Why do You Need PPSK Ruijie?

PPSK Ruijie

WiFi is slow. One reason is that many “uninvited” users are connecting to your WiFi. So that your WiFi is not accessed by just anyone, let’s move on to PPSK Ruijie. You don’t need to change passwords regularly anymore and don’t have to worry about your network being hacked by someone, just feel really worry free.

Currently the encryption commonly used in office WiFi is WPA / WPA2 PSK. However, the encryption is not so secure that it is vulnerable to being used by “uninvited” users who could compromise your connection. LDAP or Active Directory may be alternatives, but both are relatively more difficult to implement. The most appropriate solution is Ruijie PPSK encryption.

PPSK Ruijie allows each connected device to have a different password even though they are connected to the same SSID. In its implementation, you don’t need to install additional servers such as LDAP or AD, because PPSK Ruijie is integrated with Ruijie Cloud.

Just create a list of passwords to be used, activate the feature then apply at the SSID in question. With PPSK, each password will be tied to the MAC address of the device so that the password cannot be used by other devices. The conclusion. PPSK Ruijie is a safe and easy solution for your office WiFi network, you don’t need to update passwords regularly and don’t need to have complicated server configuration like LDAP and Active Directory.

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