Smart Home System For Remote Kwh Meter Control

Smart Home System

Smart Home System – Internet has indeed become an important role in helping daily life, one of which is to create a Smart Home. Smart home is indeed a trend nowadays, one of the smart home technologies currently available is remote control of the Kwh Meter using only a smartphone. Can it be done?

Of course you can, this is what is called IoT (Internet of Thing) which helps in various ways to create a smart home.

Get to know the Smart Home System

Smart home means your home has a smart home system that connects to your appliances to automate certain tasks and is usually controlled remotely. You can use smart home systems to program your sprinklers, set up and monitor your home security systems and cameras, or control appliances like refrigerators or air conditioners and heaters even to control Kwh meters.

How Smart Home System Works

Smart home devices are not always energy efficient, but most can be used in ways that help you save energy. When you have a smart home appliance, lamp, or smart thermostat, you control when and how it will turn on and function. Therefore, you have more control over your energy use and are more likely to change your energy consumption habits.

When smart home first became an option, the answer was a bit vague. But as bigger players join the industry, they make it easier for consumers to understand and get the technology they need to get started.

What you need to turn your ordinary home into a smart home is

  • wifi connection,
  • Smart home equipment
  • Smart home system to connect, monitor and control these devices.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Home System

Many people assume that the smarter your home, the better your life will be, but in reality, technology often gets in the way of a good life. Yes, behind the advantages of course there are disadvantages.


The advantages of a smart home are many, including:


Smart homes are undoubtedly more comfortable than conventional ones. All systems can be automated and integrated to meet your specific needs, whether it’s turning on the thermostat before you head home at night or syncing media devices across different rooms.

Energy Saving

Smart homes provide energy savings in two ways. First, you can program climate and lighting controls according to your usage. In addition, smart appliances can avoid energy use during times of peak demand by responding to signals from utility companies.


Smart homes also have advanced home security systems with multiple cameras, motion sensors, and other advanced features that can be monitored remotely by either the homeowner, home security company, or police department.


A smart home can offer a great solution for the disabled or elderly as it can be equipped with accessibility features such as a voice command system that can lock exterior doors, control lights, and even operate a computer.

House Value Increase

Homes with smart features can attract higher selling prices. Consumers are willing to pay more for homes with features such as smart security, climate control, appliances, and entertainment.

Insurance Incentive

Some insurance companies may offer discounts on smart device use, so it’s a good idea to contact your agent to learn more.


There are several disadvantages of smart home, including:

Initial Investment

Compared to ordinary home technology, smart home technology requires a higher investment.

Power Surges

You need to make sure your home is adequately protected from power surges.


There are several manufacturers of smart home technology, and not all of their products are compatible. Depending on your own tech savvy, you may need to hire a professional to create a system where all devices work together seamlessly.

Vulnerability to Internet Outages

If your Internet goes down, most systems and smart devices have some form of backup that allows them to keep working. However, you may risk losing some of the more advanced smart device functions until connectivity is restored.

Examples of Housing in Indonesia with Smart Home System

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of a smart home, of course, the advantages are more beneficial. So, are you ready to own a home with smart home features? If you are ready, here are some housings in Indonesia that already use the smart home system.

LUMIHOUS Travel Legend

Legenda Wisata collaborated with Kota Wisata Cibubur to present LUMIHOUS which offers homes with various smart home features at very affordable prices.

De Azra Smart Home

The newest town house, De Azra Residence, has many types, one of which is a minimalist 3-storey house with a rooftop design. Smart home with millennial-style solar panels, which is strategically located in Bekasi.

Kazumi Cluster

Kazumi Cluster is an exclusive residential area in the heart of BSD City, the development of the Mitsubishi Corporation joint venture with Sinarmas Land, Hi-tech, Hi-spec, Hi-quality.

Samira Residence

Samira Residence is one of the housing estates in Sentul, West Java. This housing takes the concept of Your Smart Living at Sentul. So, all houses here already carry a smart home system.

Synthesis Homes

An updated residential project by Synthesis Development which is optimized in the Ciputat zone, South Tangerang. Synthesis Homes with a zone area of ​​4.7 hectares consists of 3 types of houses with a total of 267 units carrying the Smart Home feature.

ImpresaHaus BSD Cluster

ImpresaHaus BSD, the 5th cluster of Tabebuya BSD housing estates optimized by BSD City (Sinarmas Land). First launch in October 2020. Equipped with 4S are Smart Function (Function of the room can be adjusted 3BR + Productive Space or 2 BR + 1 Productive Space & Xtra Space), Smart Furniture, Smart Tech, Smart Healthy.

British Hills

The British Hill Serpong house located in Tangerang has a minimalist tropical modern house design and features a “Smart Home System” where only 20 houses are sold.

Some Smart Home System Facts

The following are some interesting facts about smart home systems:

Application of Smart Lock

Many are throwing money away just to spend on smart security systems, especially cameras and smart locks, two of the most popular products in this segment.

Mobile Settings

Before you start shopping for devices, decide which ecosystem is the best fit for you. There are three main ones: Google Nest, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. If your home is filled with iPhones, iPads, and Macs, the latter is the obvious choice, but if you have an Android phone, you might prefer the Google Nest platform.

Third-party devices usually offer support for several standards, but things will run more smoothly if you choose one main ecosystem.

Can with Voice

Just imagine when you want to adjust the air conditioner, but you really don’t want to get out of bed? Wish the TV was on in the background while you were cooking, but you’re already immersed in the cooking vibe? Fear not, the voice-controlled home automation kit is here in a smart home.

Practical and Save Electricity

Various energy efficiency models using intelligent learning are being studied. However, this system only analyzes user patterns and collects electricity using the data in bulk. This is simply a statistical and numerical analysis of the collected data.

The aim of this is a method to save and use energy efficiently, and increase user satisfaction.

Password Must be Strong

Smart home certainly carries what is called smart security. Therefore, the passwords you use on the various smart devices in your home must use very strong passwords.

There must be a backup

When you forget your password, or you want to know the data that has been lost due to a reset, you must provide a backup. Do a system back up at least once a week.

Remotely Control KWh Meter

Setting the electricity meter at home can now be done from wherever you are as long as you are connected to the internet. You can manage various things related to the electricity meter in your home from your smartphone. Surely this is a very interesting feature.

Definition of KWH Meter

Energy meter refers to a device designed to calculate the amount of electrical energy used by offices and residences. Kilowatt-hour meter Kwh Meter is one type of energy meter that is often used.

A Kwh Meter contains an aluminum disc, which is supported by a shaft with worm gears. The worm gear drives a register, or series of dials, which is used to record how much energy is used. The Kwh meter also contains a coil, which works in conjunction with the disc, and a permanent magnet.

Kinds of KWH Meters

Kwh Meter memiliki 3 macam jenis yang sekarang ini digunakan. Dan secara umum, di Indonesia memang inilah jenis Kwh meter yang sering dipasang di berbagai rumah, diantaranya adalah:

Analog KWH Meter

Analog power meter or analog Kwh meter is a device that displays a printed display to show any electrical parameter. An example is the energy consumed by ordinary businesses, or electrical devices. Also called electromechanical gauges, these offer an easy-to-read display.

Digital KWH Meter

Today’s digital KWH meter can be said as a substitute for analog KWH meters. Digital KWH meters have an LED / LCD screen that functions to read electricity consumption from connected equipment, digital readings on digital KWH meters are different from analog KWH meters.

It has greater effectiveness because it can be easily understood than analog meters.

Smart Meter / Electricity Pulse Meter

The PLN smart meter or Indonesian people who are more familiar with the electricity pulse meter is the latest type of electricity meter.

The electricity pulse meter looks similar to the computerized KWh meter, but the PLN Smart meter is better than the analog or computerized KWH meter because in addition to providing the usual service, namely reading electricity consumption, the PLN smart meter is also connected to the internet.

Abandoned Analog Meters

Analog meters are now starting to be abandoned. However, there are also some things that make this type of electricity meter no longer in demand.

Analog KWH meters consist of moving parts, so of course they will wear out over time.

Analog KWH meters are not able to accurately capture the electricity consumption of a device.

Lubricant in mechanical gears can dry out, causing damage to the gear teeth, which means it will affect the gear ratio.

In addition, on analog KWH meters, calibration errors can occur if they experience a sudden shock or vibration, as a result the rotating disc may stop.

Remotely Control KWH Meter

With the Kwh meter smart home, you can control the electricity consumption in your home. This means, you can control the Kwh meter remotely just by using your smartphone.

Smart Kwh meter is one of the programs to support smart electricity from PLN.

Smart Electric

Smart Electricity or prepaid electricity service is a refill solution from PLN. With smart electricity, each customer can manage their own electricity application according to their needs and abilities.

Smart Electric Advantage

With a prepaid electricity meter from PLN’s Smart Electricity, customers can monitor their daily electricity usage and at any time. The electricity meter shows the last remaining number of kWh usage. If it feels wasteful, customers can put the brakes on their electricity usage.

Using Electronic Circuits

Smart electricity uses highly advanced electronic circuits. Compared to other electricity meters, this smart electricity meter uses a better electronic circuit and also takes advantage of IoT. Electricity consumption is guaranteed to be very accurate.

Using Special Apps

There is a special application for the smart home system to control the Kwh meter, which is useful for electricity usage reminders that can provide notifications for us so that we no longer need to manually record how much electricity we have used each month.

This application has several features, namely a login feature where users will enter their customer ID or meter number, a history feature to observe the history of electricity usage the previous week, a useful setting feature to control on/off notifications, optimal electricity usage per day and minimum electricity credit. the remaining.


How? Are you interested in a smart house for your home and interested in Kwh meter control? NetData can help make this happen with the Kwh meter application on your smartphone and connected to your home electricity meter.

In addition, NetData also provides a smart water meter solution that can regulate water usage in your home. Interesting isn’t it?

Contact NetData immediately for the best, most trusted, most reliable, professional and affordable smart home system solution!


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