The Importance of Managed IT Services

Managed Services

in the modern era, many companies in the IT field have started to try new businesses, namely managed services. Maybe at first glance, managed service is almost the same as outsourcing with a more comprehensive process, the use of this managed language means a wider range of work.

When viewed in terms of the functions and benefits of managed services, it aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the company in terms of its business.

Because currently the trend is for companies to hand over operational jobs to third parties. The company only provides policies on the work environment, especially in terms of information systems. In Indonesia, managed services are still relatively new and not many provide this service professionally.

Managed IT Services in the World of IT    

Managed services are outsourced services or services provided by other companies in doing the work of other companies in terms of supervision and management which aims to improve the performance of companies that use managed services.

The definition of managed services applies to all business fields, including in the IT sector, which is directly related to managed services.

Managed IT Services in the World of Information Technology      

Companies that may have a large scope such as factories, distributor companies, logistics companies, property companies, etc., prefer managed services so they can focus more on developing their business.

In addition to submitting managed services work, divided into 3, let’s look at the following managed services:


Software is a very important IT support infrastructure. In addition to its important functions, this hardware has an important role such as strategic planning, determining what IT equipment will be used or updated. And also IT infrastructure equipment maintenance services.


There may not be many companies that implement applications to support office operations. So in the use of managed services, you can evaluate the extent to which the office is prepared in the IT field.

Starting from procuring new applications, replacing software, or improving the quality of existing applications.


Managed services can also provide various consultations in the form of reports, suggestions, and useful opinions that can be applied for the smooth operation of the company’s IT.

Areas that must require Managed IT Services

Who needs managed services? And companies in what fields are suitable for using managed services? The following is the list:

Company Data Center    

Managed services are also included in providing data center management services, server storage network management, disaster mitigation and business continuity plans in the event of a disaster or obstacle.

A management platform that can consolidate servers in the company into a centralized system with the aim of making it easy to monitor and control.

End User Management      

Managed services also include supervision of IT assets including software and hardware, desktop management to monitor all devices that can be used by workers so that there are no disturbances.

Creating applications for the convenience of workers and the smooth operation of the company both in terms of e-mail, internal communication and so on.

Security Service      

Company data security is also included in managed service services, where data security includes all existing IT devices.

Handling Catastrophic Effects                  

The importance of using managed services in managing all of the company’s IT needs, both in terms of hardware and software, so that all lines in the company can continue to focus on developing their business.

What is the Catastrophic Effect     

In the modern business world it is known as the catastrophic effect which is a dilemma for every company in the world.

The meaning of this catastrophic effect is slow but sure system failure. We need to know that in this world of IT, everything is interconnected, so that alignment is needed so that the system remains in optimal condition.

Whether it’s Overhead on the database, attack spyware and viruses by email, The bottleneck on the network is a challenge in itself for CIOs around the world.

Benefits of Using Managed IT Services          

There are many myths circulating that the use of managed services does not think of the best solution for your company, managed service costs are expensive, company data becomes insecure, the position of internet IT staff will be displaced.

Transferring control from one or many aspects of the company to an external company is not without risk. However, the use of managed services also provides many benefits, such as:

Making Employee Performance Better  

One meaning of managed services in the world of information technology is that it can help improve the performance of company workers.

You can imagine if a company has about 1000 workers and their activities can be hampered by about 1 to 2 hours a day. Then the company will lose work time of 1000-2000 hours a day.

If it is calculated with the standard UMR salary of 3 million per month, then with 9 hours of work a day, the company will experience a waste of around 16 – 32 million per day or 320 – 640 in a month, how very detrimental isn’t it.

Less Traveled Managed IT Services   

For official trips that are usually carried out by government employees can also be considered a waste.

So with the existence of an internal telecommunication system such as voice calls or video teleconferences which can smoothly reduce the intervals of official travel activities. So it will directly impact saving state expenditure.

The Need for Physical Asset Examination that Has Started to Decrease

With an asset management system, it will be easier for companies or governments to see using a monitor screen, if the IT assets exist because everything has appeared in graphical form electronically.

So with this, auditors and managers can save time in monitoring IT assets from day to day.

That is the meaning of managed services in the world of information technology which has been clearly explained in this article, hopefully this is useful.


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