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Stratus Partners – Stratus Technologies, Inc. is a major manufacturer of error-tolerant server and computer software. The company was founded in 1980 as Stratus Computer, Inc. in Natick, Massachusetts, and adopted its current name in 1999. The current CEO and president is Dave Laurello. Stratus Technologies, Inc. is a private company, wholly owned by Siris Capital Group. The parent company, Stratus Technologies Bermuda Holdings, Ltd., is incorporated in Bermuda.

Stratus Computer is a fault-tolerant minicomputer producer in Marlborough, Massachusetts. It competed with computers from Tandem Computers and to a lesser extent, the VAX Digital Equipment Corporation.

Starting in 1983, his computers were remarketed worldwide by Olivetti under the brand name CPS / 32. Then, from 1985 to 1993, the computers were remarketed by IBM under the brand name IBM System / 88. The company is now based in Maynard, Massachusetts.

Legacy product lines were based initially on the Motorola MC68000 (FT and XA series) processors, and later migrated to the Intel i860 (XA / R series) processors, then to Hewlett-Packard PA-RISC processors (Continuum series), and finally to Intel Xeon Processors. (V series). This line worked on the VOS operating system, which originally had many features that were inspired or inherited from Multics. Other modes of operation supported on legacy platforms (XA / R, Jetta / Continuum) —HP-UX and a self-optimized UNIX product called FTX (Fault-Tolerant UNIX) — were supported but no longer actively marketed.

In June 2002, Stratus introduced its Intel-based ftServer line of servers, running on Microsoft Windows 2000 and higher. The Stratus ftServer line shipped today supports Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008, as well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The company sells ftServer figures that are configured as entry-level, mid-range, and enterprise-grade error-tolerant servers. Mid-range and enterprise ftServer ways are also working on VMware vSphere virtualization software.

The company began offering Stratus Avance software in June 2008, a high-availability product with derived virtualization. Avance runs on two common-purpose x86 servers and allows use of the application in any high-availability virtual machine, freeing existing x86 servers. The two servers that comprise the Avance high availability platform can be separated by up to three miles for disaster recovery and business continuity purposes. Avance is aimed at serving the needs of small to medium sized businesses of high availability and affordable and simple virtualization.

Stratus has a large presence in Maynard, Massachusetts, with headquarters in the US, and in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as offices around the world, in locations such as the UK, Netherlands, South Africa, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand. , Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Japan.

The company has a broad customer base, but popular customer types include banks and credit unions, emergency response centers (such as 911 in the US), police departments, fire departments, hospitals, clinics, governments, credit card companies, stock exchanges, corporations. telecommunication / telephone and Maya providers.

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Currently, the main focus in developing Stratus products is the 5G network. This network is very profitable, because you can get faster internet speeds than the previous network. Therefore, Stratus develops 5G technology for its various devices so that the office line you have can be covered by the internet which has a strong speed and is also more secure.

The enhanced connectivity will provide a big boost to businesses looking to maximize their supply chain through automation. 5G will dramatically improve data collection and analytics at the “near edge” (in business facilities) and the “far edge” (where OEM IIoT devices are deployed after sales).

At the near edge, IIoT devices on the factory floor will be able to collect and share data more easily with the help of 5G bandwidth. Meanwhile, the edge computers used to analyze the data collected by the IIoT will run faster thanks to 5G connectivity, giving logistics and manufacturing teams the issues they need to make important decisions.

5G technology also offers important benefits at the end of the production cycle, after IIoT devices leave the business facility. A private 5G network can help IIoT devices securely and securely transmit data from remote locations.

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