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Jasa Instalasi Server

Server Installation Services – Servers may not sound foreign to our ears in today’s modern life. What is meant by server?

Usually it is companies that use this server for various needs, one of which is to connect the internal network so that each computer in the company can connect to each other to be able to communicate and exchange data.

So, for those of you who might want to look for server installation services in Indonesia, let’s first look at what makes companies want to build their own internal servers.

Let’s Get to Know the Server First

The server or server is a computer that is actually used as a server or the center of a computer on a particular network. So here is the true meaning of the server.

Servers Are

A server is a computer device that has high specifications including special hardware and software that can provide the services requested by clients on a network.

These services include controlling resources, managing networks, managing data traffic, and activating and deactivating programs on the network.

Server Types and Their Functions

There are several types of servers with distinguishable functions, among others.

Web Servers

A web server is a set of software that can be installed on a server that can function to provide services in the form of requests using the https or http protocol which can be accessed using a browser.

Mail Servers

Mail server that has a function that serves clients, especially in terms of sending letters. This letter can be stored in the mail as well. In addition to providing services that can send letters, this mail server can organize those that can write letters owned by clients.

Database Servers

This type of server is used to serve clients who need services to store databases. The ports used are usually 3306 (Mysql) and 5432 (PgSQL).

File Servers

File server is a computer that functions to accommodate various data owned by the client concerned. Usually the capacity possessed by this server depends on the hard drive on the server.

DHCP Servers

DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is a protocol used by servers that can facilitate the automatic deployment of IP addresses to other devices.

Proxy Servers

Proxy server is a server that can function as another computer to make requests in the form of content on an internet.

FTP Servers

An FTP server is a server that has an FTP protocol that can be used as a protocol for data transfer.

Game Servers

Game server is a server that can be used as a center that can connect players with other players around the world.

Server Function

The server itself has the main function of being responsible for fulfilling data requests from client computers. Following are some other server functions.

Digital Data Storage

Another function of this server is to store data sent from the client. This data is stored in the form of documents and complex information. To be able to accommodate a lot of data, this server must have a large capacity. This client can store and access data with other clients.

As a Client Computer Service

The function of the server is to serve all requests from clients that can be processed. Be it a request for data or an application that can be run by the client. In supporting this function, servers usually use a safe and fast operating system.

Manage Data Traffic

Servers can manage communications and send information to clients. The server will indeed be busy in fulfilling requests from clients. Therefore server devices usually have high hard drives and RAM.

Forms of Protection From Hacking Attacks

This server function serves to protect computers from various disturbances and hacker attacks.

How Servers Work

The way this server works is simply that the server works at the request of the client so that each server has a similar way of working, namely following requests from the client. The difference is the implementation of services, functions, tasks for each server.

Obtaining IP Address From Domain Name

The server works first by obtaining an IP address from a domain name address to be able to make clients connect to a network.

Browser Requests Full URL

Then the client requests the full url in the browser to the server.

Web Server Responds to Requests

Then the server will receive requests from clients and process them and then send them back to the client computer.

Browser Displays Web Pages

Then the client will receive the response from the server which will be displayed in the browser.

Using Server Installation Services From Netdata

How do you understand what is meant by the server itself? And what server functions are important for the company, right?

If so, those of you who are interested in looking for server installation services in your company, then make sure to look for a trusted server installation service provider such as NetData.

NetData is an IT company that provides various network products and provides the most complete managed service in Indonesia, including server installation services. If you are interested and need server installation services from Netdata, you can contact us directly via this link or via our contact form here.


NetData has professional staff ready to assist you in providing a trusted server installation solution.

Transparent and Flexible

Apart from being professional, NetData will also provide the best solutions needed by your company so that each solution provided will be provided in a transparent and flexible manner.

Affordable Cost

Expensive server installation services? Relax, NetData will provide the best solution for you according to the budget of the existing budget so that you can adjust your needs and get the best solution.

The Best Products

For server products at NetData, quality is guaranteed from brands that are well known for their quality, for example in the selection of cables, processors, RAM, routers, and so on.


From the article above we can conclude that servers are very important for companies that want to have their own internal network. Therefore, if you don’t dare to build your own server installation, you should leave it to the experts, namely NetData.

NetData is a company that provides technology-based services with the best service and quality, if you are interested in us you can contact us directly via this link or via our contact form here.


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