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Cisco Indonesia – Who doesn’t know Cisco? One of the brands that focus on the network field which is well known and is indeed very competent in supporting various knowledge in the network field. Cisco itself is a global company in the field of telecommunications, headquartered in San José, California, United States. The company was founded in 1984.

Because Cisco is so famous, products from this company can be found from the living room to companies that move on an international scale. The vision of the Cisco System. Inc (Cisco) which is “changing how systems live, work, play and learn”, and part of Cisco’s motto is “Welcome to the world of networking” (welcome to the human network). Cisco is one of the number one Information Technology products in the world, most importantly for its system, network hardware and telecommunication.

Best And Reliable Cisco Jakarta Distributor

Cisco Systems (Cisco) sells network and communications technology, equipment and services for data, voice and video transportation around the world. The company’s products and services consist of several classifications including router, switch, network access, IP telephony, security, fiber optic networks, data center networks, signal passing networks, home networks, technical service support and network services.

Cisco products are aimed at corporate businesses, lay institutions, telecommunications companies and all sizes of businesses as well as home. The Cisco company also provides products that are used to accompany data, voice, video across buildings, between campuses and around the world. Cisco’s model of business management is more globalized and managed across 5 parts of the country are; Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific and Japan as well as existing markets.

For your information, this company’s business is engaged in two segments, namely products and services. And in the future, the product will be further divided into 4 parts, namely: routers, switches, updated technology and others.

Cisco routing products offer the most advanced features to increase system capability, security, stability and good performance in sending data information. Routing technology created for the world and intranets. Routers are used to connect several computer networks, delivering information, including data, sound and video for one network to another. Cisco company offers routers with several offerings, for companies engaged in network infrastructure, for ISPs (World Service Providers) and large companies that apply routers for everyone to access.

Cisco Switching products offer a wide variety of connection instances used by customers. Collection of computers and servers and functions to collect the entire LAN (Local Zone Network), MAN (Metropolitan Zone Network) and WAN (Wide Zone Network). Switch is a product that combines several network technologies used for buildings and campuses which are usually called LANs and to pass through several ordinary cities called MAN, and technology that passes through several common places is called a WAN. Cisco introduced several products including: Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet, 10-gigabit Ethernet, synchronous data transfer, SONET (packet over synchronous optical network) and multi-protocol label switching.

The advantage of Cisco technology for the future offers products and services over computer and communication networks. The classifications of products and services offered include application service networks, home networks, small companies, optical networks, security, data center networks, communications, video systems and wireless technology.

So many are not Cisco’s various roles in the business field in the network world? If you are looking for the best and reliable Cisco Jakarta distributor, then the right answer is to choose Netdata which is the best and reliable Cisco partner in Jakarta.

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There are many products offered by Cisco, ranging from networking to network security. Cisco is very focused on all of its product developments, therefore it is not surprising that many companies and even individuals use various kinds of hardware related to Cisco-branded networks because it is proven to be of very good quality.

Cisco also has a product in the form of a VoIP service. This is a technology that is very useful for now. Cisco is the leading provider of Voice over IP for enterprises, and is now moving into the home user market through the acquisitions of Scientific Atlanta and Linksys. Scientific Atlanta provides VoIP equipment for cable service providers such as Time Warner, Cablevision, Rogers Communications, UPC, and others; Linksys has partnered with companies such as Skype, Microsoft and Yahoo! to integrate consumer VoIP services with cordless and cordless telephones.

Cisco Indonesia distributors such as Netdata can also offer cloud-based services based on the Cisco Virtualized Unified Computing System (UCS). Part of the Cisco Unified Services Delivery Solution which includes hosted versions of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM), Cisco Unified Contact Center, Cisco Unified Mobility, Cisco Unified Presence, Cisco Unity Connection (unified messaging) and Cisco Webex Meeting Center.

As part of its Tactical Operations initiative, Cisco has several Network Emergency Response Vehicles (NERV). The vehicle is maintained and used by Cisco employees during natural disasters and other public crises. The vehicle is standalone and provides wired and wireless services including voice and radio interoperability, voice over IP, network-based video surveillance, and secure high-definition video conferencing for leaders and first responders in crisis areas up to 3 Mbit / s bandwidth (up and down) via a 1.8 meter satellite antenna.

NERV is based at Cisco’s headquarters site in San Jose, California and in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, enabling strategic application in North America. They are fully operational within 15 minutes of arrival. The high capacity diesel fuel tank allows the largest vehicles to run for up to 72 hours continuously. NERV has been used for incidents such as the October 2007 California wildfires; hurricanes Gustav, Ike and Katrina; 2010 San Bruno gas pipeline explosion; 2011 tornado outbreaks in North Carolina and Alabama; and Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

The Tactical Operations Team maintains and deploys a smaller, more portable communications kit for emergencies outside North America. In 2010, teams were deployed to help with earthquake relief in Haiti and in Christchurch (New Zealand). In 2011, they were deployed to deal with floods in Brazil, as well as in response to the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

In 2011, Cisco received an Innovation Readiness award from the American Red Cross Silicon Valley Chapter for the development and use of this vehicle in a disaster.

How? Are you sure you choose Cisco for the internet network or other things that you really need related to networking and network security? Choose Netdata as a Cisco Indonesia partner and get affordable prices and reliable workmanship!

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