Welcome SD-WAN Bye MPLS


Which is currently booming, let’s get a glimpse of SD-WAN and its advantages compared to MPLS. Perhaps for the past two decades, MPLS technology has been frequently used to connect WAN networks. However, recently MPLS has begun to be abandoned since the SD-WAN technology was developed. SD WAN was originally a technology developed from SDN (Software Defined Network) whose main function was network automation.

One of the advantages of SD-WAN is that the price offered is relatively cheaper than MPLS. In MPLS you have to subscribe to a dedicated layer 2 link so that your branch & head office can be connected, which is relatively expensive. While on SD WAN, even if you subscribe to broadband internet, you can connect your branch and head office.

In addition, SD-WAN is also easy to configure, because the configuration process uses a controller that supports automation. In contrast to MPLS, which has to set each device one by one, so that time is used more effectively and efficiently. In conclusion, SD WAN offers solutions that have not been resolved previously by MPLS, and it is possible that with the rapid development of technology, in the future new technologies will appear to replace SD WAN. So, keep up to date guys!


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