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Best Google Cloud Platform Indonesia is currently officially launched and also operates in Indonesia. Obviously this is very happy and beneficial news for many people. The Google cloud platform itself is designed to support customers in Indonesia. Jakarta itself is Google’s first Google Cloud Platform (GCP) region in Indonesia and the 9th in Asia-Pacific (APAC).

Google cloud platform Indonesia is clearly very well received and of course also very happy. Managing director of Google Cloud Asia, Rick Harshman himself, said that the launch of the Jakarta region was intended to bring the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) closer to customers and users in Indonesia. With lower latency for access to data and applications, companies doing business in Indonesia can and are able to accelerate their digital transformation.

Even with the google cloud platform, this will help customers meet certain regulatory and compliance requirements. Not only that, the google cloud platform is also able to provide many options for disaster recovery for its customers. Of course, using the google cloud platform is both profitable and important.

Google Cloud Platform Indonesia provider

With the presence of the google cloud platform Indonesia certainly provides many benefits for its users. Information technology is always up to date following the increasingly sophisticated and fast times like today. The Google cloud platform itself will clearly help companies implement digital banking strategies to increase financial inclusion and serve the banking needs of the Indonesian people.

Plus now the google cloud platform uses apigee, google maps platform API and also cloud vision for continuous product development. The Google cloud platform (GCP) which has now been launched is also accompanied by several facilities including the compute engine, google Kubernetes engine, cloud SQL, cloud storage, Cloud Spanner, Bigtable Cloud and Bigquerry.

For this reason, choosing to use a trusted Indonesian Google Cloud Platform provider is very important. By using a good and trusted GCP provider, you will certainly be able to improve your business or work quickly, easily and of course also well. Especially for developers, data scientists and data engineers are very important and need to use the Google Cloud Platform at this time.

Best Google Cloud Platform Indonesia

By utilizing ML (machine learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions, it is clear that it will make projects from developers, data scientists to data engineers faster and more cost effective. But of course the selection of the best Indonesian google cloud platform provider is very important and necessary. A good provider can certainly be trusted to manage your business.

Now by using the best and trusted GCP services, of course your company’s work activities will develop rapidly, well and precisely. The Google cloud platform is also the best solution, especially now that it is present in Indonesia. Netdata is definitely a trusted GCP provider for managing your various jobs.

Of course using the google cloud platform is very profitable, the network is stable and of course also safe. Even a content delivery network based on the edge of presence will be properly distributed. Not only that, GCP is also capable of managing a lot of data for later use as analytical data. Of course, it is very profitable to use the google cloud platform as it is today.

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