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Uniview Face Temperatur Detection

Uniview Face Temperature Detection – In terms of company or office security, of course, is a priority that must be put forward. Because with good security, you can protect various assets in the company. However, hiring a large number of security guards for a company that has a large area and also has a high level of land is certainly very tiring if only a few security guards are employed.

Therefore, CCTV installation is very profitable. If you are looking for a company that can provide good and quality CCTV surveillance, then you can just trust Uniview Technologies Co Ltd.

Uniview is a pioneer and leader of IP video surveillance. First introducing the IP-based CCTV concept in China, Uniview is now the third largest player in video surveillance in China. On th. 2018, Uniview has the 4th largest global market share, no longer an upstart market share.

Uniview has a complete line of IP video surveillance products including IP cameras, NVRs, Encoders, Decoders, Storage, Software and Client applications, covering a wide variety of vertical markets including retail, building, industrial, education, commercial, municipal surveillance, etc.

Uniview has a strong awareness to protect the environment wherever it is with various advantages that you will not be able to get if you trust other than Uniview.

Uniview is ISO14000 and RoHS certified. We insist on being environmentally friendly during production and work. Uniview also cares about people and society. Uniview is aware of having a social responsibility to help others. Uniview has a team of volunteers who organize many charities to help vulnerable groups.

Uniview’s goal is to become a global leader in the video surveillance industry striving to build a safer world by providing professional, reliable and cutting-edge products and tools.

Advantages of Trusting Uniview for IP Cameras

At Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co, there are various choices of IP cameras that you can customize according to your needs. Which certainly has a smart IP-based CCTV concept and also guarantees responsiveness to servers. Among others are:

Pro Series

Ultra-smart, ultra-high resolution, all-in-one VMS Unicorn Suitable for companies and projects. There are many resolutions ranging from 8MP, 4MP, 2MP, even OmniView, which makes surveillance more optimal. Power of ethernet reaches 4 channels or even more. This is why many companies or projects rely on this option.

Prime Series

Smart functions, StarView series, abundant products, reliable storage. Suitable for commercial buildings, parks and small projects. There are many prime series choices ranging from prime I to prime III series. A very good line of security system solutions and also of very good quality.

Easy Series

Ultra 265, very reliable, pixel sensitivity, easy to use. Suitable for residences and small businesses. This one package is indeed very suitable for small businesses or for private ownership of your home. With good pixel sensitivity and consists of a choice of 8MP, 5MP, 3MP, 2MP, and there is also an Easystar package which is also more simple consisting of 2MP and 4MP. Divided again into 2 options. Fixed dome network or Fixed bullet network.

Doorbell videos

This is a very good innovation from Uniview, is the camera on the doorbell of the house. Always be the first to know when you have visitors with motion detection and notifications during the day and night.

The advantages of the Uniview dorbell video are:

  • Clear infrared night image

Night visible distance 5m

Switches automatically during the day and night

  • Adjustable zone of motion

Draw the monitoring area concerned with your finger

Reduce unnecessary detection alarms

  • Instant mobile alerts

Instant mobile alerts

Low delay notification push message

Quick call response

When the doorbell is pressed or triggered, you can use the free app to see, hear and talk to guests from your portable device such as a smartphone wherever you are or whatever you are doing.

Heat Tracker Series

This is the IP CCTV that is currently being sought after for heat detection needs for visitors to a public service. Uniview Face Temperature Detection, has many advantages when installing it in a company or public facility for the sake of knowing the temperature of visitors or employees. This is because one of the reactives of COVID-19 is having a temperature of 37.2 – 37.5 degrees Celsius.

The advantages of face temperature detection from Uniview include:

  • Automatic temperature playback, demo video is played continuously for 24 hours
  • Accurate temperature filtering
  • Support voice link, real time alarm of people with fever
  • Real-time portraits of human faces during temperature checks
  • Supports reminders when not wearing a mask
  • Support real-time statistics of the total number of temperature filtering, the number of normal and abnormal people
  • Support for exporting temperature filter data reports
  • APP can receive body temperature abnormal alarm, also can view photo of face and temperature
  • Reducing labor costs

Beneficial isn’t it? This is why to expand Uniview’s product distribution in collaboration with various companies around the world, one of which is PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia SMI. It has also been proven that expanding its distribution can help public facilitation and companies be more economical than hiring people who test temperatures manually.

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