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Wireless Ruijie

Wireless Ruijie. You have never experienced it when you stay at a hotel, the description says “free wifi”, uh when you try the WiFi, it is difficult to connect once the connection is slow. Inviting noise! The illustration was very often minimized. Speaking of WiFi at hotels, Mimin wants to share information about WiFi solutions for hospitality from Ruijie, let’s add it!

Ruijie Wireless has been trusted by more than 12 thousand hotels around the world as their WiFi provider. One of the advantages of Ruijie is that their AP designs vary according to the needs of the placement location. For example, the AP design for hotel rooms is different from the AP for corridors and lobbies. So that the aesthetic aspect is maintained.

In addition, Ruijie also provides a Guest Hotspot feature that is integrated with Ruijie Cloud. This makes it easier for hotel guests to connect to WiFi, while making it easier for IT Administrators to manage their WiFi networks. The conclusion. Ruijie provides Wireless Ruijie products that are specifically for various segments, one of which is the hospitality segment that we explained earlier. In addition, there is also a WiFi solution for education which will be explained later in a separate post.

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