4 IT Problems in Business that Require IT Consulting Services

IT consulting services

The IT Consulting Services is currently in great demand by young people who are experts in the IT field. With the development of digital technology, many companies are currently revamping their business structure to be able to continue to compete with other companies through information technology.

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Utilizing IT consulting services is none other than to assist the company in providing all the needs and overcoming the problems that are being faced by the company. Some of the IT problems that are often faced by companies are as follows.

IT Infrastructure Issues

The first and most common problem faced by companies is the disorganization of the existing IT infrastructure at the company. IT infrastructure in companies, especially for companies that have just implemented IT in their business. There are 3 parts to the problems in this IT infrastructure, namely:


In this era of digital transformation, the presence of an application is something that is really needed by companies, especially for business. With the application, it can save processing time, process, and of course it is much more effective, with the need for this application it can minimize errors and speed up work.

Devices / Devices

The device here concerns communication technology, where Indonesia is currently still using 4G technology. Which of course this 4G network can become an internal corporate network with SD-WAN technology.


With the absence of an internet network, of course it becomes a separate problem for the company. Where with the support of the internet network it can improve worker performance more effectively, quickly and flexibly.

IT/IT Security Issues

One of the biggest IT problems when adopting a new technology is the problem of data security. Then the task of IT Consulting Services is to provide advice on the use of the best and most up-to-date data security. Apart from that, they must first identify the gaps in the system if there is something that threatens security.

Building a Data Center for Business

The data center is one of the IT infrastructures created for the company’s data storage space. This infrastructure contains various IT devices to support data storage activities such as servers, storage, UPS, and network devices.

If the company already has its own data center, there may be problems that IT consultants may face, such as downtime. Yes. Downtime is one of the most feared problems by IT consultants. Where Downtime is a break in data flow due to a dead data center which can be caused by various factors such as power outages, short circuits, and natural disasters.

Of course this will provide a challenge for IT consultants to improve the existing data center infrastructure, so that the company does not suffer huge losses by moving the data center to a data center owned by another provider company.

Suggestions for Using Cloud Server

Apart from data centers, IT consultants will definitely provide advice for companies that are new to using cloud servers. This cloud service is simply an application that does not belong to the company but can be accessed using an internet connection.

With the cloud, there are several IT infrastructures that can be utilized, such as business telephone systems, document management, network monitoring, data backup, and much more. Because the average advanced company will start using cloud services that are used to improve the company’s business in a way that companies can focus more on growing their business.

Discuss IT Problems with a Trusted IT Consultant

From the explanation above, we can conclude that many IT problems can be handled well by IT consultants. So as a client you have to discuss all the problems that exist in the company.

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