Some Problems That Can Occur In Cloud Computing System

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Currently, there are many cloud computing system that make digital transformation very clear because many use cloud computing instead of using servers in physical form which have many complex problems. However, by choosing cloud computing to make payments for servers easy and cheap, of course there are problems that can occur in the system.

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The increasingly rapid technology, including cloud computing, turns out to have various problems related to the rapid technological progress of our civilization, increased data has caused several problems for businesses and consumers related to maintenance, storage and security.

What are the problems that you should pay attention to and know about in the world of cloud computing before you start being concerned about getting into it?

Poor Access Management

As a cloud service provider, they offer IT infrastructure and resources to organizations. Organizations pay per use of computing resources provisioned in the cloud. This solves many of the problems faced by organizations of all sizes, because using the cloud removes the need to invest in internal computing resources.

Cloud computing system can indeed reduce administration by providing flexible and diverse services that can scale based on changing demands. However, there is a problem associated with this is the cloud service provider if you choose the wrong one then they don’t manage their access properly.

Lost Data

The following examples demonstrate that security can be a major risk using cloud computing. According to a survey conducted in 2016 (Patrick, 2016), 64% of organizations consider cloud technology to be more secure than traditional IT infrastructure and 31% (the highest in the survey) also believe that security is the main challenge they face when using the cloud.

There are lots of cases that occur due to data loss that occurs due to hacking by irresponsible people. Server security here is very important.

Insecure API

Next is the problem of insecure API (Application Programming Interface). The most critical API security risks include:

  • Damaged object level
  • User and function level authorization
  • Data overload
  • Lack of resources
  • Security configuration error
  • Inadequate record-keeping and monitoring

DoS Attack

A very challenging security for cloud computing system is a DoS (Denial-of-Service) attack. These glitches or problems can cause a machine or network to run like a crashed machine, making it no longer accessible to users. Hackers or other irresponsible people can send information to a target causing it to die or flooding it with traffic to overwhelm it and cause damage.

Downed networks can be held for ransom and lead to lost revenue, and can also compromise corporate authority and customer relations.

Malware Infection

Malware is also one of the problems that providers of cloud computing system can face and experience and you can feel it if you subscribe to cloud computing. Similar to malware that can affect your network and computers physically connected to it, cloud malware is a type of internet attack that infects your system with malicious code created by hackers.

Since cloud-based storage relies heavily on virtual machines to host your data, cloud attacks usually start with what is known as an injection attack.

Data Breach

This data breach is practically the same as ransomware, where your data can be accessed and extracted by third parties who should not have access to the stored data.

Basically, company data that has been successfully accessed will be encrypted and if you want to get the data back, then you will be sent a code to redeem it and you will be given the decryption key to be able to open the file again. If you do not redeem it immediately, it is possible that the data will be sold by these irresponsible parties.

Cloud Computing Configuration Error

Next is a configuration error in the cloud computing system. Generally, this problem occurs because the company does not properly deploy the cloud method, making it vulnerable to hacking.

Usually this happens because of default cloud security restrictions, inappropriate access management, and flawed data access.

Compliance Violations

And the last one is compliance violation. Maybe this is rare. But to overcome this, the best way to ensure compliance on an ongoing basis is to monitor who has permission to access the news and how they control privileges regarding the handling of data. This is what NetData does as a cloud computing provider to ensure the security of customer data.

Regarding the prevention of compliance violations, ideal user access control is an essential element to ensure cloud computing security.


All the problems that exist in the world of cloud computing are indeed one that must always be considered. Usually, the problems that occur are on you alone as the cloud tenant. However, cloud computing providers must be able to guarantee the security of their customer data, such as NetData, which guarantees data to be safe.

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