Why Choose Managed Service on Netdata?

Manage Service

Manage service may sound familiar to IT experts in Indonesia, but of course there are some of you who don’t know what managed service actually means. This manage service can be explained quite briefly, namely oursource service or in a broad sense, it is a service performed by other companies in carrying out a sequence of work which includes supervisory and management work in order to increase the performance of companies that use their services.

Meanwhile, what is the name of the company that provides this manage service? Its name is a Managed Service Provider. This manage service is intended to help the IT operational performance of other companies, especially companies that are not in the IT world.

The benefits of managing services in the world of information technology are quite large for other companies that also use their services. This managed service can also provide additional comprehensive assistance for smooth IT operations to the company so that it can overcome various problems faced by the company in the future.

This manage service is needed by various companies such as factories, logistics companies, distributor companies, to property companies. Using this manage service, the company will be able to adopt the latest technology according to the needs of their company and be able to support their business development to be more rapid without any obstacles from operational activities.

There are several fields in the business world that require this manage service, including:

  1. Data Center Companies

Providing data center management services, managed network services, server storage network management, disaster mitigation and business return planning due to disasters (Disaster Recovery Planning plus Business Continuity Planning Service), therefore the function of this manage service is to be able to consolidate part of the server. service user companies go to a system that can be monitored and controlled easily.

  1. Security Service

provide protection or protection from the start of the network to all IT devices in the company.

  1. End User Management

End user management can use a variety of services, from monitoring IT assets including hardware and software, desktop management which provides supervision to all devices used by all company employees so that they are not interrupted, providing applications to make it easier for all employees to run company operations become smoother which includes collaboration applications, corporate internet communications, e-mail and so on.

Manage Service Indonesia

The world of IT in Indonesia is currently quite developed, especially with the hands of world IT companies such as Google, Cisco, and many more. Talking about managing service, Indonesia also provides this service to meet the needs of business people in providing IT assistance in today’s digital world. The need for information technology in the IT world, especially in the Indonesian market, gave birth to quite complex competition. So this makes business actors in Indonesia always have to innovate in developing their products to be faster or time to market. In addition, in the application and facility development process, IT infrastructure management, whether physical or virtual, is optimal, safe, precise, and very well planned.

Infrastructure management such as virtual servers, knowledge base (database), operation processes and networks can be a challenge in itself considering the amount of time and manpower capacity required and uncertain for all business actors where the time capacity will be more allocated to increasing product competitiveness and value. added comes from a service.

Using manage services for IT needs, both for managing and operating physical or virtual infrastructure, can increase the IT operational workload in companies that are not in the IT world, providing specifically manpower that only focuses on dealing with hardware and virtual ones.

The role of managed services in general is to delegate the day-to-day operational functions of a company’s IT department. In which the company has one focus area that can support partially or as a whole to operate and bear the availability of processes from suitable facilities in accordance with the business needs of the company.

So that the IT department at the company can allocate human resources and time to focus more on running innovation and the formulation of business development itself.

By looking at these needs, manage this service is in accordance with the needs of the desired company with a level of efficiency content without the need to allocate additional resources to the IT department to carry out the operation, rejuvenation, renewal and migration of systems and infrastructure on a regular basis and in a structured manner so that the next company can focus more on developing facilities only.

Manage Service Jakarta

There are quite a lot of manage services in Indonesia that provide it. For example, NetData, which is one of Jakarta’s most trusted service managers. Then what are the benefits that you can feel by using this Manage Service? There are several advantages to using Manage Services that you can feel like for example.

  1. More Affordable Maintenance Costs

The first advantage of enabling manage servce is that it is very affordable. Companies can have a professional IT infrastructure team with a fairly large salary. Therefore, when compared to the expense of paying IT experts, it is better to use this service management service which will certainly minimize company expenses much more economically.

The company’s monthly expenses will be easier to manage. Besides the salaries of IT employees, there are also some hardware that you don’t need to buy, for example software, network infrastructure, and routine maintenance.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if small to medium-sized companies that don’t have more than 100 employees can cut IT costs by up to 50%. And also the company does not need to pay any more if a large enough problem occurs with your IT, it will be handled by a manage service service.

  1. Increase Efficiency

By using manage services, companies can easily maximize additional service to customers more precisely. The system that has been created can improve business defenses in the future.

At least the company has strong infrastructure and can increase competitiveness in the midst of increasingly fierce business competition.

  1. Data Security Guaranteed

By using manage services, the security of your company data is very confidential. Allocation of all data to storage areas will be more precise in helping to secure data that is more optimal, especially handled by professional IT personnel.

There are several methods of securing the stored data, one of which is using a sophisticated firewall that will detect malware so that the company’s data security process is not easily hacked by irresponsible people.

  1. Always Get Updates

Do you need manage services to maintain company scalability, without increasing performance, the process can be maintained or can help the business be more optimal.

Thus, the company can increase or decrease facilities to customers according to business needs. The updating system that is carried out by the service provider will be carried out periodically for the security of company data.

In this digital era, manual data archiving will be out of date, therefore we must be able to save expenses to increase business along with cloud-based technology that is more efficient.

  1. Can Increase Business Focus

The advantage of using an important manage service is to increase your company’s business focus. By using manage services, in other words, you can develop your business to be more focused and more advanced. You no longer need to think about IT operational needs, including adding IT employees with very high salaries.

Maybe that’s our discussion about managing services, the message we can get from the review above is for those of you who have companies that don’t have IT support, then you should use NetData’s manage service services which are ready to help you solve your problems in the IT field.

To find out information about our managed service, please click here.


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