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Uniview Indonesia, maybe for those of you who follow technology news, of course you are very familiar with this IT company. Uniview Technology (uniview tec) is an electronic equipment manufacturer located in Coppell, Texas, on the northwestern edge of Dallas, Texas.

The Uniview Technology facility has an office area of ​​26,000 square feet and a rented warehouse. The main business consists of selling corporate-branded video surveillance equipment to US-based distribution and dealer accounts.

Uniview Technology’s well-known products are Network Video Recorders which are cameras with IP technology such as Mini-cameras, Bullets, Turrets, Dome fix and vari-focal lens cameras, Pan Tilt and Zoom High-feature cameras, and accessory products.

Services for Uniview customers include Sales and Marketing Support, Sales and Product Training, Quality Assurance, Technical Services (under warranty and beyond warranty product repairs) and Supply Chain Management.

The parent company Uniview Technology was founded in December 2003 in the state of Texas. The Dallas-based management team of Uniview Technology is also supported by its equipment manufacturers and is mutually committed to offering excellence in product availability, customer support and additional product entry to grow its market share.

Not only that there is also a sales and support division consisting of local in-house sales specialists, call center staff and Technical Sales Specialists based in Dallas as well as a team of regional sales managers located across the country. Everything is dedicated to providing the best support for its customers.

Uniview Jakarta Partners

After discussing Uniview in Dallas Texas, United States of America, we will discuss one of the other Uniview Companies from China.

Uniview from China is the largest producer in terms of production of security system equipment in China. Currently Uniview is also expanding its wings by opening a branch office in Indonesia. Which is located at Soho Capital Office, West Jakarta.

For ice President of Uniview and President of International Business Department, Ximen Yan, said that Indonesia is also an important market for Uniview. With this Uniview takes advantage of the opportunity to Uniview to showcase retail products and project-specific products with the latest technology.

According to Ximen, the opening of a branch office in Indonesia proves that Uniview is ready to be fully committed in providing its customers in Indonesia with video surveillance solutions. Uniview, founded in 2011, is the third largest video surveillance device manufacturer in China and the fourth in the world.

Not only that, Uniview Jakarta’s partners are networking-based companies and are making a significant difference in the CCTV market. Ximen Yan Uniview is growing rapidly in line with net income that has increased 13 times since its establishment in 2011.

Meanwhile, the Research and Development Division is the key to the company’s success in the CCTV market. What’s more, every year technology develops super fast and Uniview can keep up with the latest growth.

Uniview Indonesia Partner

Zhejiang Uniview Technologies (Uniview) officially appointed Synnex Metrodata Indonesia (SMI) as the official distributor in terms of distributing Uniarch products in Indonesia. Uniarch is a surveillance camera or CCTV product intended for novice users such as those used in residences or business premises.

Uniarch IP-based CCTV products are supported by various security protections that have a distance that is quite far reaching 250m. Uniarch’s products that can be distributed by SMI include IPC-B112-PF40, IPC-T112-PF28, NVR-104LB-P4, and NVR-108LB-P8.

Indonesia Country Manager, Uniview, Frank Pan said that Indonesia is the 4th largest country in the world with the increasing need for CCTV and as the first country in Southeast Asia for Uniarch product market share. Uniview witnessed this opportunity and presented Uniarch for beginners.

Realizing a similar thing Distributions Business Director, PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia, Ronaldy Suhendra explained that currently security awareness is getting higher so that we are obliged to expand and also enrich the range of security process solutions, namely video surveillance (CCTV) solutions for entry levels that are too suitable together. security needs in the consumer segment together with the advantages of being easy in the installation and also the cost that is too affordable.

“We are too satisfied with this appointment because it will make us stronger as distributors for providing end-to-end solutions in Indonesia that we can offer to our business partners,” said Ronaldy.

For those of you who want to find out where the famous Uniview Indonesia partner NetData is the solution. NetData has a mission to provide the best quality technology-based services while providing reliable, friendly and detailed services.

In addition, NetData also gives you guaranteed problem solving with the best solutions down to the support level.

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