Ruijie Indonesia Products: Advantages and Benefits for the Future

ruijie indonesia

Ruijie is a company that was founded in 2000. Ruijie Products Indonesia has built an in-depth scenario-oriented application experience through solution design and innovation in the industry, thus supporting the increase to digitization of all industries. Ruijie has personally researched and developed 8 product lines, including switches, routers, Wi-fi, cloud, internet security, gateways, IT management, as well as authentication & accounting.

Ruijie is a subsidiary of Fujian Star-net Communication Company Ltd. Fujian Star-net Communication Company Ltd manufactures and markets network and communication products, terminal facilities, video application products, and offers system solutions. The company’s products include switchboards, storage products, and internet security products.

Various things are very reliable related to IT by using various technologies from Ruijie Products Indonesia.

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Why You Should Use Ruijie Indonesia

There are many things that make you have to choose Ruijie Products for various IT-related solutions for your company or for personal use. The various software and hardware are of the best quality.

This is evident from the various achievements that Ruijie has obtained, including:

  1. Top 2 market share in China enterprise WLAN market, 1st rank in industries including transportation, finance, education, etc.
  2. Rank 1st in China VDI terminal market
  3. Rank 1st in China Cloud Class (Virtualized Computer Classroom) Solution market
  4. Rank 1st in China enterprise IT service operation, maintenance and management software platform market
  5. Rank 1st in China campus network authentication solution market
  6. 1st place of Service Satisfaction in enterprise network market 

Advantages of Using Ruijie

Why use Ruijie, of course, is because of the various benefits you can get. Of the many Ruijie products, one by one has the advantages that you can get over you choosing the same product but with a different brand.

Ruijie Cloud

Cloud Ruijie is an easy and efficient Ruijie cloud solution for chain stores, small and medium businesses and mid-sized hotels. Solutions include equipment deployment, monitoring, network optimization and operational life cycle management; enabling customers with simple plug and play deployment and operation and maintenance.

Meeting the need for automated cloud RF planning and user experience monitoring, it also supports mobile monitoring and alerts, and quick provisioning with QR-Code scanning. At the same time it provides flexible wireless user access control features, including high security “One person, one machine, and one password” PPSK, a built-in cloud portal and Facebook certification.

Ruijie Hardware

There are many pieces of hardware created by Ruijie using Reyee technology (Redefine Your Easy nEtwork). This technology allows various hardware and software from Ruijie to integrate well to build a cloud technology that you can use for your company.

In addition, Ruijie also implements the latest Wi-Fi technology, especially if not Wi-Fi 6. Ruijie Wi-Fi 6 combines various technologies together, including professional radio frequency technology, scenario-oriented & adaptive antenna arrays, deep learning AI, WIS 3.0 for modeling big data, along with a unique and reliable full stack network protocol.

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) is the latest IEEE 802.11 wireless local area network (WLAN) protocol. IEEE 802.11 is the working group at IEEE responsible for protocol standards for wireless local area networks. Ruijie has developed several successful WLAN protocols, such as 11g, 11n, and 11ac.

802.11ac has provided a breakthrough of 1 Gbps for WLAN links. However, with extensive WLAN applications, the number of APs and terminals increases, and conflicts and interference between devices can cause unsatisfactory efficiency results for the entire network. 

New application scenarios, such as video, production networks, and automation technologies, also place higher requirements for WLANs in terms of throughput, stability and transmission latency. In response to the new challenge, the 802.11 working group formed the HEW (High Efficiency Wireless) research group in 2013 and became the official 11ax task force in 2014, developing the 11ax protocol based on the 802.11-2012 standard.

Ruijie for the Future

Ruijie is a company engaged in the IT field with various innovations that will continue to grow to meet a better future. Therefore, choosing Ruijie is the right thing because of his various innovations.

Innovative Scenario Based Solutions Specialist

  • Innovation, as a fundamental driver, drives the development of the Ruijie Network. Users, as the initial momentum, drive innovation.
  • Industry based and heavily involved with scenarios, we strive for targeted user-centric solutions to address and meet user needs.
  • In order to deliver an optimal user experience, we maintain deep customer engagement to design and develop products shaped by user needs.
  • The best user experiences come from the continuous evolution of our products and solutions.
  • Ruijie Networks dedicates this rigorous innovative spirit to every network product and solution.

Therefore, from now on, entrust your various IT needs to Ruijie. With various advantages and benefits, it is certain that the future of your company will be more advanced and also more developed. Are you interested in Ruijie Indonesia’s products? You can contact us for more details.


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