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Partner Sangfor Indonesia

Sangfor Indonesia Partners – the need for internet in Indonesia has made many companies or individuals want to install this internet service either in offices or at home. Talking about the internet, it is not far from the name IT technology which many IT companies are developing in Indonesia such as Sangfor.

What is sangfor? Sangfor is a Multinational Company based in the city of Shenzen, the city of info technology in China. Sangfor Company in China has actually been established since last year. 2000 and developed together quite rapidly in China’s domestic market.

In addition, Sangfor also controls nearly 60% of the market share of intenret access management in China as well as getting many awards from Delloite, Fortune and also Frost plus Sullivan. In the Gartner Magic Quadran itself, the name Sangfor has appeared in the Niche Player area since 2011.

Trusted Partner of Sangfor Indonesia

Sangfor Indonesia’s partners offer solutions that cover three areas, namely Internet Access Management, WAN Optimization, and SSL VPN. Internet Access Management is a tool that is used to provide additional settings along with a high enough efficiency level for internet access activities. This solution is needed by almost all companies considering that almost all corporations already have access to the internet. With so many applications or platforms on the internet, regulation is too necessary so that internet access is used in accordance with company needs.

There is a WAN Optimization solution that is integrated with an increase in the performance of an application. Usually WAN Optimization is used when users in a branch access applications or servers in the data center via a WAN network. As for some components, including latency and bandwidth that are not large, generally give additional effects that access to applications is slow. But together with using the WAN Optimization solution, application access will be faster. Meanwhile, SSL VPN is a solution for remote access.

Partner of Sangfor Indonesia NetData

Along with the growing trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Sangfor Indonesia Partners are able to work anytime and come from anywhere. For employees or workers who usually work via mobile, they will be connected to the company network together with the remote access method. By using an SSL VPN, it is possible for mobile workers to connect company resources through a remote access mobile application to be able to do it together safely. Because this SSL VPN is made together with access security features such as authentication, host checker and others.

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