Why You Should Become a Stratus Indonesia Partner

Partner Stratus Indonesia

Stratus, digital transformation by providing Zero Touch Edge Computing services. Stratus is a perfect solution for advanced computing in the context of digital transformation which is a significant market opportunity and will continue to grow. But this transformation is basically based on data. Today, data and insights achieved through analytics are very important business assets to maintain speed with technological change and maintain competitive advantage. Edge computing solutions play an important role in this regard, because data and analytics provide greater benefits on Edge. Keeping Edge protected and simple is very important for the industry.

Stratus has a very simple solution; complete as soon as possible, easy to manage, a short button to achieve a return to normal. So why don’t you become a partner of Stratus Indonesia? Because it was very clear that Stratus had a very clear and very profitable mission and vision.

The mission of Stratus is very clear; To be the Preferred Partner for Digital Transformation by Providing Zero Touch Edge Computing. Stratus growth will be achieved through increased focus on Partners. GTM strategic partners and the Alliance will be a priority.

At Stratus, Stratus views its partners as essential to success and has invested in a partner program to ensure your success. Discover how partnering with Stratus can give you tremendous profit potential and ways to differentiate your solutions in a growing market.

When you become a partner of Stratus Indonesia, you don’t just differentiate your product offering by building sustainable availability into your application – you make your customers happy.

Customers in various industries demand that computing platforms and services are “always active” because their business needs increasingly require application time 24/7 (24 hours). Virtualization is becoming more mainstream, which helps reduce the number of servers, but centralizes the risk of customer downtime. Stratus Technologies offers you an unparalleled opportunity to capitalize on this extraordinary growth market. Very profitable not being a partner of Stratus Indonesia?

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