The development of Google Cloud Platform Indonesia

Google Cloud Platform Indonesia

Google Cloud Platform Indonesia – The world of cloud computing is currently increasing its interest, especially in the Indonesian market which has begun to switch to cloud platforms. One of the largest IT companies in the world, including the addition of this cloud facility, is called the Google Cloud Platform.

Maybe for some people who don’t know what Google Cloud Platform is, Google Cloud Platform is a public cloud computing offered by Google. Services on the Google platform offer a variety of services, both hosting services for computing, storage, and developing applications that run on Google hardware. In addition, Google Cloud Platform can be opened by software developers, Cloud administrators, and other IT professional companies via the public internet or via a special network connection.

Best Google Cloud Platform Indonesia

Google does continue to innovate to improve its services in almost all lines so that it can be enjoyed by every user, such as being able to use large data services, Google can still process it as well as analyze information together properly like using Google BigQuery for queries like SQL which is made for multi-collection of information. -terabyte.

There are also tools Google Cloud Dataflow is an information processing service devoted to real-time analytics, extracting, editing and loading (ETL), and compute projects. The platform also includes Google Cloud Dataproc, which also offers Apache Spark and Hadoop for greater data processing.

In terms of artificial intelligence or AI, Google also has a service, namely the Cloud Machine Learning Engine. Cloud Machine Learning Engine is a tool that is too likely for users to create and train a more centralized learning model. Various APIs also exist for translation and analysis of speech, text, images and videos.

Trusted Google Cloud Platform Indonesia

Google also provides a means for the Internet of Things, namely Google Cloud IoT Core, which is a managed tool for users to be able to consume and manage information originating from IoT devices.

The suite of Google Cloud Platform tools will continue to grow and Google will periodically introduce, change or discontinue tools based on user demand or competitive pressures in the IT world. The main competitor in the Cloud Computing market is quite heavy, namely having to deal with big competitors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

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