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Rent Switch Jakarta – the modernization in the IT field is becoming increasingly advanced in Indonesia. This can be seen in several IT devices that have been developed to become more modern. Talking about IT equipment, of course there will be no end because there are so many types, but there is one device that we will discuss this time, namely the switch.

A switch is a network device that is used as a link or bridge for many networks so that it can send data to other endpoints according to the MAC address.

Definition of Switch

Earlier, we discussed the definition of a switch, a switch is a means of connecting or switching networks that are not visible, the segmentation isolation connector of many shared networks is switched using a MAC address. A switch is a network switch or a device that performs the invisible link segmentation of multiple networks together with shared viewing MAC addresses. Switches to the network can be used to connect computers or interfaces to a limited area. Switches also work in data-link settings. The way a rental switch works in Indonesia is similar to a bridge, but a switch has more than one port, making it often called a multi-port bridge (Pancaporta bridge).

Switch Function

For the switch function is to regulate the flow of traffic in a network. Switches also have the task of distributing data packets to reach the target with the right device. This switch can also have uses in finding the best way. And also optimizing the delivery of data packets to get to the right destination.

Types of Switches

talking about Rent Switch Jakarta, usually provides several types of switches that you can choose from. Generally, switches are divided into two types, namely according to OSI (Open System Interconnection), which is available in two layer two and layer three switches.

Layer 2 switch types are switches that operate on the data link layer in the OSI type arrangement. Switches are able to forward packets together to see the MAC address of the destination, switches can also perform the use of bridges between LAN segments (Local Area Network) because switches send packets of data together with how to view addresses that can be intended without knowing the network protocol used.

The layer 3 switch type is a type of switch found in the network layer in the OSI type arrangement. Which this switch is able to forward data packets according to the IP address. Layer 3 switches are commonly referred to as routing switches or multilayer switches.

In addition to the types of layer switch types there are also other types of switches, namely as follows:

ATM Switch

Not a bank ATM, ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), is a transfer mode made in the form of cells. The meaning of asynchronous is repeating cells that contain Info from the shared user, not using periodic.

ISDN Switch

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) Switch or Frame Relay Switch Over ISDN for this type of switch is available at service providers, how it works like a switch, but the difference lies in the interface using an ISDN card or ISDN router.

DSLAM Switch

A Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM, read dee-lam) this switch creates a telephone line to make a fast connection to the internet. Digital subscriber line Access multiplexer is a network device that is on the telephone exchange that comes from a service provider.

Services that can be accessed by more than one subscriber Digital Subscriber Lines (DSLs) along a high-speed backbone internet line. Wear multiplexing techniques. By placing DSLAMs in remote areas with the telephone exchanges, the telephone company provided DSL means to areas previously out of effective coverage.

Ethernet Switch

This type of ethernet switch is a local area network interconnection device that runs in the layer two data-link arrangement of the OSI reference type, the switch is similar to a bridge but helps a greater quantity of connected LAN segments and also has better management features.

Modern LANs have been replaced with switchable places, along with implementing the installation of etherne and bridge switches in the hub and repeater areas. This logical partition is then traffic to travel only more than one network segment towards roads at the source and destination.

This can reduce bandwidth so that it is not wasted from the result of sending packets to parts of the network that are not required to receive data. There is a use of enhanced security (less able to tap-in to other users’ knowledge).

Better management (in order to be able to control who receives what info i.e. virtual LAN) and to limit the effects of network instances. And also the ability to perform operations of more than one link in full duplec (more than 1/2 duplex required to access together.

Definition of Switches, Functions, Types, Complete Work Method

How the Switch Works

A switch is a hardware device on a computer network that is very similar to a HUB. Even though it is similar, this switch can have a difference, namely that the switch is more expensive and also has more features than the HUB.

The way the switch works is that it receives data packets from a port and then it can watch the MAC (Media Access Control) of the destination device. And also helps a logical connection with ports that can access with the node or destination device.

So that not only the destination port is unable to receive the packet of knowledge sent and can reduce the collision of knowledge or it is called a collision. Each device that accesses a particular port, its MAC address and can be recorded in the MAC address table which can later be stored in the switch cache memory.

Thus, it has been explained about the meaning of a switch, function, type and how it works (complete), if you want to Rent Switch Jakarta, you can contact us directly here.


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