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Sangfor Jakarta Partners – Sangfor Technologies is a leading global vendor of IT infrastructure solutions, specializing in Network Security & Cloud Computing with a wide range of products & services including Next Generation Firewalls, End Spot Protection, Managed Detection and Response, World Access Management, Infrastructure Hyper-Converged, Virtual Infrastructure Desktop, WAN Optimization, SD-WAN and many others.

Sangfor takes business needs and customer user experience seriously, placing it at the heart of our company strategy. Creative and constant commitment to deliver scores for our customers helps them to pursue sustainable growth. Sangfor currently has 6,000+ employees with more than 60 branch offices around the world in attractive locations such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan, UAE, Italy.

Sangfor is very focused on data security. For many companies, data is something we generally consider safe and healthy, stored on computers and difficult to access. If you are working with data from your customers, storing sensitive information from your industry or even just storing your employee information on your company’s servers or cloud, then data protection must be one of your big priorities.

Here are some reasons why you should consider your data protected:

Copying the rules sign

Regardless of the variety of data that you store onsite or pass through your company’s servers, whether it’s payroll, information and other data from your customers or other material that could affect the day-to-day profession of your employees, maintaining data security must be the number one priority for which company instead. With the GDPR coming into effect with a usage date of May 25, keeping your data protected will be more than just evaluating courtesy – it will be a regulatory requirement.

Data is stored securely

The main reason to keep your data protected is to consider the security of any information you store. In the case of customers, considering their data to be kept as safe as possible is the minimum most people want for the company in which they invest their time or money. By keeping your customer and employee data safe, you can protect your business reputation and your company’s public opinion, earning you a brand you can trust with that information.

Data that isn’t stored securely is much easier to access from hackers and outside sources – something many businesses are discovering today because of out-of-date or out-of-date data protection. If you want to protect your business reputation, then data protection is very important.

Promoting safe work practices

Safe work practices are supported in all aspects of the business, from health and safety to employee welfare. This same concept should apply to your data, and by enforcing security when handling data, sensitive or otherwise, you have employees who know better how to best manage and store that information. Data is the backbone that makes up many customer-focused businesses, and shouldn’t be a second thought.

If you already understand how important it is to secure data, then you just trust Netdata who is a partner of Sangfor Jakarta. Netdata has indeed been trusted to handle various things related to data security by relying on Sangfor.

Therefore, check now the Netdata website at which is a partner of Sangfor Jakarta. Guaranteed you can get a variety of very attractive offers!

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