to first understand the general understanding of the license.

Definition of License

In general terms, a license means permission to do something, especially a formal permit from a government or other authority. The word often refers to proof of that permit, such as a card or certificate.
In short, this is a sign that you are legitimate to do something that must first be known whether you are competent to get it or not.

Understanding Office License

The software license describes the legal rights associated with the lawful use of digital materials. Failure to comply with the terms of software license agreements often results in criminal prosecutions relating to licensed intellectual property (IP) and copyrighted material.
Office license is a form to use various kinds of software from Microsoft Office such as Word, Power Point, Excel, and many more legally and also the devices that use it can be protected optimally directly from Microsoft.

What Are the Uses of an Office License

There are several uses for a license from Office, and the most important thing is that it is useful for you to be able to use various applications from Microsoft Office thoroughly and also get a lot of benefits if you buy a Microsoft Office license legally, not crack.
Of course this is a mandatory thing both for personal computer use and for the needs of agencies or companies. There are lots of bundling that you can choose according to your wishes or needs.

Types of Office License Hijacking

Let’s talk about the various types of Office license hijacking. Who knows you ever intended to do it or maybe you have done it but still don’t know if it is piracy.


Counterfeiting or counterfeiting is the theft of property belonging to another person. Counterfeiting is a federal and state crime, involving the manufacture or distribution of goods on behalf of another person, and without their permission. Counterfeit goods are generally made from low-quality components, in an attempt to sell cheap knockoffs of similar goods produced by brands that consumers know and trust.
Maybe for this you bought a CD for a Microsoft Office license that you didn’t know the CD was an illegal activation CD.

Internet Piracy

Internet Piracy or internet piracy is the use of the internet to copy content illegally, violating the copyright of the content owner.
Internet piracy takes many forms, and includes a wide variety of legally protected content. This includes music, movies, software, and even digital books.
This is what you often encounter to download Microsoft Office and the software to crack it.


The type of software piracy classified as mischanneling is software piracy which is generally carried out by an institution that markets its products to other institutions at relatively cheaper prices, with the hope that the institution will get more profit (revanue) from the sale of the software

Hard Disk Loading

Hard disk loading is commercial software piracy. A third party purchases an authorized copy of the software, but then reproduces, copies, or installs the software onto a computer hard disk. Later, computers were sold with hard disks that contained pre-installed software. This method of hijacking is known as a hard disk loader.

End User Copying

This occurs when someone reproduces a copy of the software without permission. This includes:

  • Using one licensed copy to install the program on multiple computers
  • Copying disks for installation or distribution
  • Take advantage of the upgrade offer without having an official copy of the version to be upgraded
  • Obtaining academic software or other restricted or non-retail software without the appropriate license
  • Swapping discs inside or outside the workplace

Microsoft License List

Instead of you cracking a Microsoft license, it’s a good idea to buy it officially. There are many Microsoft Office license options that you can choose according to your needs, including:

FPP Type License (Full Packaged Product)

The license attaches to the buyer or the owner is ourselves.

  • The COA (Certificate of Authenticity) is in the box, and proof of the license is through the box (DO NOT LOST THE BOX).
  • Product Key and activation per each computer.
  • 1 to 1 license.
  • Transferable (if the old computer breaks, the Microsoft license can be transferred to the new computer).

OLP Type License (Open License Program)

The license is attached to the name of the Company/Organization concerned and can be transferred between PCs within the same Company/Organization. This license is generally used for medium-sized companies with less than 250 PCs.

  • Minimum purchase of 5 licenses
  • One Volume License Key for all PCs in the same Company/Organization
  • Customers may use a version that is lower than the version they have (down grade rights)
  • Upgrade for Desktop Operating Client. (Windows Vista, XP, 2000 Pro)
  • Progress may take (about 1-2 weeks)

There are several data that must be filled in to apply for this type of OLP license. among others:

  1. Company / Organization Name
  2. Company/Organization Address (complete with postal code)
  3. No. Phone and Fax No
  4. Email address
  5. Name of Contact Person in the Company/Organization

OEM Type License (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

The license sticks to the hardware and cannot be transferred to another PC, so if the hardware is damaged, the license will be forfeited. The type of hardware here is the Processor & Motherboard or one of them.

  • When we activate there are 10 variations of hardware that will be detected, including: Display Adapter, SCSI Adapter, IDE Adapter, Network Adapter MAC Address, RAM size range (0-64mb, 64-128mb, and so on), Processor Type, Processor Serial Number , Hard Drive, Hard Drive
  • Volume Serial Number, CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM.
  • Product Key and activation per each computer
  • COA (Certificate of Authencity = Proof of license ownership) must be attached to the CPU.
    1 license is valid for one hardware.

2 Ways to View Office License

If you have already purchased an Office license, do you know how to find out the license? or maybe you’ve used it but you don’t know if your Microsoft Office is really genuine or not. Let’s find out how to view Office licenses.
There are 2 ways that are very easy. Let’s discuss.

Using Product Key

The first way to view Office licenses is to use the Product Key. How do?

  1. You have to download the apps first, you can visit the following page:
    Scroll to the bottom and click Download ProduKey as shown in the image below.1
  2. Because the file is a .zip extract first, and open a file of type .exe2
  3. Look at the Microsoft Office Product Name section. And in the Product key column are some unique codes from your Microsoft Office product key.3

Using Belarc Advisor

The second way is to use Belarc Advisor.

  1. First download Belac Advisor on the following page:
  2. Just download it by clicking on the red button.4
  3. Fill in your personal data first, there will be an email to download Belac Advisor.5
  4. Just install it when it’s finished downloading6Wait until the installation process is complete.
  5. Then the Belarc License Agreement appears, read the license agreement carefully. One of the highlights of the license agreement is that you can install and use the Belarc Advisor program for personal use only. Click the ‘I Agree’ button if you agree to the License Agreement included with the Belarc Advisor program and continue with the installation process.7Belarc Advisor then starts analyzing your computer system and then creates a profile of your computer.
  6. Then a web browser will appear and show you a summary of your current computer profile. The image below shows an example of the Belarc Advisor Current Profile displayed in a Microsoft Internet Explorer window.8
    Mudah bukan?

Need an Office License? Find Here

Your Office license has expired? Now you no longer need to be confused about where is the right place to buy an Office license in a legal and guaranteed way. It is with you entrusting it to NETDATA!
NETDATA provides you with a complete Microsoft license offer that you can choose according to your needs! Of course at a very affordable price!


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