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SD Wan Indonesia

Wan SD is – In the world of IT, not many people know deeply what the world of IT is. In addition, in the world of IT, there are many branches that discuss several technologies or sciences which are indeed very difficult to explain, one of which is SD WAN.

Many people ask what SD WAN means by typing in Google “SD wan is” in order to find the truth or explain what it means. Maybe those of you who are experts in the field of networking are very familiar with the name SD Wan. Not long after the meaning of SD Wan.

SD Wan stands for software-defined wide area network, which means a network with a large area defined by software by utilizing software components to control the operation of the network.

There is another definition from several sources which states that SD Wan is a special application derived from software-defined networking (SDN) technology that is applied to WAN (wide area network) connections. The goal is to be able to connect many local connections such as offices to other branch offices and data centers that have a considerable geographical distance. Not only connecting SD Wan technology, it can minimize complexity with zero touch provisioning so that it can overcome the impact of human error.

SD-Wan Indonesia

SD-Wan Indonesia is technically different from traditional WAN. Traditional WANs work through the installation of exclusive circuits to supply IP services to intended clients. Coverage derived from part of this type of network requires a cumbersome effort for the IT team due to the quantity of hardware to be installed and the processes required to manage a busy network. However, it is different with SD Wan which uses tunneling solutions to existing network architectures.

SD Wan simplifies WAN management and operation by using network hardware with different controls. SD Wan gives companies a choice by dynamically linking a network of branch offices and headquarters for example together using the power of the internet and public cloud. Why use SD Wan? What are the benefits? Here’s the explanation.

  • Low Cost of Connectivity

SD Wan has the first advantage of reducing operational costs, because the network will switch from expensive MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) networks to commodity broadband such as fiber, DSL, cable or even cellular technology.

  • Higher Performance with the Cloud

The second advantage of SD Wan is that it has a new network that is faster and easier to reach sites that require more capacity. In addition to the new and fast network SD Wan can connect sites directly to the internet so that SD Wan reduces the barriers and constraints common to traditional WANs.

  • Multiple Link Resilience

A traditional WAN usually has one network link that can enter each site. With SD wan, multiple links from different ISPs can be used, eliminating a single point of failure that could disrupt the network.

  • Higher Agility

When there is a new branch office time is money, using SD Wan allows us to quickly set up a secure and reliable network. Using whichever ISP is most suitable for each location.

  • Optimized Use of Resources

SD Wan can make it easier for us to assign the main application intelligently to various links, including the internal network and internet connection that has been guaranteed with different quality of service (QoS) for each. This allows us to use the right resources in every situation to maximize performance and productivity while minimizing costs.

SD-Wan Jakarta

If we take a look at the explanation above we know that a shared software approach using the power of the internet and also the cloud cannot be done by traditional SD Wan networks. And SD Wan also guarantees security, flexibility, and reduces network complexity.

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