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Hi Netters .. You must have forgotten your office WiFi password, then you finally borrowed your friend’s laptop that is already connected to WiFi to check the WiFi password .. If you still like to be rich that means your office WiFi network is not safe, you know, Try to imagine if someone you don’t know is snooping on WiFi passwords on your laptop, you don’t know who have malicious intentions .. it’s really scary .. So to be safe, let’s see Mimin’s explanation about safe WiFi solutions on the next slide …

Let me introduce you to the name PPSK from Ruijie, what is PPSK Min? PPSK itself stands for Personal Pre-Shared Key which technically means wireless network authentication technology that prioritizes security. Where later users will be given one password for each device they use and it is tied to the MAC address of the device itself, so each device in your office each has a different password even though it is connected to the same SSID.

Now, what makes PPSK Ruijie different from PPSK from other products is that PPSK Ruijie is integrated with Ruijie Cloud so that its application does not require an authentication server anymore. You just need to set PPSK on Ruijie Cloud after that you can enjoy the PPSK feature on your WiFi network.

So if you have applied this PPSK on your office WiFi network, you don’t need to worry anymore about your laptop being snooped on by people you don’t know.

Ruijie Cloud To Save Data Storage

For every company, of course, storing various data is very important. Sometimes, storing data on a hard drive is a mainstay of many people. However, it is not impossible for a hard drive to experience data fullness in time. Therefore, cloud computing technology is now very important for companies.

For those of you who want cloud computing from Ruijie cloud, then you can just entrust it to Netdata, which is a trusted Ruijie partner with a variety of benefits you can get. You will not lose if you try network infrastructure using cloud computing using Ruijie.

Ruijie Wireless Fast and Stable Connection

Netdata also provides wireless Ruijie for you. Surely you already understand that various kinds of goods or hardware are currently prioritizing wireless or wireless technology. Yes, this is because with wireless, there is no need to be difficult with cables that must be arranged so that they are easy to maintain.

With Ruijie wireless with Ruijie router, one of them, you can enjoy a stable, fast internet connection, and also with the various features available from Ruijie which will certainly really help you.

Interested? Trust the access point to Netdata, which gives you very attractive offers by clicking here for various product needs from Ruijie!

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